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    SimpleShop (1.41) (iConomy 4.4+ & Permissions or Op(s).txt)(Donate)
    Download the latest release. (Jar)

    What is SimpleShop?
    Simple shop is... well a simple global shop that allows you to add, update, and reload in game.
    Natively supporting MySQL & SQLite.

    1. You need iConomy & Permissions to use this plugin.
    2. Download the archive, extract the files to your base craftbukkit directory.
      1. SQL Dependencies Required:
        1. SQLite Dependency
        2. MySQL Dependency
      2. The dependency must be located in the craftbukkit plugin directory!
    3. Go to plugins/SimpleShop/ and modify the .settings file to your likings.
    4. Restart server and enjoy!
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    To activate stock open up the .settings file and locate use-stock=false set it to true.
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    /shop check [id] - Show item information
    /shop list (page)
    /shop buy [id]([:amount])
    /shop sell [id]([:amount])
    /shop add [id]:[amount per bundle] [buy] [sell] (stock)
    /shop update [id]:[amount per bundle] [buy] [sell] (stock)
    /shop remove [id]
    /shop reload
    • Getting Started.. We are going to add stone, in bundles of 64 to purchase for 10, and sell for 2.
      • /shop add 1:64 10 2
      • For Stock:
        • /shop add 1:64 10 2 64
    • Lets test it:
      • /shop buy 1
    • Now lets update it.. it was bit expensive and nobody was really gaining money.
      • /shop update 1:64 8 5
      • For Stock:
        • /shop update 1:64 8 5 64
    • Now lets test again:
      • /shop sell 1
    • The end.
    Permission Nodes:
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    • Version 1.41
      • Rewrote chunks of the coding.
      • Added support for "gifting"
        • /buy [item]( : amount) [who]
    • Version 1.4
      • Fixed connection issues.
      • Fixed plugin hook issues.
      • Added Dependency download support.
      • Default file loading support like in iConomy.
      • Fixed up some CLI issues.
    • Version 1.3
      • Added support for stock
        • Modifies database! Backup before restarting!
      • Fixed some bugs revolving around listing pages.
      • Fixed issues with not being able to set non-sellable / buyable items.
        • Now use -1 for either buy / sell to disable that feature:
        • /shop add 1:64 -1 15
          • Stone is sellable but not purchasable!
    • Version 1.2
      • Commands are now CLI parsed.
        • Causes /shop [id] to become /shop check [id]
      • Shop list is now paginated (Untested)
    • Version 1.1
      • Fully working with selling items.
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    I like this... I was just thinking while configuring my server how to go about letting players buy blocks :)
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    is there any way you could make this work with signs too? that way they have to go to a physical shop to get their stuff. thanks!
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    A thought, can you build it so users can use

    /buy 1:cobblestone

    etc.? Much like WorldEdit lets you type the names of blocks.
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    Cosmic Break

    can we use the same lists we made in hey0?
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    Supports item names, just need the items.db from General, Cleaner, or iStick for it to work. The file goes in the base directory of craftbukkit.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 12:33 PM ---
    Uses SQLite or MySQL, I will post the dependancies in a second, those also go in the base craftbukkit directory!
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    Thanks for this Nijiko. I appreciate what you're doing for all of us.
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    Where is Jar file ?
    Latest? . there is no jar file.
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    Anyone who downloaded this previously, re-download it.
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    Yeah I would rather use it with Signs or NPC but at least this is a start!
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    Thanks for this, I get a 404 error while trying to download though.
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    Try again, it should work.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 1:08 PM ---
    Signs are coming soon, it won't be in this plugin though. This is just a simple shop.
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    Working, thank you very much again.
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    Good job! But waiting for Player owed shops :p Ty again for a great job!
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    I cant save the prices for buying and selling items. Im write, for example: /shop add 5:64 15 4, and that I accept, but then I want to buy it, it says to me: ,,Item currently not for purchase." What can I do to make me work?
    Thank you.
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    You didn't give any real errors. Anything in console ?
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    No... ;/ Only this. I have server in Linux system.
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    Jassin Pain

    you rock, just saying thank you AGAIN!
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    Great work Nijiko and thanks.

    Is there a way to buy dyes? I am not sure I understand how the item id's of Dyes work. I realize they have meta data but I am not sure how to put them into a shop.
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    it does support types, you have to map them via the items.db and use the name.
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    NijiKo if you could build onto this and add the unlimited cash /user based shop owning +being in the shop zone stuff that would be win this is a good day at least now i could install iconomy and this and then add prices to the warp gates. because my players would have a way to generate real $$ besides ya know just playing a lot and waiting for money to go up over time.

    I cant say thank you enough And just for this. I will try to send you the $$ from my first 2 vip sales for my server.
    Thats if i ever get any thing thats makes it worth buying popper shops could be a good draw hmm.

    (not really in it for the cash (servers cost me more than i will ever make in vip sales)

    1. question but dose this require any settings to be pointed to a mysql or any thing?
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    There are a few bugs.

    / shop add 1:1 5 5 when.

    / shop buy 1:2 if the two dogs are purchased for a single price.
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    Woot! ... Thank you very much :) Been waiting so long to get my server functional with "money".
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    One thing I have noticed, for example:

    If the shop sells stacks of 5 Iron Ingots, and you have a stack of 10 on person. Attempting to sell one stack of 5 ingots to the shop will pay the player but not reduce the amount the player owns, leaving the player with his stack of 10 ingots and free money.

    CraftBukkit Build #132
    iConomy: 2.2
    Permissions: 1.8

    Flaming good work though, keep it up. :)
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    Same behavior for me, with allmost all items. Another suggestion would be shop list pages.
    But otherwise good work.
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    please make sign shop :)
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    She will :) ...

    EDIT: He*
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    Most awesome. /shop has been sorely missed on the server I play on since switching over to Bukkit.

    If 1.1 fixes the no-inventory-deduction-on-sale bug, I'll be be on it like a starving zombie on a lagged miner.
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    Sakuya Izayoi

    Can I get the SQL commands to make the table? Whenever the plugin tries to make it, the console spits out an error. It would be much appreciated, as this looks like an awesome mod.
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    I am having the same issue when in tries to create the tables.
    I am running the latest version of mysql on a windows 2003 box.
    Thanks for the plugin!

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