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    Propaganda - broadcast adverts to your players:
    Version: v1.0

    Broadcast messages to all players on your server. Inform them, help the, give them hints...

    • Configurable in game
    • Players can opt-out
    Download .jar
    Source Code
    Documentation Wiki
    Please post bugs into github issue tracker, including meaningful information suchs as bukkit and plugin version and error message / stack trace.

    Version 1.0
    • Release
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    This would be cooler if players could set up "Radio Adverts" at certain locations, so users within a certain radius (e.g 100 blocks) got hit with adverts about whatever place they were in.
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    That sound like a great idea, but would probably be out of scope for this plugin. You would probably also want to tie them to zones or something like that.
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    @GipsyKing, There are a few plugins that do almost the same thing... So make you special :)

    Building on what Afforess suggested,
    • Allow admins(just add permissions to it) to place a sign with [Radio] [<Playername>] [radius] (or something like that )
    • then,when the owner is near the sign he/she can type /radio <time> <message>
    • allow players to turn the "radio" off(should be on by default maybe more permissions?)
    just a few ideas, BUT i'm sure your plugin might get a few fans if it could be used for radio on RP servers
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    1st and formost @Afforess i bow beofre you with your awesome plugin MM, anyway to the point building once again on affroess's point, radio stations. (this is a fanciful idea/thinking and i see now way of making t possible) build radio stations which broadcast adverst to people tuned into that station, so 2 local ones i listen 2, Pirate FM and Radio Atlanic with custom adverts for each, and they actually play music (would require huge server edit) and if you move to far away like 1000 blocks you lose the signal unless a tranmitter is nearby to amplify signal.... oh dear ive gone off on one and come up with an impossible idea....
    anyway great plugin man :D
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    May I suggest posting pictures of what the broadcasts can look like?

    I am hesitant because I don't want to configure a bunch of broadcasts and have them end up looking less than noteworthy:/

    Also, may there be permissions support? Because propaganda should be inescapable for certain groups >:]

    Great looking plugin, btw. I would love to inform players of these things called forums...
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    I don't have screenshots, but you can figure that it simply looks like any chat message, with a custom color, dark grey by default.

    I may add permission support. I may look into giving messages a timestamp, so that you can force-broadcast new events, server/plugin features etc.
    For now, you can enable the "global" option to force your players to listen to the regime your messages.
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    Haha, thank you for the "global" option.

    I'll download it now so I can assist my slaves members. :D
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    Nice plugin. Already using it on my server over at minecraft.nl. I noticed however that it throws an exception when the server closes. Can you fix that?
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    Let me set the layout for the message please, i don't like the {}.
    and insert a command, where i can broadcast with the given parameters.
    Else i like :)

    uh, forgot: Let me use : in the text, the plugin replaces them with = for some reason.
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    considered inactive

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