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    MuteD - Mute anoying players:
    Version: v0.31

    Here is my New plugin MuteD.
    Have anoying chat spammers on you server?
    Remove them with ingame commands!

    MuteD Doesn't use Permissions plugin cause i don't get it working.
    It causes that ingame commands doesn't work

    * Download and Place the plugin in you Plugin folder
    * Start your server
    * MuteD will make required files
    * Stop the server and go to the location where the Craftbukkit.jar is
    * In that directory there should be a folder called MuteD
    * Open that directory and Open the file admins.users with notepad or something
    * You see 1 account called SampleUser rename it to your name
    * Add more admins if you want
    * Mute annoying Players
    * Admins can't ban other Admins
    * /mute - Displays help
    * /unmute - Displays help
    * /mute Username - Mutes the player with the name Username
    * /unmute - Unmute the player with the name Username
    Download MuteD 0.31:

    Direct Download
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Version 0.31
    * Fixed bug - if you add an admin manually it don't get muted

    Version 0.3
    * Added ChatColors

    Version 0.2
    * Rewrited the whole plugin and added admins.users file
    Version 0.1
    * Created plugin (not working cause of Permissions)

    * Highz - Programmer of this Plugin
    * Samkio - Helped me with finding the problem of the commands (Permissions plugin)
    If you have ideas for future update please post it or send me a PM
    Found a bug? Please report it to me with PM

    <font color="rgb(204,204,204)">--- merged: Jan 30, 2011 9:55 AM ---</font>
    Updated to version 0.31
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    perhaps you could add time support? for example - /mute NickName [TimeInSeconds]
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    Nice work :)
    This will be useful!

    Maybe /mute list - to show all those that are muted? xD
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    I think i can add the Time but it is better to use time in minutes cause it uses less CPU
    Is it a good idea that everyone can see the muted players?
    I dont know :p
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    @highz admin only ofc xD
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    Oh yes i was forgotten that i made that system :p
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    this is useful, but is there a way to not allow certain people from seeing chat or talking in chat?
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    I think the only way for that is to use sendMessage.
    So you send a message/command then that message will be cancelled and the text of that message will be sended with an PM
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    Add a mute all function that ignores admins, that would be great for when things get out of hand on a full server. Otherwise this looks great.
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    Great idea! Perhaps called with /silence or something to that effect.
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    Thanks for all the Comments
    @Queepo maybe i can make that feature :p
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    This is great but need a muted person list and Permissions.

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    does this work with build 280+?because i put my in game name in the file but still says error you are not alowed to use /mute
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 8:23 PM ---
    can i not get any help here?
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    Seems to conflict with Area chat and or iChat.
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    If the muted person does /me the message still get shown.. meaning that the muted person can type in /me "whining message"
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    hello, would you mind making it easily possible to change the command name from mute to anything else? even a letter or two of change would be helpful , why? several other plugins use the same command where im playing but theyre admin only, so a change in the command name would allow for player use

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