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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    I want them to see part of the shop commands that i can see as an admin.
    They can only see /shop list, /shop buy and /shop sell if they type in /shop.
    I want them to be able to see /shop add and /shop set.
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    Okay, so whenever someone actually tries to buy something, this happens to the server:

    The top two are mine. Notice the processor usage.
    The server also becomes completely unresponsive and all clients time out. No error message is made.

    Any ideas?

    Also, entering the shop makes it spike to 50%.
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    Users only get shown the commands that they have access to. Your users need: localshops.manage to see set and add.

    Which item are you adding specifically? Are you adding it through the file, or the /shop add command?

    Odd. I'm running my main server and test server with the same host and don't have that trouble. If you have time to run a test could you try removing your other plugins and see if that makes any difference?

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    No, it doesn't happen with just iconomy and LocalShops running.

    Any ideas which plugin could cause this?

    Having a full inventory causes it (in combination with one of these plugins).
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    You're best bet is going to be to add them back one by one and give it a try. My guess is it's going to be one of the Craft or other plugins that effect items in game. I've tested with GM, WE and WG without any trouble on mine.
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    Not sure if anyone has brought this up but there is a typo in your commands section.
    /shop list buy and /shop list sell should be /shop list buy <page # if acceptable> and /shop list sell <page # if acceptable> or something was unsure how to get to the second pages at first. Ingame /shop help too you might consider for ease of access for users maybe /shop list <buy|sell|info> <page #>. Also not sure if this is a typo or not but pumpkins are spelt PumpkinD.

    Other then that AWESOME plugin man love it so far no clashes with my other plugins on server.

    CB 531
    Permissions v2.5.4
    iConomy v4.4
    Citizens v1.06
    iMonsters v1.7.5
    LocalShops v1.15b
    Lockette v1.3.1
    Minecart Mania Suite v1.01 v1.01 v1.01 v1.03 v1.03a v1.0 v1.03c v1.0 v1.02b
    MultiVerse v1.5 (5 Worlds loaded)
    nChat v0.3
    NoDrop v0.2.1
    Turnstile v0.8.1
    Vanish v1.5
    Warpz0r v1.08
    WormholeXTreme v0.801
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    I must say I love your plugin. But one of my players have found a bug: non-stackable items like Mushroom Soup and water-buckets dissapear when used. They stack when using shops.
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    Thanks for the feedback. You'll have to edit the pumpkin typo by going into your items.txt file. Otherwise you can manually delete the file when I post the next version.

    Thanks for noticing. There was a bug in bukkit not returning proper stack sizes when I first coded this, so I just left it defaulting to 64. I'll go back and look at it again now that things have progressed a little further.

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    Hey, first off amazing plugin. It works great. I do have one suggestion. PLEASE support sponges. I really want to be able to sell them in my unobtainable item shop.

    Thanks. :)
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    Add them to your items.txt file and they work.
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    Can we have decimals for item prices?
  13. Idea:

    Limit the Storage of a shop - have the store have a maximum capacity of for example 1000 Items. Actually, the Shop owner can also just use the shop as cheap unlimited storage. It would be nice to at least limit this :)
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    They have the premission, and it still doesn't work...

    Anyway, how can I see logged transactions if i set "logging transactions" in the properties file to true?
    And is or will it be possible for shop owners to see which items they added to the shop, but not setted them for buy or sell yet?

    Sorry for asking so many questions, but your plugin is an essential part of my server :)
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    for iConomy whenever i sell something to the shop it says i gain coins. but then when i say /money it says i still have the same thati had before i sold the thing to the shop. plz help!
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    could you make it so that we could edit the size, other then just keeping it 10x10?
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    The size can be changed in the properties file, but every shop will have the same size.

    I'm going to add the ability to set custom sizes soon.

    Which version of iConomy are you using? I've heard there were a few bugs with the first releases of 4.5

    Sorry, no logs built yet. Coming in the next version.

    Also, do they have localshops.manage or localshops.manage.* in their permissions? (I haven't tested to see if this makes any difference.)

    And you can use /shop list to see all items added even if they don't have a buy or sell price.

    I'm thinking of adding max stock, and max number of items to the shop config. Possibly even with graduated levels later on (more expensive shop gets larger stock levels or number of items)

    But thats a bigger list for a later date. I'll try to work something simpler out sooner.

    Sorry if my support and updates are a little slow this week. This is what I'll be doing:


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    Hm, any chance you will/you can add 'textconfiguration'.
    So one could redefine all the messages and so on?
    I plan to use this as a way to exchange gold into coins at a official bank.

    edit: Check the 'BetterShop' plugin for how I mean.
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    It's a high priority on my list. I've just been trying to work the bugs out first.
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    Is there an easy way for a player to price check an item they want to buy or sell? Not all plugins use the same names in their db so it can get confusing for players to find the right name for the item.

    Does a function exist or can one be added that somehow allows a player to just hold the item in their hand and get a buy price and sell price?
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    How do i make the list longer? Mine will only display 7 items on a list, without me knowing how to make it show more on the first page, or being able to see the second page due to lack of commands. Let me know what commands i need to use, thank you in advance for any assistance!
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    first i create a shop then i do /shop add and i add a item then i do /shop set buy sand 1 then i do /shop list buy to see if it was corect and it is but then i do /shop buy sand 1 it says , you purchase 1 coin for 1 sand the problem is that when i see my money with /money i stil got 30 coins ! ???? plz help
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    The 7 items per page is not configurable. You can view the second page by specifying the page number:
    /shop list 2
    /shop list buy 2

    The items.txt file uses the names that notch built into the game. If you go into your inventory and hover your mouse over any of the items it will give the same name that the shops are using.

    You are welcome to change them to anything you want by editing the items.txt file.

    /shop list buy
    /shop list sell

    ^Those show prices.

    Are you the shop owner? You won't be charged for purchasing from your own shop. But it looks like I have a bad text response to the player for that case.

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    But in your screenshot it shows 2 times as many in one page?
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    no i already tried with another account to buy but it stil recharge looks like i need a other plugin i think

    oke i tried another shop plugin and that got the same problem do you need exactly version 4.0 of iconomy ??

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    ya im using 4.5.3 shuld i use an older version? and if so were can i go to download it?

    and also im using it on my multiplayer server and even though i created the shop i set the owner to a player that doesnt play my server. This happens to my other players on my server to. if they try buying or selling something there money stays the same and their not admins/shop creators/shop owners.
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    OK, that's fine. Let's ignore my first statement, and entire post I guess, since you're missing the point. I suppose my inquiry was badly stated and forced you to take offense and explain something I didn't care about.

    Let me start over, I like the plugin and I have a suggestion. Instead of players having to use /shop list buy # and shop list sell # several times in each shop, is it possible to add a price check command so that they can just hold the item in their hand and use one command, once per shop, to check the price in each shop?
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    alright, sick. Good to know that its not gonna be 10x10 because I need the plots to be 5x5 or something for my shops. You know, I don;t wanna hog all the big plots just for a bunch of shops. Sick plugin anyway. Tyvm.
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    Are you meaning so that you can compare the price of that item between all shops with one command?

    The command /shop list buy shows all the prices for all the items that that shops sells at once. The # at the end is for page number.

    I'm sorry, it sounds like you are having trouble with the iConomy plugin. I've tested through v4.4 and when it's setup and working correctly the shops work fine.

    Unfortunately, I can't give much support for iConomy. If you do some tests with the /money and /pay commands you may be able to find out what is working/not working for you and report it in the iConomy thread for support.

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    >:D CANT WAIT untill custom shop size GL nice plugin
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    very nice plugin. Does exactly what I need. Specially the fact that the shop data is stored in textfiles is very important.

    I opened a "mall" in the spawn area of our server. People can "rent" a shop (for free now) for a certain number of days, depending on the level. Once the time is over (stored in a different file), the shops get backed up. The user can rent another shop later and his shop is put back into place in the latest free location.
    Without the text files or if building rights would be needed (access to chests) etc, this plugin would be worthless to me.

    The only issue that people complain about is that when you walk into a shop, you first have to enter commands to know whats for sale and purchase. The /shop list does not really help if the owner does not sell or buy any of the items in the shop.

    So a short list whats for sale and buy would be good. It does not need to be a one-per-line list that might fill the whole screen. If the plugin would calculate the price for one block and make a list like this it would be great:

    This shop sells:Iron (10), Cobblestone(0.1)..
    Buys:Gold(20), Glass(5),Sand(0.2) etc.

    For usability this should be the greatest advance in my point of view!

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