[INACTIVE][ECON]Region Market v1.0 - Buy/Sell WorldGuard regions with iConomy 6 [1337]

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    The Plugin:
    This awesome plugin was created by Crash. However, it was discontinued. As it was a very good and requested plugin (also, by myself), i decided to try to port it for the lastet bukkit RB with the lastest plugins.​
    Here its the old official topic:​
    New Update November 3

    After u buy a region, it will show up how many days u have left with it. If it becomes 0, u loose the region and its for sale again !!

    Iconomy 6 support !
    No permission Nodes ! Default to OP and WG permissions !

    To sell a region: Put a sign:​
    Region name​
    Its only supporting iconomy 5 for now.​
    Remember to Softdepend it !
    Version 0.8
    (last updated 6/19/2011)
    Features :
    - Simple PLug & Play !
    - Simply put a sign to sell the region ! Click to buy ! No more commands !
    - Buying and selling of WorldGuard regions (using iConomy)
    - Permissions usage (if you don't use it commands have no restrictions)
    - Ability to see regions a player is selling, who is selling a certain region, listing all regions being sold and showing offers for a region that you are selling
    - Ingame saving and reloading
    -Simple SignShops !!!
    -Instant buying/selling of regions
    This tutorial ahead was written by Crash. I didnt modified anything yet in the plugin ( but i will ), so i didnt changed anything yet, except tooking the NPC parts off, since they are deactivated. I cut like 20% of the code for this to make the plugin very lightweight.​
    Changelog :
    - ICO6 support​
    - Rent !​
    -Cookies !​
    - Fixed Permissions bug​
    - Simplified, now only put the sign to sell, and click to buy, no more commands !​
    - Cleaned code​
    - Fixed permissions issue.​
    - Fixed minor bugs, like the Regions Saving one​
    - Added cool messages​
    - Tested (not thaaat much) on cb 860​


    - Completely removed NPC entryes and unused source.​

    - Ported to MC 1.6.6 , Bukkit 818​

    - iConomy 5.0 supported !​

    - Stopped Supporting Essentials ( iConomy rox )​

    - Fixed a small incompatibility issue​


    -Updated to WG 5 - A10 and MC 1.5​

    -Added config file for options in the future​

    -Option in config file to turn off limit of max owning number for WG​

    -Remove region agents until they are fixed (broke in the 1.5 update)​

    -Changed sign agents so that the 2nd line is the name and the 3rd is the price​

    -Added EssentialsEco support​

    -Hopefully fixed a few bugs / NPEs​

    -Added on limits for buying according to max owning number for WG​

    -Added on new confirmation process for buying from NPCs​

    -Added on instant selling of regions with a new list type​

    -Updated help for /rm list making it less cluttered​

    v0.2 (3/14/2011) :

    -Added agents, NPC or sign to add another option to sell your market​

    v0.1 (3/8/2011) :

    -First release​

    Posting Issues:
    If you have any issues with this plugin, post the entire error code here. If its a usual incompatility error such as "could not pass event <event name>" just list the plugins you are using.​
    Have fun selling regions again.​

    Region Market 1.0 on BukkitDev
    Region Market 0.8 on BukkitDev:

    Old Version 0.7:

    download link fixed

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  2. Ehm grave digging much :p I'm sure it was the case back when I actually posted, whatever it was.
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    Couldn't find how to use it. What do you put on the sign [Sell]?
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    Can you update it for iConomy 6 or release the source code?
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    Ice Minion

    I was wondering if it would be possible to instead of pay money send a request to the owner to verify certain out of game parameters and the approval simply be /approve or something. Basically I have lots that I want jsut for VIP or donating members. I would like people to see its available and click it then I get a request to /denyregionsell or /approveregionsell or however the code will work...
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    Damn it I just payed $25 to get a plugin like true to be developed the. It gets updated! Oh well at least I got the commands and features I wanted.
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    we can rent a region?
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    Any support for english?
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    I dont know if this is possible but is there anyway it can be done so that you dont have to put signs, people simply select an area and pay per block or something. Also it would be great if it auto created a worldguard region and adds them as an owner and auto greeting messages.
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    iConomy 6, please!!
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    Possibly make it so multiple players can buy 1 region, and share it or make set flags where certain blocks cannot be destroyed
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    Hay can you make it so when a land is bought that it will say the player name on the sign
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    Give your server's players the following permissions:
    or with PermissionsBukkit and SuperpermsBridge:
    iConomy.payment: true​
    superpermbridge.worldguard.region.addmember.own.*: true​
    superpermbridge.worldguard.region.removemember.own.*: true​
    superpermbridge.worldguard.region.info.own.*: true​
    and then tell them to use a string to find the region-id and to use the following commands:
    /money pay player-name amount​
    /region info region-id​
    /region addmember region-id player-name​
    /region removemember region-id player-name​


    PS: I use SimpleRegionMarket
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  15. No use for this without Iconomy 6 :(

    Btw: SimpleRegionMarket broke the hole server. :S
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    how to remove regions, and where are the permissions?
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    Could you make It so iConomy 6 is supported?
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    You could make it so BOSConomy is supported
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    are you going to update it to iconom 6 soon?
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    is it possible to make regions rentable
    i am wanting to rent out regions for x amount during y time

    x amount of "currency" for y amount of time "days"
    making it auto collect from the renters credit.
    if not the renter has to low credit the zone becomes unusable for that person until he/she pays the full amount of due currency
    stacking period af ter period.
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    SOURCE CODE! For original Crash version HERE
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    Also bumping for iConomy6..
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    When is this going iconomy 6 pls
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    Need it for iconomy 6
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    Iconomy 6 please :(
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    Help... when i Turn On My server it does not work...
    does not making any Folders Like RegionMarket -_-
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    iconomy 6?
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    iConomy 6, or Register support would be Amazing :D
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    BukkitDev and iConomy 6 would be nice! :)
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    Does it use Essentials Economy?
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