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    Version: v2.5​

    This is an auctioning plugin for iConomy v4.0 "Kristen". For list of commands use /auction help or /auction ?
    iConomy is required for proper working.
    Permissions and GroupManager plugins are not obligatory.

    Download v2.5 (source included)
    Older versions:
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    • /auction help|? - help message
    • /auction start|s <time> <item> <amount> <price> - starts and auction for amount of <time> with <amount> of <item> for <price>.
      NOTE: <item> can be either item's id or name compatible with Bukkit.
    • /auction bid|b <bid> (secret bid) - bids auction with <bid>, if [secret bid] is set and <bid> is greater than current bid, it will automatically bid up when new bid is lower than (secret bid)
    • /auction end|e - ends auction before time's up
      NOTE: only the player who started the auction and Op can end an auction
    • /auction info|i - shows information about current auction
    Put iAuction.jar into plugins folder. After first load it will create iAuction folder in plugins and a configuration file.
    If maximal-time is set to 0 (default), it will be ignored.
    Every color configuration has string value which have to be one of ChatColor colors (below)
    black, dark_blue, dark_green, dark_aqua, dark_red, dark_purple, gold, gray, dark_gray, blue, green, aqua, red, light_purple, yellow, white
    permission-system - "permissions" or "groupmanager" (not case sensitive) any other will set permissions system off

    'auction.start' - permission to start an auction
    'auction.bid' - permission to bid an auction
    'auction.end' - override of auction ending for someone who is not Op or auction owner (for example for moderators)
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    Version 1.0
    • first release
    Version 2.0
    • used Nijikokun's fixed version of v1.0, also:
    • changed command handler to onCommand()
    • fixed Permissions support
    • fixed items duplicating bug
    • fixed damaged tool repair (only fully repaired tools can be auctioned)
    • nicer colors :)
    • hopefully, null currency fixed
    Version 2.1
    • added settings for colors and maximal time
    • NumberFormatException in auction bidding fix
    Version 2.2
    • bidding now checks if someone has enough balance
    • namespace fix
    Version 2.3 beta
    • removed constructor
    • some optimization
    • HeroChat support
    • permissions nodes separation
    • invalid item name bug fix
    Version 2.4
    • auction.bid permission node fix
    • update for MC Beta 1.3 (CraftBukkit #432)
    Version 2.5
    • iConomy 4.0 update
    • Permissions 2.3 update
    • GroupManager support added
    • currency does not have to be integer anymore (thanks to iConomy)
    • minor fixes (mostly visual)

    Known Bugs:
    • Op trying to auction kills the server (not always)
    • Disconnected player won't get items
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  2. id's don't work, you can use the name.
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    ye, but i like ids more if you can fix it then thanks.
  4. take the previous version, that one works too.
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    Quite a shame that no-one continued this.. *thinking about it*
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    Oh sorry, didnt see :p
  7. do you want the source code?
    i have it...
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  8. New version...
    this time you can put in the Item name OR the Item ID.
    still working on it to get it better.
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    Can I have the source pl0x?
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    I tried to download it then i got a dropbox 404 error but i used th eplugin before on ym old sevre rbut i cnat foind it pleas egive me a link to download it
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    Thank you Zino
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    I can't find the download
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    the plugin was updated about 15 months ago, so this won't work atm. Although it was a great plugin, there are others similar (to some point at least) out now.

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