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    ChunkRegenerate - Regenerate a chunk!
    Version: v1.1

    • Regenerate a chunk at the player.
    • Regenerate a chunk at the specified coordinates.

    Download ChunkRegenerate!
    Source is inside the jar file.

    How to use:
    If you want to regenerate the chunk you are standing use "/chunkregenerate" (or "/cr")
    and if you want to regenerate a chunk on a position use "/chunkregenerate x z"
    /chunkregenerate - Regenerates the chunk on your position.
    /chunkregenerate 37 -12 - Regenerates the chunk on 37,-12.
    /cr -61 -11 - Regenerates the chunk on -61,-11.

    Give the player you want this permissions for regenerating a chunk.
    Known bugs:
    None. :D

    Version 1.0
    • Release.
    Version 1.1
    • Added shortcut for the command.
    • Fixed Permissions.
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  2. do you think you could add a seed option? So that you can regenerate a chunk with a new seed? This would be extremely useful for creating a new resource mine area ;)
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    this sounds awesome. i've been looking for something like this. gonna go try this now
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    I don't think this is possible. :(
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    This is phenomenally helpful. Now I'm going to set about repairing some of the terrible my son and I have caused. Land conservation for the win!
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    I've seen what happens when more than one seed is used in a world. Not pretty. It literally looks like an area from another map was dropped into your world.
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    OMG I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!! but can u make a 1d cubid?
  8. lol...
    thats quite alright XD
    i have also seen a diff seed implemented. its just like a cliff placed in the middle of the ocean :D Which is fine for me ;)
    I've seen the way to change the seed in map file, so new chunks will be new seed, but i am lookin for a way to regen a certain area.

    WorldEdit can do //regen on any selected area to regenerate it with the set seed... but i just want a new seed, so users cant camp the same resource spots ;)
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    I know on the buxville server they have the "the purge" that whole area gets refreshed every so often. I would love for this plug in to turn into something like that.
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    Boo, need a wget friendly link.
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    This is great! An "undo" command would hopefully be implemented for this as well, heh
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    This is already a super handy plugin, but it does need more control... like the ability to restore multiple chunks, chunk ranges... and maybe the ability to select chunks :p.
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    So... This will let me say regen chunks in an old world which has no lapis to now have lapis? Or does it just regen the chunk to its original state?

    If it does the first bit I'll be a very happy admin!
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    Is it possible to regenerate more than 1 chunk in the same time ? It would be awesome for curing my world from crazy miners !
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    It would be nice to regenerate chunk with a tool like the //wand of Worldedit, for regeneration of big place

    An automatic unstuck would be nice too !

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    Maybe possible to make it not-regenerate, but only generate chucks where are no chunks yet? Like: I type /chunkgenerate 10000 --> Will make chunks till the 10000th block. Would be awesome :p
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    OMG you are my HERO!

    Nothing of these chunks ... stored at ... errors! It's possible to check my server messages <3
    Thank u so much - godlike [pig]
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    Beautiful, thanks :)
    If you can add a radius like /chunkregenerate 10 and it would be perfect :)
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    Great plugin! And I agree with Sich; a radius option would be quite handy. If not that, then maybe at least a shorter command, like /chunkr or /cr instead of /chunkregenerate? :p
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    Codex Arcanum

    This plugin is incredibly useful, thank you for creating this!
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    How big is a chunk?
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    16*16*128 blocks. ;)
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    very usefull. Thank you very much for this plugin, helped me rapair some tnt damage on a large portion of terrain!!

    One thing i did notice is that it seemed to regenerate the chunk, but it would not exactly match terrain that was generated say in MC 1.2
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    I would like to be able to regen chunks within a radius, to quick-generate a map (e.g. with cartographer G)

    thanks in advance
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    Why the plugin always generate Water when i don't have water around ?
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    Could you please add ChunkRegenerate to minerepo?
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    This is allowing people with out the permission to use it to use it anyway.
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    It works fine on a newly made world, but the chunks of the old map don't match when regenerated...Odd
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    I came here to post this! Also a shorter generation term would be handy as well. I would like to regenerate some large areas, and hopping through one chunk at a time is hard.. especially as every time I run it I get stuck under terrain :D (there has been.. ahem.. a bit of /blasting/)
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    I tried using this and it is turning chunks of my world into water, instead of repairing it like it should. Is there an undo command?

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