[INACTIVE][ECON]Region Market v1.0 - Buy/Sell WorldGuard regions with iConomy 6 [1337]

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    The Plugin:
    This awesome plugin was created by Crash. However, it was discontinued. As it was a very good and requested plugin (also, by myself), i decided to try to port it for the lastet bukkit RB with the lastest plugins.​
    Here its the old official topic:​
    New Update November 3

    After u buy a region, it will show up how many days u have left with it. If it becomes 0, u loose the region and its for sale again !!

    Iconomy 6 support !
    No permission Nodes ! Default to OP and WG permissions !

    To sell a region: Put a sign:​
    Region name​
    Its only supporting iconomy 5 for now.​
    Remember to Softdepend it !
    Version 0.8
    (last updated 6/19/2011)
    Features :
    - Simple PLug & Play !
    - Simply put a sign to sell the region ! Click to buy ! No more commands !
    - Buying and selling of WorldGuard regions (using iConomy)
    - Permissions usage (if you don't use it commands have no restrictions)
    - Ability to see regions a player is selling, who is selling a certain region, listing all regions being sold and showing offers for a region that you are selling
    - Ingame saving and reloading
    -Simple SignShops !!!
    -Instant buying/selling of regions
    This tutorial ahead was written by Crash. I didnt modified anything yet in the plugin ( but i will ), so i didnt changed anything yet, except tooking the NPC parts off, since they are deactivated. I cut like 20% of the code for this to make the plugin very lightweight.​
    Changelog :
    - ICO6 support​
    - Rent !​
    -Cookies !​
    - Fixed Permissions bug​
    - Simplified, now only put the sign to sell, and click to buy, no more commands !​
    - Cleaned code​
    - Fixed permissions issue.​
    - Fixed minor bugs, like the Regions Saving one​
    - Added cool messages​
    - Tested (not thaaat much) on cb 860​


    - Completely removed NPC entryes and unused source.​

    - Ported to MC 1.6.6 , Bukkit 818​

    - iConomy 5.0 supported !​

    - Stopped Supporting Essentials ( iConomy rox )​

    - Fixed a small incompatibility issue​


    -Updated to WG 5 - A10 and MC 1.5​

    -Added config file for options in the future​

    -Option in config file to turn off limit of max owning number for WG​

    -Remove region agents until they are fixed (broke in the 1.5 update)​

    -Changed sign agents so that the 2nd line is the name and the 3rd is the price​

    -Added EssentialsEco support​

    -Hopefully fixed a few bugs / NPEs​

    -Added on limits for buying according to max owning number for WG​

    -Added on new confirmation process for buying from NPCs​

    -Added on instant selling of regions with a new list type​

    -Updated help for /rm list making it less cluttered​

    v0.2 (3/14/2011) :

    -Added agents, NPC or sign to add another option to sell your market​

    v0.1 (3/8/2011) :

    -First release​

    Posting Issues:
    If you have any issues with this plugin, post the entire error code here. If its a usual incompatility error such as "could not pass event <event name>" just list the plugins you are using.​
    Have fun selling regions again.​

    Region Market 1.0 on BukkitDev
    Region Market 0.8 on BukkitDev:

    Old Version 0.7:

    download link fixed

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    Umm actually we're waiting for 1 month to fix plugin error and i don't think that he'll gonna update it :(
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    Compertable with BOSEconomy?
    if no, can i get The Source an modify it for BOSEconomy?
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    Ive gettin many requests about the source of this plugin, however i lost it in my work. Ill search for it, long time i dont update this, even if i still use it in my own serve r(bukkit 1000+).
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    If you locate the source, it would be much appreciated if it was made available to the public. This plugin is critical to a Minecraft server I'm running and I hope to continue running that server even if I have to update the Region Market code myself if/when updates break Region Market.

    Best regards,
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    is it possible that you could allow payment from buying a property to go to no one? Just for like a town on a server, where no one owns the property, but we still want you to earn money to buy a plot to live in that town.

    Upon testing, I've found that it breaks permissions, and just about every other plugin on my server...

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  7. So, is this plugin working or not...
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    It works if you use Permissions 2.7.4 which is inactive and discontinued. Ziden doesn't update RegionMarket anymore (his dog ate the source code).

    In all fairness, Ziden has a life and has to pay the bills, etc. and just doesn't have time to update it. Without the source code released to the public and/or someone to update it, this plugin is as good as dead.

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    Dose not work with permissions 3.1.6. I get so many errors I can't even get them for you. Sorry!
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    really nice, is it boseconomy supported?
  11. @S4h4rk

    Thanks for the info. Wasn't having ago, just wanted to know really. To be honest it looks like there are some forks going into the WorldGuard github for built in support of this functionality so I may just wait for that. It is a shame though as this plugin did look perfect. To be honest, it might work for me, I just don't want to commit to an unsupported plugin that may break my economy later on! Perhaps Ziden should update the first post?

    Again, thanks for the reply!
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    Can you make an auto protect when buy ?
    When a user buy a region, the region auto protect at the buyers name ?

    Thanks !
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    Will you release the source i would like to make it fit my server more i would definitely put ur name on the spawn house but i wanna make it suit me more? :)
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    Can you use Mediafire or Dropbox instead? I can't use Megaupload. :(

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    won't let me sell regions as it says internal error
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    What's news about compatibility with permissons 3.x ?
    I search a similar plugin for my server (with worldguard), have you an idea ?
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    This is the error I am getting when I type in the '/rm sell' command.

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    first i see that this plugin hasnt been updated in a long time if you dont plan to update it can you make it inactive so some one could take it over.

    also when i run the plugin is says 0.6 instead of 0.7 have you not updated your download link

    hello got a problem with your plugin and other people have posted the problem as well but have seen no answer to it in this thread

    the problem is that it all works fine but when you make a sign with [agent] it works untill you restart the server then when the server loads back up the [agent] signs no longer work

    i found this out the hard way when i made a hotel with 130 rooms in it all with there own worldguard regions and then did the command /rm sell for all the rooms then placed a sign in all the rooms with [agent] and people could use the signs to buy the rooms but as soon as i restarted the server :( all the signs stoped working

    i dont really want to type out 130 signs every time i restart the server please help

    here is a list of the plugin i run
    Plugins: Permissions, mxAntiPVPCheat, WorldGuard, boosCoolDown,AutoAnnouncer, RegionMarket, HeroSneak, DeathTpPlus, PerformanceTweaks, CraftBookMechanisms,MultiInv, MagicCarpet, PermissionsPlus, CraftBookVehicles, FishPeople, iConomy, CraftBookCircuits,CraftBookCommon, LWC, Votifier, mcMMO, WorldEdit, iConomyChestShop, obuShutTheHellUp,MultiGod, Minequery, pvparena, MultiVerse, MCDashAddon, Jail, MultiHome, CommandBook, dynmap,HeroChat, p2Aliases, LogBlock, MobArena, NoCheat
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    Every Startup and reload of my server, i get this error:

    2011-08-07 23:42:55 [SEVERE] Error occurred while disabling RegionMarket v0.6
    (Is it up to date?): loader constraint violation: loader
    (instance of org/bukkit/plugin/java/PluginClassLoader)
    previously initiated loading for a different type with name
    The Plugin is running anyway very good (=
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    amazing plugin !!!
    there's any option to sell places with timer or put a date when the protect is back ?
    and another thing if you can ,when they just get the region brake the sign auto

    And Thank
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    ill be rewriting this soon

    it do causes that error when it disables, however its working fine, im using it on my server with permissions bridge.

    This is just a make-up, since i belive worldguard will implement this feature soon enought.
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    hello seeing as you answered the post below me but not my post can i ask

    why do the [agent] signs stop working when you restart the server?

    or if anyone elce can answer this question ill be very happy
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    If you rewrite it soon, I recommend that you add a feature to sell regions from a neutral 'npc'.
    I don't wand the admins to get the money trough the selling of new regions ;D
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    please add bose economy :>
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    Hmm.. After restarting server all my regions saved in RM are gone.
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    Could you make so this supports Tradecraft ? :) would be so perfect for my server :)
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    This happens when I try to use the '/rm sell' command. It works for a while, then stops working. Help?
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    good plugin thanks,
    can you make some option to let player buy with delay i mean like as hotel for time and when the time over the protection back to the admin and then other people can use the protection again
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    Does not work under versions bukkit 1000 :(
    I write that "in plugin RegionMarket v0.6"
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    Holy crap this looks awesome, I was just thinking about this too when I was fooling around with economy and worldguard.

    Hopefully it works for me.
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    Downloaded for my server but doesn't seem to save anything I do to the file.
    when I restart or reload the plugins everything I did before is gone, but it'll show that it has them opened for sale.
    Also, the download in the OP is for version 0.6
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