[INACTIVE][ECON]Region Market v1.0 - Buy/Sell WorldGuard regions with iConomy 6 [1337]

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    The Plugin:
    This awesome plugin was created by Crash. However, it was discontinued. As it was a very good and requested plugin (also, by myself), i decided to try to port it for the lastet bukkit RB with the lastest plugins.​
    Here its the old official topic:​
    New Update November 3

    After u buy a region, it will show up how many days u have left with it. If it becomes 0, u loose the region and its for sale again !!

    Iconomy 6 support !
    No permission Nodes ! Default to OP and WG permissions !

    To sell a region: Put a sign:​
    Region name​
    Its only supporting iconomy 5 for now.​
    Remember to Softdepend it !
    Version 0.8
    (last updated 6/19/2011)
    Features :
    - Simple PLug & Play !
    - Simply put a sign to sell the region ! Click to buy ! No more commands !
    - Buying and selling of WorldGuard regions (using iConomy)
    - Permissions usage (if you don't use it commands have no restrictions)
    - Ability to see regions a player is selling, who is selling a certain region, listing all regions being sold and showing offers for a region that you are selling
    - Ingame saving and reloading
    -Simple SignShops !!!
    -Instant buying/selling of regions
    This tutorial ahead was written by Crash. I didnt modified anything yet in the plugin ( but i will ), so i didnt changed anything yet, except tooking the NPC parts off, since they are deactivated. I cut like 20% of the code for this to make the plugin very lightweight.​
    Changelog :
    - ICO6 support​
    - Rent !​
    -Cookies !​
    - Fixed Permissions bug​
    - Simplified, now only put the sign to sell, and click to buy, no more commands !​
    - Cleaned code​
    - Fixed permissions issue.​
    - Fixed minor bugs, like the Regions Saving one​
    - Added cool messages​
    - Tested (not thaaat much) on cb 860​


    - Completely removed NPC entryes and unused source.​

    - Ported to MC 1.6.6 , Bukkit 818​

    - iConomy 5.0 supported !​

    - Stopped Supporting Essentials ( iConomy rox )​

    - Fixed a small incompatibility issue​


    -Updated to WG 5 - A10 and MC 1.5​

    -Added config file for options in the future​

    -Option in config file to turn off limit of max owning number for WG​

    -Remove region agents until they are fixed (broke in the 1.5 update)​

    -Changed sign agents so that the 2nd line is the name and the 3rd is the price​

    -Added EssentialsEco support​

    -Hopefully fixed a few bugs / NPEs​

    -Added on limits for buying according to max owning number for WG​

    -Added on new confirmation process for buying from NPCs​

    -Added on instant selling of regions with a new list type​

    -Updated help for /rm list making it less cluttered​

    v0.2 (3/14/2011) :

    -Added agents, NPC or sign to add another option to sell your market​

    v0.1 (3/8/2011) :

    -First release​

    Posting Issues:
    If you have any issues with this plugin, post the entire error code here. If its a usual incompatility error such as "could not pass event <event name>" just list the plugins you are using.​
    Have fun selling regions again.​

    Region Market 1.0 on BukkitDev
    Region Market 0.8 on BukkitDev:

    Old Version 0.7:

    download link fixed

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    suggestion: superperms!
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    Please make some updates! This is great plugin, don't let it die!!
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    Hello! This is a really cool plugin but it's not installing correctly. I am placing the .jar in my plugins folder but nothing happens when I start the server. No extra folder is created, no config folder, and I tried typing the /rm commands in and it doesn't exist. How do you properly install the plugin?
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    Hi, I just put my name here to be sure to be notified when the new release will be available :)
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    can you release a version with which you can also rent regions and do not sell.
    That would be very very cool.
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    *WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW* *WARNING* my console was like sh****ting stufff out :D
    alot of **** :D

    2011-09-06 22:05:04 [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_PHYSICS to WorldGuard
    java.lang.LinkageError: com/sk89q/worldguard/bukkit/ConfigurationManager
        at com.sk89q.worldguard.bukkit.WorldGuardBlockListener.onBlockPhysics(WorldGuardBlockListener.java:460)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$27.execute(JavaPluginLoader.java:427)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.java:58)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.java:338)
        at net.minecraft.server.World.k(World.java:451)
        at net.minecraft.server.World.applyPhysics(World.java:434)
        at net.minecraft.server.World.update(World.java:407)
        at net.minecraft.server.World.setTypeId(World.java:379)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlock.setTypeId(CraftBlock.java:77)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlock.setType(CraftBlock.java:73)
        at com.massivecraft.creativegates.Gate.empty(Gate.java:347)
        at com.massivecraft.creativegates.Gates.emptyAll(Gates.java:108)
        at com.massivecraft.creativegates.CreativeGates.onDisable(CreativeGates.java:64)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:128)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.disablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:906)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.disablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:294)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.disablePlugins(SimplePluginManager.java:287)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.disablePlugins(CraftServer.java:173)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.stop(MinecraftServer.java:314)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:393)
        at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)
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    Boon Pek

    Update, pl0x! :D
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    It's a bit late to ask for 1060 support, but will this make it past 1.8?
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    Looking forward to an update. =)
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    Thank you for continuing this plug-in! I absolutely love it.
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    This Plugin crashed Ichat and permissions down on mine
  13. Please make a notify if any player offer a region. For example if normal price is 500 and Player1 offer with 505, the owner gets a message "Player1 offer 505 for your region dom"

    And it seems so like you wouldnt update the plugin anymore...
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    Limit dont work form me

    use-max-regions: true
    limit 1

    Plugin just dont work with [limit 1] line
  15. I dont suppose you'd be interested in adding MySQL support ?
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    A server restart seems to set the region back to the original owner after it's purchased.
    If someone buys a region named regionforsale .
    I check the owner /region info regionforsale
    Everything looks good. Except if I check the worldguard regions.yml , the region is still listed with the original owner. Sure enough, if I restart the server it goes back to the original owner. '/rm save' before a server restart doesn't help. Thats pretty much a show stopper for me with this plugin, nor does it seem to be getting any activity from the author recently.
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    BOSEconomy support?
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    hello can you post the source code for this please if your not going to help me fix the problem i have ill fix it myself
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    Buy/sell Worldguard regions
    When happens leasing ?
    Thanks For yours Plugin :)
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    pleas update :)
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    Hey i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this awesome plugin for 1.8 and for Iconomy6 pls update it PLS :)
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    Seems to me like this plugin is going to be discontinued, again.Was an awesome plugin, and would love to keep on using it.
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    Can yu please update this or somethink it messes with permissions and nothin works
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    This is a VERY nice plugin but could you add a feature so that it automatically can collect [X income] from the players every [Y seconds] and if they cant pay for it then the shop is automatically put for sale?
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    If you want an updated plugin, visit this post. Any suggestions can be posted or PMed to me.
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    Could you add a tax system? So people have to pay X AMOUNT.every Y SECONDS
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    Allright, updated it.
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    Conflicts with the latest Lockette :(
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    does this work with iconomy6 ? havent tested and i didn't see it mentioned here.
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    Will this also work with essentials economy?
    And is it possibble to make it so that u can add a time.
    so when they buy they get a region for xx time
    I hope it will work for essentials economy the plugin looks very useful!
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    To you mabey...
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