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    jxpl - The javax.scripting Plugin Loader

    Version: r5

    jxpl is a plugin providing a plugin loader that loads whatever script frameworks work with javax.script, and are Invocable.

    End-user Usage: Place scripts in the scripts/ directory in the root directory (where plugins/ is). Do not place scripts in plugins/.

    Developer Usage: Example scripts are lined below. It should contain everything you need to get started. Note that Java comes with only Mozilla Rhino 1.6R2, and nothing else. Should you want to script using other languages (provided they work with ScriptEngineManager in javax.script), you will need to include the framework in your classpath yourself.

    Some available languages (and examples, if available):
    For examples, see the language list above.

    Download binary: https://github.com/downloads/angelsl/jxpl/jxpl.jar
    Git repository: https://github.com/angelsl/jxpl/

    • r5
      • Fix for Issue #5 - jxpl not working too well after reloads N.B. Hacky fix. Real fix is to change 3 lines of code in Bukkit. But will the Bukkit team do it? NO.
      • Added a reloadScript() method into the ScriptPlugin class. This enables single scripts to be reloaded without having to /reload the server.
    • r4
      • Fix for Bukkit 490+ by verrier
      • Fix importScript utility method by holic
      • Move the listener into an inner class by holic
      • Attempt at getting jxpl to be nice to /reload
    • r3 (all by Myers)
      • Remove long constructor
      • Changed PluginHelper access modifier so Python works
    • r2 API changes may break existing scripts!
      • Moved script-specific methods out into an inner class.
      • Server can now be accessed as a variable
      • Predefined variable (helper, plugin, server) names can now be changed.
      • Added helper methods to include scripts and read file contents.
      • Added getScriptEngine() for plugin > script communication.
      • Updated example scripts to reflect API changes.
    • r1
      • Changed versioning system.
      • Removed onCommand method. Until commands can be registered on-the-go, that command system will not be available.
      • Standardised what happens when jxpl is (un/re)loaded. On unload, all scripts' events are disabled. Scripts may still act on their own if they have set timers, such as setTImeout in JavaScript. On reload, all scripts' events are reenabled.
      • Officially renamed to jxpl.
    • 0.0.1
      • Initial release

    • Implement reloading of scripts & proper disabling of plugin (requires proper unloading of scripts)
      • Need to wait for Bukkit devs to implement proper un/reloading themselves.
      • N.B. ATM you can /reload (but it reloads all plugins.)
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    Hi angelsl,
    many thanks for your job.
    I have a little suggestion : it's possible to access to your plugin remotely ?

    For example, i would to access to your plugin with a username/password/commands/parameters directly to a script, the script output the result into a json-object and this json-object is sent back to the requester.

    Do you think it's possible ?
    Best regards
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    Myers Carpenter

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    Roast Beef

    Is this still being actively developed? And can someone confirm that it works on a recent RB?
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    considered inactive
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    Jxpl still works under the latest RB. However, one of the most recent builds does break it, but I've got a fix coming to my fork in the next few days.
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    Is it possible to link in to other plugins with this? I've tried with iConomy but it won't let me import from com.iConomy.

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