[INACTIVE][CHAT] MCDocsChat v1.0 ~ Allows you to use a command to say repetitive sentences [677]

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Version 1
    Test build: 677

    MCDocsChat is a modification of my other plugin MCDocs.
    MCDocsChat allows you to use a command to say repetitive sentences you find yourself using all the time.

    • Full Permissions Support: MCDocsChat builds itself around the popular Pheonix Permissions plugin.
    • In-Game modifications: You can add and remove commands and their messages all in-game.
    • User Defined Commands: You define the command you wish your users to use. /welcome for example.
    • Colours: Full colour support.
    • Variables Support: Such as Player's Name, IP, Group. Online players - Online Count - Online players from a specific group etc.
    Change Log

    Known Issues:
    • Using a ":" in the actual message will break the plugin.
    Shoutout goes to @captainawesome7 for the initial concept and the beginning of the conversion.
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    Yes! (the mcdocschat image the top looks awesome lol)

    Great addition with the modification of commands in game btw :)

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    This looks great! I've been using mcdocs for a month or so now, this will be a great addition!
    Edit: Also will this give in game access to be able to change/edit existing mcdocs files?
    I recently brought a few more admins onto my team, and it would be nice for them to not have to access those files, as my server is run from home :p
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    It on his wiki he just forgot a link
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    I'll wait for the link then.
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    Just a heads up, I know it says build 677, but if you run it on 670 it breaks all commands :(
    So right now I'm using my unofficial MCDocsChat
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    Woops, sorry.
    Link Added.
    I'll test now.

    Edit: Worked perfectly :/

    No, this plugin is a stand alone from my other MCDocs.

    Editing the txt files and adding all /command:file.txt for MCDocs (core) has always been something that has been in my mind to do. However, using simply commands to modify existing txt files seems almost impossible.

    Perhaps you could setup an FTP on just the directory of the files?

    I know another individual who's setup a cron job to copy files from a drop box folder to the MCDocs directory.

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    still breaks for me o well, i can just use mine :(
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    I also have the problem where it breaks most other plugins... RB677
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    hrmmm... ftps and such... looks like its google time for me! :p
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    I believe i'm having the same problem as everyone else (cb670)... it just breaks all the commands, but i did notice something... keeping in mind, that this is one of the only commands i could get to give me a response.
    I typed /time in the console (commandbook), and... it threw me an extremely strange error.
    "A player is expected."

    and that's ALL it says.
    everything else just fails to work.
    Hope this helps you in your journey to fixing this. :)
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    I have no rightly clue how, but adding this plugin completely breaks xauth. No errors are shown, but users can't /login or /register which means they can't even move. Removing this plugin solves the problem. :(
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    Breaks commands on #734
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    considered inactive

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