[INACTIVE][CHAT] FakeMessage 0.5.2 - Notch has joined the game! [1000]

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    FakeMessage - Faking messages in the chat
    Version: v0.5.2
    Tested on Craftbukkit 1000
    This plugin can fake chat messages. For example:
    Notch has joined the game.
    <Notch> Hello!
    Notch has left the game.

    • Supports different message formats.
    • Has join and leave messages.
    • Private messaging
    • Supports Permissions.
    • Console & players can use the commands
    • Supports prefixes, suffixes, group names, and worlds!
    UPGRADE NOTICE 0.3 and lower to 0.4+
    The config file is now in plugins/FakeMessage/config.yml and has been changed. FakeMessage 0.4+ will automatically generate it for you.


    The commands are:
    /fsay name message
    /fj or /fjoin name
    /fl or /fleave name
    /fmsg toplayer name message
    /fswitch name

    /fsay - fakemessage.say
    /fjoin or /fj - fakemessage.join
    /fleave or /fl - fakemessage.leave
    /fmsg - fakemessage.message
    If you would like to give these all to a group, use fakemessage.*

    Custom messages:
    If you run the plugin without creating a configuration file, the message format will be the following:
    <namehere> messagehere

    The join format will be:
    name has joined the game.

    The leave format will be:
    name has left the game.

    If you would like to change this, modify the plugins/FakeMessage/config.yml file.
        messageformat: '[Default] +name: +message'
        privatemessageformat: '(MSG) <+name> +message'
        joingame: '&e+name has logged on.'
        leavegame: '&e+name has logged out.'
    +prefix - The player's group prefix
    +suffix - The player's group suffix
    +group - The players group
    +name - The players display name
    +world - The world the player is in
    +message - The message the player sent

    If you would like to add colors, add & and then the color you want. For example:
        messageformat: '[&6+group&f] +name: +message'
    This will make the group name a gold color. If your prefix is &6, FakeMessage will color wherever the prefix is in your message format. For a list of colors, go to:

    Remember to replace the ยง character with &.

    Download FakeMessage


    • New line character for join/leave messages
    • nChat and iChat support (Should be pretty easy)
    Version 0.5.2
    • Fix for 1.6
    • Using /fj and /fl without any arguments will fake you as joining/leaving.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fix for 1.5
    Version 0.5
    • /fswitch
    • Prefix, suffixes, worlds, and group support.
    Version 0.4
    • Uses onCommand, no more OP unknown command messages
    • Cleaned up code
    • Fixed Permissions bug
    • Messaging support
    • Use commands from console
    Version 0.3
    • Updated to newer CB builds
    • New commands (Look above)
    • If permissions is not found, plugin will default to OP.
    • If a user doesn't enter all the arguments, FakeMessage will send how to use the command back.
    Version 0.21

    • Changed namespace from com.bukkit.niccholaspage.FakeMessage to com.niccholaspage.FakeMessage.
    Version 0.2

    • Color support is added.
    • Custom join and leave messages added.
    Version 0.1

    • First Release
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    Nice, Can you make it so its the same with iChat?
    EG. message-format: '+prefix+name: +suffix+message'
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    I'm currently adding groups in. I'll look into that when I finish :D
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    Could you make it so the login/logout text is yellow? (Like the default login and logout.)
    Though, if there is a way to do that already, could you tell me? :)
    Great plugin by the way, use it all the time... ;)
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 10:03 PM ---
    Also, it would be nice if for a fake message, the command could also be /fm.
    And for login and logout, /flogin and /flogout would be handy. Just a suggestion! :D
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    Sorry for not adding it in the default configuration file. But anyways, to add colors in config, you would do &colorvalue. So if you would like a yellow color on join and leave, this would be your join and leave values:
        joingame: '&ename has joined the game.'
        leavegame: '&ename has left the game.'
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    Great plugin, any way to maybe add a like break because when someone joins my server, it gives an IP location. I want to add another line below the login that says a fake location. Is that possible?
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    I will add that in the new update thats in the works! :D
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    /j = /jumpto in Essentials (or WorldEdit/Guard)
    I have conflict.
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    Just use /join instead. I'm changing up commands next release so there wont be any conflicts :D
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    Currently not working for the new updates.
    Using Bukkit dev. 440
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    Sorry, I've been working on my other plugins and haven't gotten a chance to update this, but I WILL look into releasing a fixed version (with some more features) today.
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    Okay, thanks. [​IMG]
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    So, is this not going to be updated then? :(
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    I'm updating it, Updated version will be out tommorow.
    --- merged: Mar 5, 2011 5:04 PM ---
    Updated to 0.3!
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    Thankyou sir!
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    You're welcome :)
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    Cannot use them in console.
    Would be my main use case. A real pity.
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    Will do in next version :)
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    Thanks a lot! :)
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    this plugin on bukkit build 554 (not recommended which is as of right not is 531) double spams

    Unknown console command. Tye "help" for help.
    Unknown console command. Tye "help" for help.

    In startup,

    Does not suppor the OnLoad Method. Just figuring thats some new stuff with bukkit since #531 - I decided to play around with it a bit... just giving you a heads up.

    *oh ya, but the plugin itself works perfectly fine.
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    I'm not sure if it's been mentioned, but is there anyway to use colors in fake messages? Such as:
    /fsay &Notch Hello my minions.
    <Notch> Hello my minions.
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    Haha, just like the hMod one. I'm going to enjoy messing with my users.[​IMG]
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    possible to create a permanent download link? (With no version info...)
    Maybe only fakemessage.jar?

    Because then it would be possible to add this plugin to




    Maybe support for iChat?
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    were you able to make your plugin allow multi lines for us with GEOIP?
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    Can we get it updated so that
    /fj & /fl without a name provided assumes the current player,

    eg, I am dslip
    I issue
    >> dslip left the game

    So that I do not have to enter my own name to use.
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    Will come in 0.5.

    FakeMessage has been updated to 0.4! Check OP for more info :)
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    What's about iChat +healtbar?
    If you could add this, it looks exactly that Notch has joined the game :D
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    No rush, but could this be updated to CB 602? Thanks!
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    Tested & it should work on 602 :)

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