[INACTIVE] [CHAT/ADMN] iOP - v0.7 Easy Chat Formatting [928] Now with per player Colors!

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    Custom Chat Colors for OPs​
    The best chat plugin there ever was!!

    Development for this plugin has been continued here , thanks to @Mrchasez

    Old Download and Source
    Version: 0.7 - Download
    Source: Github

    Old Post (open)
    Don't like permissions? But want to stand out from the normal users on your server? iOP is what you need! This plugin allows total customization over your chat format. You can add Prefixes and Suffixes as well as change name colors and message colors for Ops, Normal Player. There is even Per Player Config options for even more customization!

    If you like this plugin then please support me and give a donation - I have worked quite a bit on this and donations would be appreciated :D

    • Customizable Name Color for Ops and Players
    • Customizable Message Color for Ops and Players
    • Customizable Prefixes and Suffixes With Colors! for Ops and Players
    • Customizable Options Per Player!
    • No need to restart to change name colors, just type /iop
    • A online list with colors.
    How to use the config

    Open up config.yml (In plugins/iOP) in NotePad++ or another text editor (Not NotePad)
    Config (open)

    OP-NameColor: '&3'
    OP-MsgColor: '&e'
    OP-Prefix: '&2[&3Admin]'
    OP-Suffix: ''
    Player-NameColor: '&4'
    Player-MsgColor: '&4'
    Player-Prefix: ''
    Player-Suffix: ' &7(Guest)'
    Normal Chat: false
    Colored Online List: true
        prefix: '&1[iOP Dev] '
        name: '&6'
        suffix: '&2 The Amazing!!'
        msg: '&2'
        prefix: 'Builder '
        suffix: 'the Builder'
    The Numbers stand for color codes:
    Color Codes (open)


    So all you have to do is put the code of the color you want in the config and Hey Presto!
    You can choose if you want chat to show like this <player> or like this Player:
    Set Normal Chat to true if you want the default <player>

    Prefixes and Suffixes
    If you want to have a prefix or suffix in front of an ops name just put it in the OPs-Prefix or Player-Prefix field.
    If you want it to be colored put a color code wherever you want that color.
    For example:
    Would look like this in chat:

    For Player names and prefixes just do what you did with the ops but in the player fields.

    Per Player Colors
    Note: This feature is optional if you don't want to use it just remove everything under the colored online list option.
    This feature allows you to have different name colors per player. Bob can be blue and John could be Red and all other Ops can be purple.
    To do this in the config file add this underneath the other options

        prefix: '&4[Admin] '
        name: '&6'
        msg: '&e'
    Change playername to the players name you want to change. You can add any of the other options and if you leave one out it will just default to the Op or Players default option

    Note: YML is a very fussy language - if you are having problems paste you config here and it will tell you what is wrong with it. Also if you are using notepad to edit the config... Don't use it, use NotePad++
    If you are still having trouble post your config and I will fix it up for you.

    • /iop - Reloads the config (Ops only)
    • /online (Also /list and /playerlist) - displays an online list with iOPs colors

    Version 0.7
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.6
    • Updated for recommend build 818
    • Changed the way the online list looks - It looks much better!
    • Added the ability to have a suffix in your name
    • Should now work with display name changing plugins ( You still need to use their real name in the config file)
    Version 0.6_02

    • Fixed a bug where null would show up instead of the color in the online list
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.6_01
    • Removed some debug code
    Version 0.6

    • Added per player settings.
    Version 0.5

    • Added a Colored online list! - Able to be turned off.
    • Updated to RB 766
    Version 0.4

    • Fixed a few formating errors
    • Added the ability to change between <player> and Player:
    Version 0.3

    • Normal players can now have colors and prefixes
    Version 0.2

    • Changed Color Code Format
    • Colors Can Now Be Used In Prefixes
    Version 0.1

    • First Release

    Permissions Support - Optional
    Create Conifig Automagicaly :D
    If you have any ideas feel free to tell me and I will try and include them

    Completed Ideas (open)
    • Add Colors and Prefixes for Normal Users Done 0.3
    • Online List With Colors.Done 05
    • Add Prefix Colors Done 0.2
    • Per Player Colors and Prefixes Done 0.6

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    Hunger Johnson

    Hi, i want to be able to be op, and have a colored name, i followed the format, and it seems to default to the op colors.
    Also, i want my ops to have the op color, is this possable?
    Got it, somehow a "null" was added after my name ;0
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    @Hunger Johnson
    Is it all working now?
    Can I see your config file if there is still a problem?
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    Emiya Shirou

    Running the newest bukkit 818.
    It appears there is a problem with this plugin I've just switched from version 0.4 which works perfectly fine and when I write something, the server crashes and reboots...

    What's up?
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    Wait so I can't use it until it's updated?

    :D I saw the new post

    It worked! Thank you so much for helping! :)

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    @Emiya Shirou
    Im not sure what the problem is...
    Is there anything in the server log?
    How many people were on the server at the time?
    Can you post your iOP config file?
    I might know if you give me some more info though :D
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    Hunger Johnson

    Yeah its all working now.
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    Emiya Shirou

    I was alone,
    I will reconfigure the config again that I used back at the time (deleted it after it wasn't working and gone back to the old version 0.4)

    OP-NameColor: '&3'
    OP-MsgColor: '&e'
    OP-Prefix: '&2[&3Admin]'
    OP-Suffix: ''
    Player-NameColor: '&f'
    Player-MsgColor: '&f'
    Player-Prefix: ''
    Player-Suffix: ''
    Normal Chat: false
    Colored Online List: true
        prefix: '&1[iOP Dev] '
        name: '&6'
        suffix: '&2 The Amazing!!'
        msg: '&2'
        prefix: 'Builder '
        suffix: 'the Builder'
    Ah and there wasn't anything in log (I mean there wasn't any error massages just

    04.06 00:59:12 [Multicraft] Minecraft stopped
    04.06 00:59:11 [Multicraft] Minecraft shut down
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO Stopping server
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO Saving chunks
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO Saving chunks
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO Stackable: Version 0.5.1 disable.
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO PlgSetspawn version 4.1 stopping...
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO [Gastronomic] version [1.3.4] (Filling) disabled
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO [AuthMe] The plugin was unloaded!
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO Runecraft plugin disabled.
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO LWC    Freeing SQLite
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO [iOP] v0.6 Stopping
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO Goodbye world!
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO Stopping server
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO Stopping the server..
    04.06 00:59:11 [Server] INFO Save complete.
    04.06 00:59:10 [Server] INFO Forcing save..
    04.06 00:59:10 [Multicraft] Stopping Minecraft!
    04.06 00:59:10 [Multicraft] Received stop command
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] Startup Done (0.212s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO Stackable: Version 0.5.1 enable.
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO Stackable: Configuration file loaded.
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO LoginMessage 0.6_5 enabled
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO PlgSetspawn version 4.1 is enabled!
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [Gastronomic] version [1.3.4] (Filling) loaded
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] SEVERE [Gastronomic]: Nijikokuns' Permissions plugin isn't loaded, only ops can use commands.
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [AuthMe] Version 0.72 was successfully loaded!
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [AuthMe] 11 registered players loaded in 0.0060 seconds!
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [AuthMe] Cache for registrations is enabled!
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [AuthMe] Using flatfile as datasource!
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [Lampstone] 2 lampstones loaded.
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO Lampstone version 0.6 is enabled.
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO Runecraft plugin version 0.3 is enabled!
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [Runecraft] Runecraft 2.5.2 initialized.
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [Runecraft] World 'world': id 0.
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [Runecraft] World 'world_nether': id 1.
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [Runecraft]  - 10 block runes
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [Runecraft]  - 1 player data sets
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [Runecraft]  - 0 rune pads
    04.06 00:59:04 [Server] INFO [Runecraft]  - 3 position runes
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO [Runecraft]  - 12 waypoints, 15 teleporters
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO [Runecraft] Loaded:
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO [Runecraft] Rune blacklist with 0 runes loaded.
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO LWC    At version: v2.31
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO SQLite    Using: Native
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO LWC    Loading SQLite
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO LWC    Loaded 116 locale strings (0 overrides)
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO VoxelAir version 2.008 is enabled!
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO [iOP] v0.6 Enabled
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO SimpleHome version 1.5 is enabled!
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO done.
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO SimpleHome: Loading homelist...
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO LWC    Native library: plugins/LWC/lib/native/Linux/amd64/libsqlitejdbc.so
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO LWC    Loading shared objects
    04.06 00:59:03 [Server] INFO Preparing spawn area: 61%
    04.06 00:59:02 [Server] INFO Preparing start region for level 1
    04.06 00:59:02 [Server] INFO Preparing start region for level 0
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] INFO Preparing level "world"
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] INFO This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-766-g3fc0460-b818jnks (MC: 1.6.6)
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] WARNING To change this, set "online-mode" to "true" in the server.settings file.
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] WARNING While this makes the game possible to play without internet access, it also opens up the ability for hackers to connect with any username they choose.
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] WARNING The server will make no attempt to authenticate usernames. Beware.
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] INFO Starting Minecraft server on
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] INFO Loading properties
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] WARNING To start the server with more ram, launch it as "java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar"
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] WARNING **** NOT ENOUGH RAM!
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] INFO Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.6.6
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] INFO 16 achievements
    04.06 00:59:01 [Server] INFO 148 recipes
    04.06 00:59:01 [Multicraft] Loaded config for "Mod: Craftbukkit 1.6"
    04.06 00:59:01 [Multicraft] Starting Minecraft!
    04.06 00:59:01 [Multicraft] Loading Minecraft instance properties
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    Emiya Shirou

    Because It's the only plugin I've changed to newer version (was suppose to do update and started with iOP), I've changed it on FTP, then logged in to check if working, wrote something on chat and server crashed... I've reloged wrote something again... server crash... done the same thing 3rd time with the same result, then I've gone back older version of iOP and everything is working fine till now D:

    Basically server crashed 1~2 seconds after i wrote something on chat D:
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    @Emiya Shirou
    I see... I will try and recreate it. Then fix it...
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    Hey, i just installed the new version and in my server it says "[iOP] v0.6 Enabled". Is that just a visual bug or did i somehow get an older version of the plugin? I used the download button next to "version: 0.7"
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    Hi, I've got some problem, player's names colors don't change!! :(
    I've tried a lot of possibilities, but...

    Any solution?
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    Hi, I've got some problem, player's names colors don't change!! :(
    I've tried a lot of possibilities, but...

    Any solution?

    Same here :mad: , i wish i didn't update it .
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    The Zephyr Kid

    OP-NameColor: ''
    OP-MsgColor: ''
    OP-Prefix: ''
    OP-Suffix: ''
    Player-NameColor: ''
    Player-MsgColor: ''
    Player-Prefix: '&5 [Guest]'
    Player-Suffix: ''
    Normal Chat: false
    Colored Online List: true
    prefix: '&6[Owner]'
    name: '&6'
    msg: '&2'

    Thats my config. yet I don't have any of the specified things for hecticxintensity... any suggestions?
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    Thanks, very good plugin. no bugs at all :D
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    Suggesting that you make in-game commands for adding prefixes to players.
    Would help me out a lot atleast.

    -S :D
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    Something weird is going on... I haven't got any alerts for this thread so I am sorry if these replies are a little late
    That is probably just a visual bug. My Mistake
    I am working on updating the plugin to 928 at the moment.
    @The Zephyr Kid
    lol what!
    Sure i'll have a go at doing that.
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    The code that i put in my Config.yml file, If i want my name to be red for example should i change "player" to my name? :)
    If i want Builders 2 be Green what should i do then? :)
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    Post you config file with the code tags.
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    Just wanted to notice you about that there's a bug that comes up at some point when you
    add new people to the iOP config.

    Instead of any titles it just shows 1's, for example:
    The title I wanted: &3[GAY] SneakyToe
    I get: [1GAY]1Sneakytoe1

    This happens with what ever reload I use. (/reload or /iop)
    Just wanted to let you know this.

    Best Regards,
    -S :D
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    The Zephyr Kid

    lol sorry i got it working :p i was being dumb :(
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    I fixed a few bugs in the code and sent you a github pull request. Let me know if you have any questions about each fix.
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    Thanks for the fixes, I am uploading the new jar in a minute.
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    how can i change my name to =ABW4= in green
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    Work in 953 ?
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    Can you update to 1.7?
  29. This worked for me on 958, but sadly now it does not, strange, if i type/online it shows the tags, but in chat it does not
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    this is the best plugin for setting prefix's ..etc

    i have permissions and still prefer this over iChat
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    Plugin works not any more. It doesn't start. Can you fix it please?

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