[INACTIVE] CrowdControl 0.21 - Simple Creature Control [798]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by NathanWolf, Feb 11, 2011.

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    @WinSock has taken over CrowdControl!

    Please see the new thread, here.

    He has written it as a new plugin from the ground up, integrating features from the old CC as well as his own MobControl (cool things like modifying creature behaviors!)

    I'm excited about it, and glad to be focused solely on Magic now :)

    Thanks! It was fun, as always.
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    Could be that I'm not replacing any creatures. I am only reducing Creeper spawns and slime spawns. Seems to work fine for that purpose.
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    cb 677 - inactive
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    Hello! I am... pretty much not around here anymore. Sorry!

    @WinSock put a build of CC together that works with EBeans, but honestly I have no idea what the status is on it.

    Updated to work with latest CB, but not tested very much. Same download links as always.

    Honestly, checking the Spells/Wand/Magic thread is a better way to keep track of me, if I'm ever around. They killed my NG thread, prolly could kill this one, too- I'd really prefer to just have one thread to maintain, anyway :)

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    You're lucky that school is ending soon for me :). I should be able to take this thread over, started to squash bugs again today on this plugin :p
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    for quite a while a bukkit bug was stopping this plugin from working (the 'entity already tracked' thing), but I think that was recently fixed, so this should be working again
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    Sweet, @WinSock! That's awesome. I'm hoping to get to work on Wand/Spells later today, since 1.6 broke them :D

    With NG dead, and you taking over CC, I'd really like to be able to spend what little time I have here on Magic, since that's always been my real passion.

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