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    Update (21.11.11): Sorry for the absence. I've been busy with other things lately and Minecraft has taken a back seat. Now that 1.0 is out and Bukkit soon to follow, I intend to get back to these plugins. For now though, I've removed the downloads but the source is still available at GitHub for the time being for anyone who wants it. I probably won't update this thread any more because of the move to BukkitDev.

    Version: v0.2

    Handles Minecraft chat and adds features such as Permissions prefixes, suffixes, message formats and colours.

    As with most of my plugins, this one requires Permissions v3 or greater to be installed.

    You can use the following variables in the message format:
    • [prefix] : The group prefix.
    • [suffix] : The group suffix.
    • [player] : The player's name.
    • [message] : The message sent.
    • [world] : The world the player is currently in.
    You can also use any of the colours listed at the Minecraft Wiki in '&color_code' format.

    • Add Permissions prefixes and suffixes to chat.
    • Modify the message format for chat.
    • Change the colours used in chat messages.
    • Set the message format ingame using /setmsgformat command.
    • Use /who to list players that are on-line with formatting.
    Source Code (on GitHub)

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    /setmsgformat [msgformat]
    • /setmsgformat - shows the current chat message format.
    • /setmsgformat [prefix] &7[player]: &f[message] - sets the chat message to the default format.
    /who - Shows a list of players that are currently on-line.

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    mantrachat.setmsgformat - Allows usage of the /setmsgformat command.
    mantrachat.playerlist - Allows usage of the /who command.

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    # Message format. You can use Minecraft supported colours and the following tags:
    # [prefix] - Permissions prefix.
    # [suffix] - Permissions suffix.
    # [player] - Player name.
    # [message] - Player message.
    # [world] - World player is in.
    msgformat: '[prefix] &7[player]: &f[message]'

    # Player list format. You can use Minecraft supported colours and the following tags:
    # [prefix] - Permissions prefix.
    # [suffix] - Permissions suffix.
    # [player] - Player name.
    # [world] - World player is in.
    listformat: '[prefix] &7[player]'

    Version 0.2
    • Added support for /who player list.
    • Trim messages of whitespace before and after message.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial public release.
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    Great plugin, any chance of adding chat channels?
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    That is something I would like to do but I need to research it a little more. I want to make it as lightweight as possible.
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    Yeah that is fair enough, it is just I would love a simple, lighter version of HeroChat, plus the fact it is for an older build.
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    I'm migrating my server at the moment and as part of it I am plugin shopping. I switching to this from iChat. Love your work dude. Well done.
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    Thanks! I was using HeroChat before but found both little to heavy weight for what I wanted to do.
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    One of the complaints from our users is that they don't know WHO they can chat to so I added a simple /who command to list all the players currently on-line. It has the same abilities for formatting as the message format does (minus the message of course).
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    If you support Permissions, why not just use its info fields (which include prefix and suffix) to assign prefixes and suffixes?
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    I don't understand. My plugin does use the Permissions info fields for prefixes and suffixes...
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    Good job! Works as expected. I hated using iChat because it only supported Permissions 2.x, and was so heavyweight... But yeah, great plugin! Thanks!
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    I must have misread your OP then. I thought you were using permission nodes instead. It's too bad that /who would conflict with one of my other chat plugins (and that I already installed jChat) or I'd use this plugin for prefixes and suffixes.
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    You can grab v0.1 from my site. That one doesn't have the /who command in it. Click the previous versions link in the OP.

    I use permission nodes to decide who can use the commands provided by the plugin.
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    Hi, Denney, wondering if you are going to add superperms support or are you just going to stay with permissions? I like the simplistic approach you have with this as well as mantraspawn.
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    Thx, for this simple but useful plugin ;)!

    But it don't work i use Yeti permissions 3.* and it just simply doesn't change the chat format. Running on 1000.

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    I'm using Permissions v3.1.6 and it works fine. Do you have any other plugins that might change the chat messages at all?
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    Don't want to advertise too much but, for anyone wanting (simple) chat channels, I suggest looking at this:
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    Hmm.. thanks for that link. Might try it out myself. Lol.

    BTW, this plugin will be completely rewritten for the next version to support inbuilt permissions meaning it will have to have it's own group interface because inbuilt permissions don't support finding out what group a player is in.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    Add support for other group plugins, such as bInfo.
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    Well, I think this is exactly what I need.
    But I can't download it: 404

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    The download link is broken? Is this plugin still active? its the exact thing i need for my server!
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    Not sure why you updated your Mantra plugins and didn't bother to update the titles.
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    Crap, sorry. Didn't even think of that... Having to edit the title separately and all.
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    where to download???
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    Wheres The Download link?
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    where is the link
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    Wheres The Download Link? Euhh ??
    Help plz....
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    Could you supply a download link. I really need this plugin.
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    lol, if the plugin is down so delete it [zombie]
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    I really need this!!! please! wheres the download?

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