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    SimpleShop (1.41) (iConomy 4.4+ & Permissions or Op(s).txt)(Donate)
    Download the latest release. (Jar)

    What is SimpleShop?
    Simple shop is... well a simple global shop that allows you to add, update, and reload in game.
    Natively supporting MySQL & SQLite.

    1. You need iConomy & Permissions to use this plugin.
    2. Download the archive, extract the files to your base craftbukkit directory.
      1. SQL Dependencies Required:
        1. SQLite Dependency
        2. MySQL Dependency
      2. The dependency must be located in the craftbukkit plugin directory!
    3. Go to plugins/SimpleShop/ and modify the .settings file to your likings.
    4. Restart server and enjoy!
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    To activate stock open up the .settings file and locate use-stock=false set it to true.
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    /shop check [id] - Show item information
    /shop list (page)
    /shop buy [id]([:amount])
    /shop sell [id]([:amount])
    /shop add [id]:[amount per bundle] [buy] [sell] (stock)
    /shop update [id]:[amount per bundle] [buy] [sell] (stock)
    /shop remove [id]
    /shop reload
    • Getting Started.. We are going to add stone, in bundles of 64 to purchase for 10, and sell for 2.
      • /shop add 1:64 10 2
      • For Stock:
        • /shop add 1:64 10 2 64
    • Lets test it:
      • /shop buy 1
    • Now lets update it.. it was bit expensive and nobody was really gaining money.
      • /shop update 1:64 8 5
      • For Stock:
        • /shop update 1:64 8 5 64
    • Now lets test again:
      • /shop sell 1
    • The end.
    Permission Nodes:
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    • Version 1.41
      • Rewrote chunks of the coding.
      • Added support for "gifting"
        • /buy [item]( : amount) [who]
    • Version 1.4
      • Fixed connection issues.
      • Fixed plugin hook issues.
      • Added Dependency download support.
      • Default file loading support like in iConomy.
      • Fixed up some CLI issues.
    • Version 1.3
      • Added support for stock
        • Modifies database! Backup before restarting!
      • Fixed some bugs revolving around listing pages.
      • Fixed issues with not being able to set non-sellable / buyable items.
        • Now use -1 for either buy / sell to disable that feature:
        • /shop add 1:64 -1 15
          • Stone is sellable but not purchasable!
    • Version 1.2
      • Commands are now CLI parsed.
        • Causes /shop [id] to become /shop check [id]
      • Shop list is now paginated (Untested)
    • Version 1.1
      • Fully working with selling items.
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    Thank you !! =)

    A little request as stated by another person:
    Is it possible to add multiple pages to the shop list?
  3. Thanks!! will you make signs soon? PLEASE??

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    Can someone please explain how to integrate mysql-table and the sql-lite into the base directory?
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    Really glad to see a shop make it to bukkit, but is there somewhere I can rename some of the items, BrittleGold, RedMossyCobblestone, and a few others are confusing my players and so far as I can tell, the plugin seems to ignore items.db
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    I spent a lot of time setting up the shop with flatfile. I have switched to MYSql since.. any quick way to import, that was a lot of work to set up :)

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    I have still got the same problem.

    I re downloaded as well

    [INFO] [SimpleShop] Creating database.
    2011-01-24 15:26:02 [SEVERE] [SimpleShop]: Could not create table for mysql: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'per` )) ENGINE = MYISAM' at line 1
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    Are you using mysql?

    If so post your config.
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    # Max items per sale/purchase. 64 if using :amount = 1 bundle if you do :64
    # Shop tag information
    # Database type:
    # SQLite & MySQL are supported. Default is SQLite.
    # MySQL, if you place mysql above.
    Do I need to put dattabase-type=MySQL instead of mysql?
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    Ok so you set up your database username as minecraft and your database name as minecraft? Because those are the defaults. You need to change them to match your DB username and DB name..
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    @bogboom That is the name of the database and the username
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    Does /shop list sort things into pages if you have lots of items?
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    Try local host instead of your IP.. If it's on t the same server..?
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    So um it never really got answered, but will any future versions include locations of various shops? As far as I could tell when messing with it, the shop was basically everywhere and non-titled.
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    im probably doing something wrong but the server wont recognize the /shop add command
    2011-01-24 21:51:41 [INFO] poohthewinnie issued command: /shop add 4:1 1 1
    2011-01-24 21:51:41 [INFO] poohthewinnie issued server command: shop add 4:1 1 1
    2011-01-24 21:51:41 [INFO] Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.
    2011-01-24 21:51:45 [SEVERE] [SimpleShop]: Database connector not found for sqlite: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.sqlite.JDBC
    2011-01-24 21:51:45 [INFO] poohthewinnie issued command: /shop 4
    2011-01-24 21:51:45 [INFO] poohthewinnie issued server command: shop 4
    2011-01-24 21:51:45 [INFO] Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.
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    The SQL was posted a few pages back, just use that one; Modify as needed.
  17. Can u add sorting to pages? Because if you have many items in shops, it just not fits to the chat window, so some items are not visible.
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    Is it possible to disable the selling of items, but allow their purchase?
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    Cosmic Break

    set the sell amount to 0, that way they wont get anything when they sell it
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    mysql table creation working flawless and after i figured out permissions file structure and added myself as admin adding items is working too, nice plugin!

    One problem, i've done
    /shop add Cobblestone:64 1 1
    So one stack of Cobblestone is worth 1 either way which is working fine if i use
    /shop sell Cobblestone
    what doesn't work (or i got this wrong ^^) is selling multiple stacks at once, i tried
    /shop sell Cobblestone:3
    to sell 3 stacks at once but it says that i'm selling over max amount.
  21. Please let us use signs!!! are you planning on adding signs or making a different plugin? or are you going to let someone else make it..

    Thanks for your work, my server is about 75% your plugins:D
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    alright so what should i put for the mysql-db=? the server is hosted on a dedicated server so how would i give access from the server to my simpleshop database. I created the table and everything
    # Database type:
    # SQLite & MySQL are supported. Default is SQLite.
    # MySQL, if you place mysql above.
    edit here is the error i keep getting:
    2011-01-25 17:09:25 [INFO] Loading properties
    2011-01-25 17:09:25 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on ------
    2011-01-25 17:09:25 [INFO] Preparing level "hgsbackup/survival"
    2011-01-25 17:09:25 [INFO] Preparing start region
    2011-01-25 17:09:27 [INFO] [Permissions] version [1.9] (Handler) loaded
    2011-01-25 17:09:27 [INFO] [SimpleShop] version [1.1] (Dime) loaded
    2011-01-25 17:09:27 [INFO] [iConomy] version [2.2] (Aime) loaded
    2011-01-25 17:12:36 [SEVERE] [SimpleShop]: Table check for mysql Failed: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure
    Last packet sent to the server was 0 ms ago.
    2011-01-25 17:12:36 [INFO] [SimpleShop] Creating database.
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    Create the table manually with this: (From a few pages back)

    CREATE TABLE `SimpleShop` ( `id` INT ( 255 ) PRIMARY KEY , `item` INT ( 255 ) NOT NULL, `type` INT ( 255 ) NOT NULL, `buy` INT ( 255 ) NOT NULL, `sell` INT ( 255 ) NOT NULL, `per` INT ( 255 ) NOT NULL);
    CREATE INDEX itemIndex on SimpleShop (item);
    CREATE INDEX typeIndex on SimpleShop(type);
    CREATE INDEX buyIndex on SimpleShop (buy);
    CREATE INDEX sellIndex on SimpleShop (sell);
    CREATE INDEX perIndex on SimpleShop (per);
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    Nijikokun, I'd like to add a few extensions to the economy on my server, but I'm not quite confident yet in my ability to program a Java plugin from scratch. May I use this plugin's code as a base to build a variant economy, rather than starting from scratch?
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    I'm getting "Amount over max per purchase" When I try and buy a diamond shovel. I set it up like this:
    /shop update 277:1 1000 800 - And then in my config file, it says:


    When I go to buy, I type:
    /shop buy diamondshovel
    /shop buy diamondshovel 1
    /shop buy diamondspade

    What am I doing wrong? I can buy and sell other items, but all my diamond is having this problem. Did I enter something incorrectly?

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    How do you use this?
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    seriously? read the thread
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    I did the following...

    /shop add 265:1 5 3

    and it showed the message

    After that I tried /shop reload but it said [Shop] Invalid Item.

    Then I tried /shop buy 265 and it said

    [Shop] Item currently not of purchase.

    Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? =.=
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    Nathan C

    Doesen't seem to work. It is communitcating with my MySQL database, as I see there i no longer any connection errors in console.

    Although why can't I add an item? It just says "unkown command" in console...
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    /shop add [id]:[amount per bundle] [buy] [sell]​
    /shop update [id]:[amount per bundle] [buy] [sell]​
    /shop remove [id]​
    /shop reload​

    add to permissions

    permissions 1.9​

    no errors​
    but admin commnads doesn't work.. not reponse anything​
    how to manualy add items?​
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    Robert White

    How do I do this exactly? I tried to add the line


    to my items.db and it doesn't seem to work. Typing "/shop RedDye" does nothing for me.

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