[INACTIVE][ECON/FUN] Cafeteria - Buy and sell stuff for MineConomy. [677]

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  1. Cafeteria - Buy and sell stuff for MineConomy:
    Version: v0.1.0

    Cafeteria is a plugin where you can buy and sell things through the MineConomy system.
    Items are defined in the config, located in plugins/Cafeteria/cafeteria.yml.

    • Dynamic item pricing.
    • Buy and sell.
    Download the Plugin
    Source Code


    Extract the archive to your plugin folder.

    Command reference.
    /cafe buy <product_name> <amount>
    /cafe sell <product_name> <amount>
    Version 0.1.0
    • Initial release.
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    Cool, my suggestion was accepted. ^^
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    I'm thinking MineConomy is looking better and better....
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    was testing it out and i couldn't get it to work (providing more details)

    downloaded and installed the "mineconomy" plugin. I'm assuming that the "mineconomy" plugin only allows the ability to get and store "credits"

    i found the yml file that had the default Cookie
    I had 64 cookies in my inventory and used the command /cafe sell Cookies 1
    states "cannot sell cookie" or something to that degree

    how do i see how many credits that i have??

    am i understanding this plugin correctly??

    :::this is what i want from a plugin:::

    I'm currently using Gold Ingots and the plugin "physical shop" as my exchange system (sorry for the advertisement on your thread)

    I want a system to change ONLY gold inguts into credits (like a deposit) like a bank plugin. somthing that is light weight and FEW/none dependencies

    could you design one using Mineconomy? or could you recommend one?

    optional: no /cafe
    NPC so that i can set up a server "bank" or server crate/sign that can't be destroyed except by Admins/OPS
    at best let the command look like this (/bank <deposit/withdraw> [amount] )

    i like the NPC idea so it'll ask 2 questions
    1) hello, is this going to a be a [d] deposit or [w] withdraw?
    d for deposit and w for withdraw
    2) how much do you want to withdraw/deposit
    amount of gold to deposit or withdraw

    i'm particularly interested in using your mineconomy system as it seems rather seems light weight
    i really hope you get back to me and that i wasn't a burden or anything
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    Do not use a plus sing in your version tag, you cannot guarantee that for future updates.
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    I agree.
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    Is this just a server buy/sell system that doesn't track inventory? (makes/deletes the item upon transaction?)

    More info would be useful
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    Has anyone made a database with items for sale that can be edited?
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