[INACTIVE][CHAT] dotFilter v1.01 - Stop those .typos

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    dotFilter - Stop those .typos:
    Version: v1.01

    Update: RegexFilter has replaced dotFilter

    This tiny plugin stops you from accidently sending those embarrasing .commands to chat. Instead of announcing to the public that you tried to .give yourself a diamond pickaxe, dotFilter blocks the message and notifies you.

    This is a common problem for admins with US keyboard layout, because the "." character is right next to "/". (Scandinavian admins: Look for 7filter)

    • Commands beginning with . are filtered (stopped)
    • No configuration
    • No permissions
    • No commands
    • No cake
    Download http://minecraft.atc.no/plugins/DotFilter.jar
    Source code is included

    Version 1.00
    • Original release
    Version 1.01
    • Changed namespace
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    It would be nice if i could use the . instead of / is this possible? Its much "nearer" on my switzerland keyboard...
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    lmao, how many skandanavian admins are there? that cant be a very big market
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    He obviously made it for himself and was nice enough to publish it for anyone else that needed it.
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    Bukkit (or perhaps even minecraft_server for all I know) makes the distinction between commands and chat messages, I don't think it's possible for a plugin to change this. Even if I managed to somehow generate a command from an intercepted chat message, it would probably introduce a lot of weird bugs so I'll leave this to someone more experienced with Java. Sorry.
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    Could you please add - to the filter? Because on my compuer I have to use ctrl+shift once before using comments. Otherwise my computer changes all my /'s to -'s.

    (sorry if my English is really bad)
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    LOL it seems this is a much bigger problem than I had anticipated; I never intended for this to be a configurable plugin (less code, less bugs) but I don't want to end up with a whole family of filter plugins either... Can we get an exhaustive list of characters that people in different corners of the world keep hitting instead of that cumbersome "/"? Are we limited to ordinary ASCII here or would I have to support weird unicode sequences in the config?
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    The link is to SevenFilter.jar
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    Oops! Fixed.
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    Thanks for your Answer, i thought something like this :/
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    The file wasn't found on the server.
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    *facepalm* try it again now... :-P
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    Looks awesome! But where's the cake? :p
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    Awesome, but.... damn, i couldve used some cake..
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    It annoys me when im just trying to "..." , that it blocks it. I think what i mess up most on is forgetting the "/" .
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    Tiny but critical update posted: v1.01
    The only thing changed is the namespace, this is an update required for newer versions of Craftbukkit. Sorry.
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 8:52 PM ---
    This plugin will not be maintained further, consider switching to RegexFilter instead :)

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