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  1. PhysicalShop - sign and chest shops
    Version: 7


    • Server owned sign shops (infinite supply)
    • Player owned sign+chest (money and items are stored in a chest)
    • Everything is usable by left/right clicking
    • Supports material durability (i.e. colored wool and stuff)
    • Optional break, explosion and usage protection
    • Optional permissions
    This plugin provides support for trading without the need for databases, chat commands or virtual currency.

    The sign format was mostly inspired by the excellent TradeCraft plugin.

    Examples (open)

    Example: Server Shop

    Put a sign anywhere (wall or ground) with the following text:
    This will make a shop from which players can buy 8 dirt for 1 money and sell 10 dirt for 1 money.

    Example: Player Shop

    Put a sign on a wall where a chest fits underneath with the following text:
    [Orange Wool]
    Buy 48 for 2g
    Sell 64 for 2g
    Next put a chest directly under the sign. (Note that the sign has to be there before the chest.)
    Open the chest and put some money and orange wool in it.

    Now you have created a chest from which players can buy 48 orange wool for 2 money and sell 64 orange wool for 2 money.

    • Left click sign for status
    • Right click sign with money to buy
    • Right click sign with item to sell
    Sign Format
    [material:data] or [data material]
    X Y (defines a buy price X items for Y money, can be empty)
    X Y (same as above but for selling, can be empty)
    [Server] or empty (automatically filled for player shops)
    Specifying the material and data can be done either by ID numbers or names.

    The exchange rate format is by default very lenient and supports formats such as "buy 64 for 1" and "12 for 2 gold".

    • PhysicalShop.admin: allows creation of server shops and destruction of any shop
    • PhysicalShop.build: allows creation of normal player owned shops
    • PhysicalShop.use: allows buying and selling from shops
    If the Permissions plugin is not found the fallback is to give ops everything and non-ops build and use.

    Configuration (open)

    Create the file plugins/PhysicalShop/config.yml if you need to change anything.
    • currency: the material ID of currency (default: 266 which is gold ingot)
    • currency-data: the durability data of the currency (default: 0)
    • material-pattern: the regex for matching the material on the first line (default: "\[(.+)\]")
    • rate-pattern: the regex for matching the exchange rates (default: "\D*(\d+)\D+(\d+)\D*")
    • server-owner: the name used for server shops, case insensitive (default: "[Server]")
    • auto-fill-name: if the player name should be automatically filled in (default: true)
    • protect-break: if block breaking protection should be used (default: true)
    • protect-chest-use: if chest use protection should be used (default: true)
    • protect-explode: if explosion protection should be used (default: true)

    Version 1.0
    • Released
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    Would it be possible to provide the option of customizing the various messages? Also, I've been having trouble setting lapis lazuli dye as a currency :S
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    Updated to v7 and it all works now. Thanks for the mod!
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    So, will this ever have support for iConomy? If so, when do you think it will?
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    It's working now. I think I didn't have have enough goods in my chest.

    I think it requires one more item than your selling ( but I may be wrong ). ( ie. Selling 10 for 1 requires 11 items to be in chest. )
  6. Double chests shops are no longer placeable as they were never intended to work.

    I strongly suggest upgrading to 670.

    Messages will probably be customizable at some point.

    To use lapis lazuli (which unfortunately will be called "blue ink sack") add the following to config.yml:

    currency: 351
    currency-data: 4
    It will take a while to make it work.

    Are you using CB version 670?
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    I report a bug :

    When you want sell any Ink Sack, theire ID wasn't fix from the data values, exemple yellow ink sack ID's 351:11 and in your plugin it's 351:4 ( but only for the name ) 351:11 work for yellow ink sack count in chest, but the name is wrong !
  8. Ok, so what about placing signs on side of chests ?
  9. This was fixed in version 4.

    Would it suffice if you could place them on top of chests without the need for walls?
  10. That would also be nice but It'll be nice to place them on chests too, some people may need that for chests placed near ceiling or something.

    But these would require to first place a chest and then the sign... that would require you to check if the chest is empty.
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    Nice ! Can you insert default value for buying/selling item ?

    Exemple, if i type a simple word, or key, the sign write the default value for item :

    default/(or other)
    [Server] or private !
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    Would be possible to have it notify the shop owner if someone buys or sells something? I know we can't do /toggle on or off since it would cause db usage and what we don't want UNLESS.. Default always off but you can toggle it on as long the server has not been reset... Maybe let the config toggle off by default but let us enable it for all too..
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    would it be possible to add an exchange sign of sorts. I want to use my currency as gold, but I would also like to create a [server] sign where users can X for Y without using the currency.
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    The config.yml file that you tell me to create wont work, the plugin works fine till add the config.yml into the physicalshop folder. Then the plugin acts as thoe it never existed.

    Removing the config after the above process reverts the situation and it works again.

    I am fine using the defaults but wtf is that!

    P.S. what is the phrase for "Wooden Planks" cause nothing I am trying will work.

    I also thought of this, I was planning of this guy sitting down in the middle of nowhere who liked RedStone and would trade stuff for it even tho Gold Ingots are the currency.

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    Will this plugin ever have Econ plugin support? If so can you look at using BOSEcon
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    Also hoping for this very much =D
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    So I'm running a server CB617 and v7 of this mod. However, this issue has been present since v3.

    Occasionally, shops will super repair certain tools. I've been trying to keep my eye out for when and why this happens but can't identify the reason. I've got it narrowed down to creating or using shops(not sure which) will cause a potentially random amount of tools in your inventory(possibly just belt) to repair to full. When this happens the tool generally gets an additional 5%-10% durability where the durability bar doesn't appear until this bonus durability has been used.

    We are running mcMMO which has a repair feature in it. Not sure if that is clashing with PhysicalShop or if it's just an issue on PhysicalShop's side.
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    I love the idea of having a simple shop without any virtual currency. I just have one question:
    Can I define a shop to trade one type of block for another, without using the "global currency" (by default gold ingots). Let's say I want a server shop that trades 32 cobblestone for 64 dirt. Is that possible?

    Thanks :)
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    This is exactly all the economy I was looking for on my server.

    It all works great except I can't seem to make a server shop. It works just like a normal one where I have to put the inventory in the chest. I didn't make a config file as it was set up to exactly what I wanted.

    This is on craftbukkit 677 and the latest version downloaded today.
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    Hello, how work with "35^5" or "351^4" (X^X) ?
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    This plugin is NOT working out for me [skeleton]
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    Works perfect for bukkit 707. Just confirming for Dev. :) Love your work.
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    I started using this, and it was the best store plugin Ive seen yet, but i stopped because it isnt compatible with iConomy.
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    This Plugin When I Got To Buy Something It Says "Shop Is Full" WTF??? ITS NOT FULL :mad: .... I'm running on craftbukkit build 612 and iConomy Does not work either [creeper] . I JUST WANT A PLUGIN THAT WILL GIVE PEOPLE STUFF WHEN THEY RIGHT CLICK A SIGN. I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH CURRENCY ! :eek:
  25. Stop shouting, this is a shop plugin not a dispencer plugin, you should search because there are plugins that give out stuff when clicking signs, search for "kit" or something.
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    Try setting currency to 0.

    Eagerly awaiting a response to whether this will incorporate more then 1 type of currency.

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    Hi, when will the PhysicalShop be compatible with Minecraft 1.5_02?
    Theres no other Bukkit Plugins as good as this one.
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    it works with 1.5_2 but plugin maker please iconomy support
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    How to I set the currency on the shop? How would I format it so say I want to sell 1 Iron pick for 10 stone how would i set it out?
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    Dev Update?

    Throw us some crumbs?

    Any information helps. :(
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    Okay, I made the config thing in the one folder as said, I don't know how to set up the settings inside the config, also how would I make it where it uses the Balance thing from iConomy like use the CC, money thingy to buy stuff from chests instead of an item?

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