[INACTIVE][CHAT] PrivateChat v.0.1.1(0.2.2 in progress) - Private chatting without command [612]

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    Private Chat
    Version 0.1.1
    CraftBukkit-build 612 (or 556)

    This plugin allows every(!) player on your server to chat with one or more other players.

    Download + Source @ GitHub (Source in /source , .jar in /bin)
    Current .jar on GitHub: /bin/PChat02.jar

    Possible commands (prefix /pc):
    • help - Shows a help message
    • join <ChatName> - join a chat, only possible, if the player isn't already part of a chat.
    • leave - leave the player's current chat.
    • add <ChatName> - add a new chat and join it (also, only possible if you are not already part of a chat.)
    • send <Message> - send a message to the main chat.
    • Permissions support(maybe)
    • configuration file for chat colors, spellings etc.
    • "Multichat", more than 2 players can chat with each other
    • "Mainchat access", by joining a private chat, you are still able to write messages to the main chat
    - Updated to bukkit API build #493​
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    Hmm, interesting plugin. I like it :) Although other plugins offer the same functionality, all I really want for my server is a simple constant private chat plugin, and this it perfect :D 10D for you good sir:
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    hmm i use plugins prefixer,essentials chat and icolo and i was wondering if this will break those or not?
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    nope, it's just a standalone plugin. but if you get errors, tell me ;)
    AgentKid: thanks, do u have some wishes for future features? :)
  5. I believe that depends on the priority of those plugins :)
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    Please update to RB and I can move this to plugin releases.
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    Hmm, Eclipse throws a strange error to me:
    I'll find a solution as soon as possible..
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    Use bukkit 493 (or is it 492?), there is a bug in newer ones.
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    ok, thank you, i finally got managed to update the jar file and my git repository :D
  10. please with permissions support!!
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    yeah, im currently working on a new version with permissions support, a configuration file and inline-color-commands ;)
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    considered inactive

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