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    ChunkRegenerate - Regenerate a chunk!
    Version: v1.1

    • Regenerate a chunk at the player.
    • Regenerate a chunk at the specified coordinates.

    Download ChunkRegenerate!
    Source is inside the jar file.

    How to use:
    If you want to regenerate the chunk you are standing use "/chunkregenerate" (or "/cr")
    and if you want to regenerate a chunk on a position use "/chunkregenerate x z"
    /chunkregenerate - Regenerates the chunk on your position.
    /chunkregenerate 37 -12 - Regenerates the chunk on 37,-12.
    /cr -61 -11 - Regenerates the chunk on -61,-11.

    Give the player you want this permissions for regenerating a chunk.
    Known bugs:
    None. :D

    Version 1.0
    • Release.
    Version 1.1
    • Added shortcut for the command.
    • Fixed Permissions.
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    when i open the dl-link, this shows up

    the few german words there mean:
    "The request {GET ...."
    "...has been filtered by ABE: <LOCAL> Deny"
    using ff4
    and i dont think i want to change the security settings for this.
    pls change the dl-link
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    Yes please. I don't trust something that I have to change my security for.
  4. I agree with the above, please host the file somewhere that allows us to download it please.
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    The download is broken :(
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    Works for me on that link ;)
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    Fixed my previous problem - just replaced the level.dat file from a backup. Somehow the world seed seemed to have gotten changed. Anyways, the plugin works great to fix some of the issues that I had.

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    impossible...i really need download this plugin..
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    Link is down... I really need a plugin like this to fix my server corruption... :)
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    Link works just fine but you do have to read a few posts above yours. Right above all of the "Link doesn't work" posts is something that will really help.
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    Does this reduce the map size? and improves it?
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    No, this regenerates a chunk. ;)
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    Lol what i meant is does it do any good when u regenarate a chunk? other than its looks? does it effect cpu/ram?
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    It just regenerates the chunk one time how it was when the chunk was for the first generated. ;)
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    great plugin, works spectacularly well. i have only 2 requests:
    1. the radius thingy others have mentioned. it would be nice to be able to regenerate a batch of chunks, obviously with a cap on how many (to prevent overload)
    2. long grass growth on 1.6.x. if you could find a way to make chunks with grass grow long grass, you would be deemed a god among men. mainly because i have a 1.5 map that doesn't have long grass on pre-existing chunks, and, well, i'd like grass.

    cheers mate
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    1) I was already working on a radius. ;)
    2) I was also working on such a plugin for long grass. :)
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    I modified so you can do:
    /cr info -> tells you what chunk you are on [x, z]
    /cr x1 z1 x2 z2 -> quadrilateral layout with two points at opposite corners: x1, z1 and x2, z2, to specify the area you want regenerated.

    There is no limit on the size, so use at your own risk i.e. only let trusted people use it.
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    How's it going with the plugin? Just saw it today through your site robin! You have quite a portfolio there ;)
    Would love to use this, but I just want to make sure it works with 818 before I use it.
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    Works fine for 818. The code is very simple, not likely to be broken by a Bukkit change.
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    Ah alright, thanks :)
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    can you please make this wget friendly? :D
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    A status update would be nice when regenerating areas. Just Doing some testing.
    Players will get kicked if generating too large of areas as well as huge memory increase, console unresponsive. just lots of

    11:36:27 [INFO] More than 1000000 updates, aborting lighting updates

    Looks like things like trees/plants go poof in the chunk when you /cr. I think that's a side effect of the decoration phase.
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    Well I've tried it out now but I can't say I would recommend this to anyone who would like to restore the original chunks of their world.

    Sure, the blocks seems to work.. But all trees just gets blown away. Sure, you could replant them, but I wouldn't call that ChunkRegenerate.

    So until we at least get the trees regenerated, at least I won't use it. But in the meantime I surely hope and wish for an update where this is possible! So keep up the good work robin! :)
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    Speaking of different seeds. I had a permanent chunk error in my world. It literally removed a chunk, and wouldn't bring it back (particularly the 0,0 chunk). Now... I am completely satisfied with the plugin. I was able to recover the chunk. It just wasn't the chunk that should have been there. It was like a chunk from out in the ocean, like a different seed was used. Any idea why this may have happened?

    P.S. I just filled it in with dirt and stone and it looks fine now.
  27. will this work with 860? if it does, could the author please update the thread title to get rid of the confusion?
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    Just try it, if it doesn't load then it doesn't load. It should work with all builds.
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    Can you add a WorldEdit compatibilité for the selection axe to reload alls chunks in the selection ?
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    Any update on the /undo feature?
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    Quick question, and not to be rude, but for those of us that have WorldEdit, is this any more efficient than doing //chunk and then //regen? Or even combining them in a CommandHelper script? Especially with the added load of another plugin to start when bringing up the server.

    EDIT: Oh, and this works for me on 953.

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