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    @WinSock has taken over CrowdControl!

    Please see the new thread, here.

    He has written it as a new plugin from the ground up, integrating features from the old CC as well as his own MobControl (cool things like modifying creature behaviors!)

    I'm excited about it, and glad to be focused solely on Magic now :)

    Thanks! It was fun, as always.
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    Honestly, that was the only way i could get nether gates working at first, at all. even OPs didn't work at first. Yours was the first plugin i installed actually, the reason i migrated to bukkit a month ago. Permissions has quite a learning curve i have to say...

    All works good now though, except for the portal relocation stuff on entry back to the normal world.

    Thanks for the advice. I updated bukkit to 553 *edit 544, my bad*, permissions, crowd control, and some other stuff. exact same problem, no errors though. Its just a little... overzealous.

    I'll delete the persistence .db file and report back once my moderator finished testing the other stuff from the bukkit update.


    Ok, i think i got this working now. At least its not flipping out like it was and seems to be like it was when i first started using it.

    I deleted the .db file and let it recreate. It did still do the exact same thing when i restarted. CC was flipping out and applying rules to about half the worlds this time. Stopped server, Restarted.

    I then actually logged into the server with my character and ran the same commands disabling slimes and ghasts in two different worlds. That worked, no problem. My conclusion i'm drawing is that I cannot disable mobs or use crowd control from the console.

    Not the end of the world, i can have others apply it when i'm not around and have to restart remotely or something.

    Thanks for the tips and developing your plug-ins!

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    Does this plugin just slow spawning down by a percent of the normal spawn rate? And/or can you set a max number allowed on server at one time?

    I read on page 3 there were reports this might not work well if you don't use NG. Currently my server just changes world with /world 0 and /world 1 (nether). Will this plugin still work for that setup? (My goal is to reduce the ghast spawn rate a lot since they are nuking the nether.
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    Crowd control doesn't seem to be saving, I was hoping .2 would fix it but it didn't. setting a control works until the next server restart. I have persistance.jar and crowdcontrol.jar in my plugins folder, and when i create a rule, the file crowd.db gets created in /plugins/persistance/. I'm running RB 556.

    Other plugins are:
    wormhole x-treme
    login message
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    Same issue, no settings will save.
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    Mine wasn't saving either till the last fix i just did. You can try what i did. Delete your .db file, upgrade crowd control, persistance, and enter the new commands with a player ingame rather than from the console.

    Never know, it might work.
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    Lord Chaos

    I installed this mod, but for some reason its only altering spawn in the Nether, not the proper world, can't even force it to do it with most commands even when using the actual world name. I am using your Nethergate plugin. :(
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    Glad you got working, and that I could be of some help!

    Hoping to be back around more, soonish.

    It very well might, but since NeoEvil was a new install, I'm not sure why he had flaky data. If you're upgrading, it seems like you might want to delete your db files.

    It really should be saving- that's kind of the whole point :)

    Only the world you're currently in is modified, unless you specify a world name (which you must do if using the server console).

    There is no way (yet?) to set rules for all worlds at once- CC is meant to be a per-world control system.

    Update released for latest CB build (577). Update all jars, or grab elBukkit.zip.

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    I have a bug:
    I can not use the commands from the console. He shows me the information that such a world does not exist. In fact, the names of the worlds are in the server folder.

    My ver. 440
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    Lord Chaos

    Thats the thing. I am in the console and I specify the world name, yet it still modifies the nether anyway. I can't get it to modify the overworld in any way, its always modifying the nether.

    Btw, as a curious question, can you put ghasts in the overworld with this? (haven't tried)
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    Could you please tell me what NG version you are running, and what exactly you are typing on the server console?

    I use (and prefer) the server console for admin stuff like this, CC should work! Thanks.

    Hmm... curious! Well, your rules list looked kinda broken, really..... :( Maybe try deleting "plugins/Persistence/*.db", update to 0.21, and test again? Sorry for the hassle.

    Indeed! If you're an evil, evil admin ;)

    If you are, giants may interest you btw.

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    Yeah, I said our zombies had mutated into giants for a day. Was rather amusing watching people freak out and try to keep them as pets.
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    Nice! :)

    I think I have creepers replaced with giants at 5%, or something low like that, on my public server. So, you see them occasionally- it's funny when they spawn underground :D
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    Is it possible for this to spawn the human monsters? I tried a few different names for them, but couldn't seem to get them recognized. No idea if they're still supported in the minecraft code, but I remember seeing them back in the day with craftbook on hMod or something.
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    download links are down
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    Lord Chaos

    Yup, still down. :(
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    Yeah... sorry. Server is in-house now, up-time during transition relies on a baby's nap schedule :p

    UPDATE: ok, back up- server is hopefully in its permanent home now, so it should be ok for a while. Helps if you plug the network cable in... :mad:
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    Lord Chaos

    Ok, I updated everything. It works in the nether (it now purely spawns ghasts, hehehe), but I still can't change the overworld spawn, is there some limit to the length of the server name? Because our name is pretty long (BlackMarketWorldHardcore)
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    I've tried to modify to spawn Ghasts from Cows with a 0.5% chance by doing:
    /crowd control cow ghast 0.005
    This seems to work, if you list your rules, ghasts are displayed at spawning with a 0% chance (rounding I guess), but while playing for an hour I already saw three Ghasts. Maybe I'm just lucky, or smaller then 1% Chances are not really working?
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    Server name or world name? I'm assuming you mean world name, but there should be no limit, as far as I know. You shouldn't need the world name parameter if you use the commands in-game, it just affects the current world- have you tried it without a world param?

    The rounding is probably what's happening in the display- I think I only output whole number percentages- but the actual check should use the whole floating-point precision. I'll test it out when I get a chance!

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    Trying to download the permissions support file with no luck.
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    Lord Chaos

    I am using the console as I haven't set up permissions. But I can try ingame.

    In game commands does nothing as an admin. But permissions might not be set up, been using the console so far.

    PermissionPlugin cannot be downloade.

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    the download link for these plugins, it appears all of his plugins, are broken
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    Please see my profile- my DNS is down, there's an IP there you can use... sorry :(

    Also, @darkcammo and @Lord Chaos - This ^
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    Lord Chaos

    Ok, using ingame commands in the world works :) Replaced 33% of spiders with ghasts, heh.

    Though this command "/crowd control Creeper 500" says it disables Creeper spawn instead of making it happen 5 times more.

    Replaced all zombies with giants, so lets see how that goes down, heh.
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    When I try to control or nuke slime, I seem to have a problem with persistence. For instance, if I try /crowd control Slime I get the following message: Peristence: Can't find callback 'onControlCrowd for plugin CrowdControl
    I am running CC Version 0.21 and Persistence 0.62.
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    Giving this a try. So far multiworld doesn't seem to work, any time I try to add a rule for my alt world (Necromunda) it either says the world isn't found, or just creates the rule for my main world (Terra).
  28. Links give me 404 error
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    Look at the developer post about 4 post above yours.
    He stated "Please see my profile- my DNS is down, there's an IP there you can use... sorry"
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    Am i right that this currently diesn`t work with "556" ?
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    This seems to be a problem for managed minecraft servers at www.multiplaygameservers.com still.
    Maybe it has to do with the way they auto-reboot their servers, I don't know. We unfortunately don't have full control over those machines either, so we can't try any of the .db file delete tricks I'm afraid. :'(

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