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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    works on my groupManager check your versions and bukkit. and what isnt working with it?
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    Is there a way for server admins to destroy shops created by users who are no longer on the server?
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    mmm well I'm running craftbukkit 483 with latest version of groupmanager (working correctly with everything else)

    the problem is that players when trying to buy from the shop it says the shop isn't selling the item and when they try to sell to the shop it comes up with something about you sold 0 items for 0 gil (my currency)

    am i doing something really stupid? I'm sure I added the permission as it says above.

    /mangaddp default localshops.buysell

    that should allow them to buy and sell right?

    oh and im using latest version of iconomy!
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    I seen that a few times, the sold 0 items for 0 money. Once it was when my inventory was full, and once with bad spelling of an item. Try setting up the shop with ID# not names i had an issue with Bread i had to use the ID# or i kept getting invalid item or that i added 0 to shop.

    Also unless you change your group, i think all permissions was all Cap
    so try /mangaddp Default localshops.buysell
    But unless you seeing You do not have access to this Command , its probably not the issue.

    Not sure what your doing different.
    this is what i ran as a test. (you probably done this to but just in case)
    shop owner:
    /shop add 319 5
    /shop set buy 319 10
    /shop set sell 319 10

    then /shop list buy
    /shop list sell to make sure if added in.

    Customer then should be able to
    /shop buy 319 1
    /shop sell 319 1

    words work to but i am just in a habit of using ID# anymore
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    Sorry for the delay in responding to all of your comments. I've been on vacation this weekend at the beach. I'll get online tomorrow night and work through the bugs you guys have found and answer any questions that have come up.

    Thanks for your patience.
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    when i create a shop it says "you dont have enough money" or wutever but then creates the shop anyway without changing my iconomy account
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    Some errors and bugs i have found.

    -When you create a shop and transfer its ownership to another member they cant manage there shop unless you manually go in and edit the shops file and change creator to there username.

    -When you add something that people can buy from your shop, you cant have the same item sell-able to your shop and vice versa. If you attempt to type in the command to set a buy price it changes from people being able to sell that item to your shop, to people being able to buy it from your shop.

    -/shop reload does not work, Ive tried everything. I'm an op and have the permission node for it as well as the * node that grants all permissions.

    Thats all Ive found so far. The members on my server love this plugin, so thank you for making and updating it :)
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    Wow thank you for taking all this time to reply to this issue I am having.

    Yes, I doubt it is the capitalisation issue as groupmanager is quick to correct such blunders. However I will give that a try and also the item numbers a try. I also am used (ish) to item numbers but my users definitely aren't. Survival servers don't get much use for them :D.

    I also suddenly thought it might be that my "fake permissions" jar might be out of date.... since I can see myself forgetting to update that as well as the groupmanager.jar.

    I will let this thread know what I find in case someone else has a similar problem later on.
    Crisis averted it seems to be that i just forgot to update fake permissions. It was also causing some issues with multiverse :D All fixed now. Thank you for the help and good luck with this plugin! I love it :D
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    Ok so idk if these are my fault or bugs but when i did /shop add all it worked once, kinda. Only half of my full inv was added, then after that /shop add all never worked again... also its pretty confusing... what is the difference between:

    /shop add - Adds block in your hand to the shop


    /shop add [itemname] [quantity]


    /shop set buy [itemname] [price] <optional: stack size>

    All i wanna do is add items easily to the shop...

    also when i added (from item in hand) the items never showed up when i did /shop sell list or w/e. Said no items were added. I want to know, with the /shop add (item in hand) command, all it does id put a stack of that item in the list... just doesn't seem practical...
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    hi m8
    i was wondering could u help me i have put all the correct text into the permissions/ group manager folder
    but when i type /shop set nothing comes up
    any ideas why ???
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    Currently there is no way to move a shop from inside the game. You can move it by changing the location in the shop file.
    • localshops.buysell (general buying and selling in the shop)
      • /shop buy ...
      • /shop sell ...
      • /shop list ...
    • localshops.manage (manage a shop with set commands)
      • /shop set ...
      • /shop set owner (only the shop owner can do this)
    • localshops.create (create new shops)
      • /shop create ...
    • localshops.create.free (shops don't cost money for this group)
      • same as above, but if you have shop-cost=true it ignores this for this player/group
    • localshops.destroy (destroy existing shops)
      • /shop destroy (must be shop owner)
    • localshops.reload (use /shop reload command)
      • /shop reload
    Good idea, added the max stock to the list of things to do. Visual instead of commands is on the list too.
    Sounds like you need to restart your server completely. This error: "An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command" typically means that iConomy has crashed. (Make sure the .jar is named iConomy.jar and not something different with numbers at the end then restart your server)

    Also, be careful that the reload command is /shop reload... not /reload shop.

    If you are getting a message saying you are not in a shop, try moving a bit and see if it tells you that you've entered a shop.

    I know this message was from a couple days ago, please post a new one if you are still having trouble.
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    Could you do a few screenshot guides of what to do and the order to use commands in if:

    • You are a shop owner and want to buy items from players
    • You are a shop owner and want to sell items to players
    • You are a player and want to buy items from a shop
    • You are a player and want to sell items to a shop
    I've been at this for a few days now but I find I'm often mixing the commands up.
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    unlimited = does the money for the shop come from the shop owner or the server. False = owner pays for everything. True = server gives the player money and shop owner gets money from purchases.

    This is the same behavior as iCShops was on hMod. On my personal server, I set the GeneralStore shop owner to something like ServerOwner or some other name that isn't used. It will create a new iConomy bank account for it and keep the money separate from the admins.

    Breakdown of the data file:

    Will do. Definitely a lot of confusion about the commands it seems.
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    this plugins commands and dynamic markets commands conflict causing syntax errors :(
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    Hi, first off, great mod. Thanks for your hard work. I've been testing various economy plugins for iConomy without a great deal of success, and your plugin fits what I need for my server quite well!

    I did however want to bring up a couple concerns I've encountered while setting up shops on my server.

    First, the commands are somewhat counter-intuitive when using /shop set buy/sell... For instance, when I want to set the price that my shop buys at, I must use /shop set sell... Same goes with /shop list. If I use /shop list buy, it tells me what my shop is selling. Imo, I think using /shop set buy and /shop list buy should set/list what my shop is buying.

    Secondly, I believe that requiring people to have an item in order to set their shop to buy that same item affects the ease of use. If my players are looking to buy an item from someone else they have to first own that item and use /shop add to set the shop's buying price. This would mean that anyone looking for particularly rare items can't set their shop to buy that items without owning it first, thus disabling their ability to purchase that item at all. Please let me know if there is a work-around for this problem that I haven't taken into account.

    Finally, regarding the itemTypeID=ItemData parts of the data file, could you explain in a bit more detail what each of those numbers mean? Do these point to the numbers in the ITEMS.TXT file, or the Block/Item IDs and their extra data numbers, such as dyes: CocoaBeans is 351:3, so would that translate to 351=3 in the shop file? Any clarification you can give would be great.

    Thanks again for a great plugin!
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    This is a bit of a tough choice to make without confusing the issue too much. All of the buy and sell terminology are from the perspective of the customer. I worry that it would make the situation worse if I was using buy and sell differently for shop owner vs. customer.

    If you had suggestions on a different way to do this that would make more sense, I'm all for it. Though the ultimate solution may be to just implement buying and selling from chests and only use commands for shop management.

    This is a great point. The only work around is to add the item to the shop file directly and reload the plugin. I'll change the way /shop add [itemName] works to allow this in the next version. (should be out in the next 2 or 3 days)

    The items.txt and the Block/Item IDs should match up. Items.txt is just a way to define which name is displayed and map it to a specific set of item # and data # combinations.

    So you are exactly right that CocoaBeans would be listed as 351=3,.... in the shops file.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    EDIT: I'm going to update the format of the shops file in the next version. Going to add a feature in the future to allow for max stock levels and it would make more sense to put the item type and data id together. So it will be 351:3=...
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    not sure if anyone else is getting this error but when i try to create a shop it says "[Shop] You need 5000 Coin to create a shop" even though i don't have enough money the shop is still created without deducting any coins.

    This is a great plugin but with this error i cant really use it the way i want to.
  19. My solution to the command issue, is using the Citizens plugin, and having the NPC's give the command help, as well as having it posted in signs by the market. But generally, the only solution is to properly educate the nubs... i mean players of the server :D
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    I'm not a programmer, so correct me if I'm totally off, but couldn't you have it set so that, for instance, /shop set sell will set the sell price for the shop (from the perspective of the shop owner)?

    I think its really a difference of how to read the language that the commands symbolize.

    For instance, right now /shop list buy is saying what the shop sells. From the consumer's perspective, it asks "What can I buy from the shop." Thats all well and fine, but it makes things a bit confusing for someone setting the prices in their shop. I feel it is more intuitive to use /shop set buy to say, "My shop should buy this item, this much money for this quantity," which would be from the perspective of the shop owner.

    In a nutshell, from my point of view I feel it would be more intuitive to use the following perspectives for the commands to avoid confusion for shopkeepers when setting prices:

    /shop list buy//sell = "What can I buy//sell?", "You can buy the following from SHOPNAME // You can sell the following to SHOPNAME" (consumer perspective) (rather than /shop list buy = "SHOPNAME sells"... mixed perspective)
    /shop buy item quantity = "Buy item at quantity" (consumer perspective, as is)
    /shop set buy item $ quantity = "My shop should by this item at this price for this quantity." (shop perspective)

    As an additional note, I have one or two players on my server that have expressed a wish to have a chest-based buy/sell system. Mostly, because they're too lazy and/or intimidated by a long list of commands that they have to type for every transaction.

    Perhaps this example is too complex, but this is an idea of how a shop interaction could work?
    -Walk into the shop area = "Greeting message"
    -Chests in the shop zone use the shop functions (use LWC or similar locking mod to keep them as storage for the owner?)
    -Shop Owners simply place/remove items in their chests (triggering /shop add or remove)
    --Shop owners /shop set command to arrange their prices
    -Consumers drag items from inventory to chest (and vice versa). Buy/sell happens either when inventory is closed, or simply when the items hit either inventory (I have no idea about the technicalities of making this work, but I know there is another shop mod that uses this sort of system).
    -Possibly use a sign with [ListBuy] [ListSell] printed on it to trigger a usable /shop list buy/sell function... Perhaps one list per sign, or even have it so a left click= listbuy, right click = listsell...

    I hope all that makes sense. Any which way, I greatly appreciate the time and effort that you and all the plugin authors put into their projects. :D
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    Geoff Winans

    Another thing this needs is a limitation on the amount of items a given shop will ever buy. Technically, if you buy dirt and someone has enough dirt, they can drain your entire iconomy account.

    /shop set buy item amt max_to_buy

    Once that limit is hit, the shop wont buy any more of it.

    Or an ability to make the shop stop buying items from other players once the iconomy account hits a certain threshold.

    /shop set buylimit 100000

    If the shop goes under 100k, deny transaction, close shop.
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    To your first point. I understand exactly what you are saying and I wrestled with the same thing when I was first using this format in iCShop on hMod. What it came down to for me (and why I kept the format) was the commands for the user are:

    /shop buy
    /shop sell

    Since everything is done through commands, I think it will still save confusion if I keep everything from one perspective and just make some better training documents.

    The next version of the plugin is going to have chests for the shop. Owners will be able to add and remove stock directly, then use commands to set prices and max stock levels. When a user walks into your shop, they will basically open up a new shopping cart that will keep track of everything they have given to and from the shop. And then they will be charged or credited the balance when they leave the area.

    I just want to make sure this version is stable before I start rebuilding chunks of it for the next version.

    Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it.
    I was already planning on putting in the max stock level, where if the shop has more than that it won't buy any.

    But the minimum credit balance is an interesting idea. I'll have to think about that, it shouldn't be hard to implement both.
    You're right, there was an error in the logic. Re-download v1.6b this is now fixed. Thanks for the bug.
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    One of the best things about your plugin is that no chests are involved whatsoever which allows more freedom to design a building for a store if desired, allows customers more freedom to purchase and also removes the hassle of having to set up protection for the chests.

    Walking into an area to purchase instead of multiple people gathering around chests was probably the biggest draw point for me (and possibly many others since the rest of the shop plugins use chests)

    Fearil has the right idea. When a shop owner wants to sell stuff he should type /shop set sell ... and when he wants to buy something then he types /shop set buy ... When a customer wants to buy from the shop he would type /shop buy ... and finally if he wanted to sell goods to the shop he would type /shop set sell..

    If it's too difficult to do then I would definitely prefer better documentation as opposed to implementing physical chests to be used in any way other then decoration for your shop.

    There are numerous chest based shops available already to suit your needs. It would be a shame to see this plugin become similar to the rest.
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    Interesting thoughts. I'll be sure to not strip the commands out when I build in chest integration.

    Since the data for the shop is already being stored outside of the world, there isn't really any reason why chest protection would be required. I was planning on building it so that the chest inventory was only created when a user with the ability to buy/sell/manage the shop opened the chest. When the chest was closed it would be cleared.

    Upside of doing it that was is that there wouldn't have to be a limit to how much inventory the shop can have and the chests would stay organized.
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    That seems alright. I don't like the other chest based shop plugins where everything revolved around requiring to place signs, place items inside chests which requires them to be protected and stuff like that.

    Out of interest what happens if for example I set up a shop and place inventory in it and then:

    • I completely delete the .jar and config/data relating to LocalShops
    • Bukkit/MC update breaks Localshops
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    @Hoddie54 and @HoppyDragon

    I just tested the plugin with LocalShops 1.6b, bukkit 493 and iConomy 4.4.5 and I'm not getting any errors. Can you tell me if you are still having troubles?
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    I also am not a fan of chest protection requirements. I am running WorldGuard and want to setup a mall near the spawn area. I will create a bunch of shops and give them out to the users. The area is protected so if I had to setup regions in worldguard for this to work would really be bad. I am using a different plugin with chest that need protection exemption with which the users can create shops in their own area.
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    I don't quite know what you mean? If you delete the plugins/LocalShops/shops directory, you will destroy all of your shops. If Bukkit/MC update breaks LocalShops... it will stop working?

    Sorry, I think I'm missing your question.
    Colored items work properly now with v1.6 Please let me know if you find any bugs.
    to buy, sell or list players need: localshops.buysell
    to use the set commands (manage the shop) they need: localshops.manage

    Colored items work now.
    Sorry, that's not possible.
    Good idea, I'll add it to the list.
    It should be compatible with both GroupManager and Permissions. If you are using GroupManager make sure you update your FakePermissions.jar when you update GroupManager.jar
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    I saw that thanks. Hey just wanted to chime in on the fact that the exact reason I am using your plugin is the command based structure in favor of the chests other plugins offer.
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    I meant what happens to the items? Do you get them back? Are they stuck in the void never to return?
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    This is weird. The plugin never actually looks at the value of the shop creator. It is just a bit of info. Are you sure that you spelled the name of the user correctly?
    The actual game items are destroyed when you sell or add them to a shop. Entirely new items are created when the shop sells or removes an item from its inventory. So deleting the shop records would delete the memory of those blocks and they would never be re-created.
    Are you still having trouble with this? Can you give me any more details? It would help to know: stock level of item, money in buyers account, shop owner, money in owner's account.
    what do you mean?

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