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    Version: 0.3

    License: GPLv3

    IMPORTANT: Before update to a new version of LocalChat, be sure you backup and delete your old LocalChat/config.yml file, because when add new feature/fix old feature, config file is edited, and then LocalChat will crash with old config file.

    LocalChat allow players to choose a chat group, each group have it's own radius, only players inside the radius from the chat player can hear him. This is the basic, but lot more features is comming.

    Source Code

    • Choose different chat group with distances
    • Set chat group when player join.
    • Permissions support.
    Install (open)

    1. Copy the LocalChat.jar file into your plugins folder.
    2. Restart/reload server.
    3. If you want edit the config.yml file in plugins/LocalChat folder.

    Commands (open)

    /lc help - Show help.
    /lc status (player) - Show your/others status.
    /lc off - Turn of chat group and set to default chat.
    /lc whisper - Toggle whisper group.
    /lc speak - Toggle speak group.
    /lc shout - Toggle shout group.
    /lc broadcast - Toggle broadcast group.
    /lc set [player] [group] - Set player to chat group.
    /lc spy - Show anything on server.

    Permissions nodes (open)

    LocalChat.* - Give you access to anything.

    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.3
    • Code cleanup.
    • Now "/lc (player)" command show your/others status.
    • Added support to see other peoples status using "/lc status (player)".
    • Added admin command "/lc set [player] [group]".
    • Added admin command "/lc spy".
    Version 0.2
    • Fixed that distance 0 is infinite and -1 is muted.
    • Added "/lc [chatmode] (message)".
    • Added "/lc off".
    • Added option for add player to group when join, this is set in config.yml file.
    • Added Broadcast chat group.
    Version 0.1

    • Initital release.

    Thanks to:
    MisanthropX - For the idea and support.
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    I have one ideia its:
    Do /o [text]
    (Out of Character)
    if the player dont do /o [text]
    do IC( In character )
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    Ah, not really. Plesas explain :)
  4. he's talking about role playing. typically when people are role playing and want to speak out of character, they'll do something like "[Hey, I'm out of character right now]" or "(ooc) I'm out of character too!". I think what he wants is on option "/o" where the text is colored and/or a prefix/sufix/brackets are added.
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    Should we have a command for this then? "/ooc" to enable? Then what prefix etc do you want? How should player set the prefix?
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    On roleplay server's :D
    /o [text]
    Eg: /o Hi all!
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    Don't understand what different from normal chat... Excactly what is it you want me to implement in LocalChat?
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    :S i cant explain im not inglish.. but
    /o [text] is to write to all players
    and normal is the /lc speak but without command
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    Will implement /msg or something for private messages or to entrie server. Is this what you want? You can configure LocalChat (next version) to join a group on player join.
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    back again to suggest things :)

    about bedrock: well, rather have a command to turn off/on chat.spy
    about OOC - out of character:
    when roleplaying on a server (you actually play a role, like a hero, a priest, or something else)
    you often need to say something that doesn't belong to roleplay, e.g. explaining how to use the localchat system :p
    However, this /lc ooc <text> command should mark a text as an "ooc" text.
    this often happens by either enclosing the ooc text with double brackets, or adding ooc:(<text>)

    I also had another Idea for this, even if other plugins serve that, but not in the way localchat should

    this should be custom and not needed.
    What about adding "<currentmodeprefix>" ?
    but again: the text should be custom.
    This could be useful so the players actually know if they are whispering or speaking :)

    for roleplay "speaks, whispers and shouts" is just not enough to be honest.
    people can think, or do other things.

    adding a basic /me command would suit that to override the prefix, in the desired
    local chat mode
    the problem only is that something like
    /lc whisper
    /me shouts: woah we are so quiet!
    will be possible.

    adding such an awesome text prefix would make this plugin a MUST BE for all roleplaying servers :D

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    Yes, will look into it, i am working on a custom group system (That you requested in the begining) so people can add/remove group, will also make this posible ingame. I'm working on a user system too, so LocalChat remember players group when he leave.
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    awesome halvors, looking forward to the release :>
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    Thanks :D
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    Thanks for the cool plugin! It's not overpumped with features and is quite simple to use.
    Anyway, i think i have found a bug, it doesn't save the localchat messages in the server.log?
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    Hmm. Will look into it, next version will get much more functions :)

    BTW: Here is a question about how groups should be handled. Should user be able to join multiplie group or just one at the time?

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    Hmmm, just one. Reason being, rpg servers that have factions, would be nice if you could force factions to only talk to each other. Kind of like a brotherhood thing. Where /o message would broadcast to the whole server, like mentioned above. I think groups is an excellent idea halvors. If it's just one group per player i will add this to my server after 1.5 when i start bringing pvp and guilts into the community. Could you add a perms node like 'hear default' where a trusted member could hear people who talk who just joined the server for the first time. Or even better yet, have it so people not in a group can be heard by all groups? :)

    Thanks Halvors,

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    I do not really get what is the purpose of groups,
    so that only that group can hear me even if another group member is around?
    Out of realism I would put the whole server in the same group,
    It is the players fault if he trusts a distinguished spion :p
    And the player can whisper so no one can hear him except another one.
    @halvors do you have plans on adding a /me function? + adding custom endings for each local mode?
    (Halvors speaks: Halvors shouts: Halvors whispers:)
    would be another enrichment :)
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    Groups are repleacement of chat mode, that give the admin/user access to customize. Each group have a distance. So if i chat "Hello!" everybody inside a distance of 32 blocks wil hear me :)
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    i would realy like to set the DefaultChatGroup for each Permissions Group seperatly, so that the guests are speaking per default, but my members broadcast by default (small server)
    and an allway-on-spy would be good for admins

    for the ooc problem, why dont you use just another color for ooc text? (iChat)
    instead of implementing an /ooc, &6 is also fast to write :)
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    Amazing plugin. I just have one question: When I run this without permissions does it default to ops only have admin commands? If not could you please add this. :)
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    I cant set to any player on login set to join speak channel? How can i set everyone to speak in channel speak?
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    what bugs me is that if I reload with /reload all chatgroups get a reset and everyone can hear everyone :(
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    @halvors is this plugin working for 740?
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    it works, but some features not as intended.. whenever I do /lc spy it automatically disables the group I am talking in.

    I would appreciate it, if you continue this plugin @halvors
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    Will do, have a new revelition system but need some more work.
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    CB 674 - inactive
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    Can you make a command like this one /lc me [text] ?
    Result :
    Nickname [text]
    You just see this message if you are X blocks arround
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    Please please please, update this plugin ! I very need it !
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    Sorry. I have no time. You can use this LocalAreaChat.

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