[INACTIVE][CHAT] GlobalChat BETA 1.2 - Global chat across multiple servers [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by DrAgonmoray, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Come on, only 1 download. I need at least a few of you to use this, so that we can have some actual chat in there. :p

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    Yes, but it hasn't been updated recently, and there would need to be communication with the dev as well as an update to it to have integration.
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    Can you allow people do download a copy of the PHP script then host it themselves? I don't know about other people, but I sure want to have a chat system that is just for my servers.
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    Uh, no?
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    Well that kinda removes a lot of potential for the plugin. Plus, I want closed chat, not open chat.
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    Great thing. /tell didnt work in my server. THanks alot :)
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    Ya /tell didnt work. This helps alot though :) In my server we have vampires and i need to pm them cuz the humans must not know.
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    /tell isn't a command in GlobalChat :confused:
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    Now there is /globalpm :)
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    THE PLUGIN IS JUST AWESOME ! Please add : I want that only my 2 Servers can chat together. Not everybody . PLEASE!
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    You mean http://livecraft.net/javatest.php?
    You know everyone can just get the URL and fake any message right?
    Including reading all private messages being sent...
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    You go have fun with that :)
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    I won't, but someone else might.
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    (Just kidding.)​
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    I downloaded this but no one else seemed to be on it ?
    Maybe a feature for seeing what other servers are on would be a good idea ?
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    Hey who stole your code?

    I meant like showing the player's prefix and suffix in chat, sry bout the code stealer

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    Who stole your code ?
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    i would love to have this on my server to bad someone stole your code
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    I'm looking for a download, and I'm not finding it. I chose your plugin over the other one because ALL I NEED is server to server chat. and nothing more.
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    how do i get global chat plugin?
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    can a mod remove this plugin from the list its pointless
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    WHY NO Work? wheres download?
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    the author was pissy because someone stole his code and released the same plugin on here and the mods would not do anything. Well that's open source for you.
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    Is there any chance to get this plugin anyway? I really could not find anything like this in here, and I would really like to have multiserver chat without having to login into some chat rooms or so.
  27. I wanna download. But there is no download link. That wold be very usefull for me i got 5 servers.
  28. I really need this plugin for my servers! Can you please send me the plugin by email? (ill PM u the email)
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