[INACTIVE][CHAT] Fabulous v1.2 - colorful chat (with Permissions) [670]

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    Version: v1.2
    Changes the message so that every letter gets a different color.
    Somebody requested a plugin like this because there was something similar for hmod.
    The normal version (1c) can be used by every player. Version 1.1 has Permissions support and uses the nodes 'fabulouse.fab' and 'fabulous.faba'. If the nodes are not set only ops can use the commands.


    /fab <your message in light colors>
    /faba <your message in all colors>

    Download (Dropbox)
    Source Code

    Version 1.2
    - updated for the new Craftbukkit version

    Version 1.1
    - added permission nodes: 'fabulouse.fab' and 'fabulous.fab'

    Version 1b and 1c
    - added a command to use light colors only
    - changed the way the message is sent (from broadcast to a player chat event)

    Version 1
    - first release. only one command which used all chatcolors that are available.

    Known issues:
    - Using this command will probably ignore other plugins like ChatStamp or plugins which limit the chat to a region/channel. (this should be fixed, feedback would be nice)
    - If the message is too long it could crash the client (should also be fixed, i experienced no crashes)
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