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    Custom Chat Colors for OPs​
    The best chat plugin there ever was!!

    Development for this plugin has been continued here , thanks to @Mrchasez

    Old Download and Source
    Version: 0.7 - Download
    Source: Github

    Old Post (open)
    Don't like permissions? But want to stand out from the normal users on your server? iOP is what you need! This plugin allows total customization over your chat format. You can add Prefixes and Suffixes as well as change name colors and message colors for Ops, Normal Player. There is even Per Player Config options for even more customization!

    If you like this plugin then please support me and give a donation - I have worked quite a bit on this and donations would be appreciated :D

    • Customizable Name Color for Ops and Players
    • Customizable Message Color for Ops and Players
    • Customizable Prefixes and Suffixes With Colors! for Ops and Players
    • Customizable Options Per Player!
    • No need to restart to change name colors, just type /iop
    • A online list with colors.
    How to use the config

    Open up config.yml (In plugins/iOP) in NotePad++ or another text editor (Not NotePad)
    Config (open)

    OP-NameColor: '&3'
    OP-MsgColor: '&e'
    OP-Prefix: '&2[&3Admin]'
    OP-Suffix: ''
    Player-NameColor: '&4'
    Player-MsgColor: '&4'
    Player-Prefix: ''
    Player-Suffix: ' &7(Guest)'
    Normal Chat: false
    Colored Online List: true
        prefix: '&1[iOP Dev] '
        name: '&6'
        suffix: '&2 The Amazing!!'
        msg: '&2'
        prefix: 'Builder '
        suffix: 'the Builder'
    The Numbers stand for color codes:
    Color Codes (open)


    So all you have to do is put the code of the color you want in the config and Hey Presto!
    You can choose if you want chat to show like this <player> or like this Player:
    Set Normal Chat to true if you want the default <player>

    Prefixes and Suffixes
    If you want to have a prefix or suffix in front of an ops name just put it in the OPs-Prefix or Player-Prefix field.
    If you want it to be colored put a color code wherever you want that color.
    For example:
    Would look like this in chat:

    For Player names and prefixes just do what you did with the ops but in the player fields.

    Per Player Colors
    Note: This feature is optional if you don't want to use it just remove everything under the colored online list option.
    This feature allows you to have different name colors per player. Bob can be blue and John could be Red and all other Ops can be purple.
    To do this in the config file add this underneath the other options

        prefix: '&4[Admin] '
        name: '&6'
        msg: '&e'
    Change playername to the players name you want to change. You can add any of the other options and if you leave one out it will just default to the Op or Players default option

    Note: YML is a very fussy language - if you are having problems paste you config here and it will tell you what is wrong with it. Also if you are using notepad to edit the config... Don't use it, use NotePad++
    If you are still having trouble post your config and I will fix it up for you.

    • /iop - Reloads the config (Ops only)
    • /online (Also /list and /playerlist) - displays an online list with iOPs colors

    Version 0.7
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.6
    • Updated for recommend build 818
    • Changed the way the online list looks - It looks much better!
    • Added the ability to have a suffix in your name
    • Should now work with display name changing plugins ( You still need to use their real name in the config file)
    Version 0.6_02

    • Fixed a bug where null would show up instead of the color in the online list
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.6_01
    • Removed some debug code
    Version 0.6

    • Added per player settings.
    Version 0.5

    • Added a Colored online list! - Able to be turned off.
    • Updated to RB 766
    Version 0.4

    • Fixed a few formating errors
    • Added the ability to change between <player> and Player:
    Version 0.3

    • Normal players can now have colors and prefixes
    Version 0.2

    • Changed Color Code Format
    • Colors Can Now Be Used In Prefixes
    Version 0.1

    • First Release

    Permissions Support - Optional
    Create Conifig Automagicaly :D
    If you have any ideas feel free to tell me and I will try and include them

    Completed Ideas (open)
    • Add Colors and Prefixes for Normal Users Done 0.3
    • Online List With Colors.Done 05
    • Add Prefix Colors Done 0.2
    • Per Player Colors and Prefixes Done 0.6

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    Can you post it?
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    OP-NameColor: '&b'
    OP-MsgColor: '&e'
    OP-Prefix: '&2'
    Player-NameColor: '&4'
    Player-MsgColor: '&4'
    Player-Prefix: ''
    Normal Chat: false
    Colored Online List: true
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    hmm... I tried your config and it seems to work.
    What version of craftbukkit are you running?
    What version of iOP are you running?
    and Are there any errors in your server.log?
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    Latest Craftbukkit, latest iOP, no errors :eek:
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    So , what exactly doesn't work ? Your Configuration file works when I try it. What other plugins are you running?
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    Hi there!
    Love the plugin. I know its not made to go with permissions, but I was just wondering if you might be able to add groups support so that I can name groups rather then players =).
    If this is not possible or not wanted, thats fine =) Just thought I'd check.
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    could you add commands for ops to change them in game? and could you add suffixes
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    Ok, I might make a plugin identical to this one but with permissions support. and call it SimpleChat or something similar
    Sure, I should be able to do both of those. Give me a day or two as I can't do any coding tomorrow.
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    You are legendary! =D
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    Hey, brilliant plugin :)

    Just one small thing tho .. the 'Player-MsgColor:' seems to override the whole line's color to whatever that is set to, and changing 'Player-NameColor:' and 'Player-Prefix:' doesn't make any difference to the color of the chat line. :/

    Cheers :)

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    So if you use player message color to change the color to red it comes out like this?
    shadrxninga: hi
    But if you use Player-NameColor or prefix it doesn't make any difference.
    I will take a look at that tonight.

    I have a lot of work to do this week. So I won't be updating this plugin untill that is finished. But when I have finished it... I will add suffixes as well as some in-game commands so you can change peoples name colors on the fly :D
    I am also developing a Version of this that has permissions support.

    If you have any suggestions just reply to this topic and I should be able to add them next week sometime :D

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    Eh... I'm having some problems. This is what I get:


    And if for some reason the pic doesnt show this is what it really says (The text doesnt have color which is the problem.):

    Admin<1Vzxc119> 1Hello

    What it should say:
    [Server Owner] <Vzxc119> Hello

    Here is my config.yml

    OP-NameColor: '&6'
    OP-MsgColor: ''
    Player-NameColor: ''
    Player-MsgColor: ''
    Player-Prefix: ''
    Normal Chat: true
    Colored Online List: true
    prefix: '&b[&0Server Owner&0] '
    name: '&6'
    msg: '&f0
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    I'll have to take a close look at it sometime tonight. Try removing all the &o from your config as &o is not a color code for anything. That might fix it. If not - i've done something wrong, and I will see if I have time to fix it tonight.
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    Ok thanks :D

    It didnt work. But i'm pretty sure it will work when you fix it if it can be fixed :) . If you fix and it doesnt work then its me. Sorry if it is!

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    Just a quick question, what build of craftbukkit are you using?
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    Is it for 1.5?

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    Yes it is at the moment. A recommended build has come out today, So I am updating it now.
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    Would it be possible for you to add an alias system (nicknames) as other alias systems don't work if this plugin is installed.
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    With the nether turned on I am getting two lines when I type /online.
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    This is because multiworld has been changed in he latest release of bukkit.
    I can get this plugin to work with Display Name Changing plugins.
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    I try to change the color in the name, chat, even make the <> i can not
    is not giving any error in the console

    I'm using version 1.6, is this the reason?
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    Yep - I am updating it right now. Shouldn't take that long. Just be patient :)
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    Oh okay, sorry. Just wanted to be sure, good luck \ o /
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    No worries :D
    This plugin should now work with all displayname changing plugins. Let me know if it doesn't as I haven't tested it yet.
    I have added suffixes and I am working on the commands at the moment.

    Version 0.7
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.6
    • Updated for recommend build 818
    • Changed the way the online list looks - It looks much better!
    • Added the ability to have a suffix in your name
    • Should now work with display name changing plugins ( You still need to use their real name in the config file)
    If you find any bugs please tell me and I will fix them as soon as possible.
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    That's fine, can you fix it though?

    Ninja'd! Thank you for completing it so fast.
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    I've already done that - check the 0.7 change log. I have fixed most of the bugs that were in previous versions. If you do find a bug in the latest version of iOP then please tell me :D
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    Sorry, my bad. I will continue to test and report.
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    hey i really like this plugin it works like a charm and is not hard to configure BUT i have a problem i use essentials
    and mij name is always red because im admin how do i change this ?
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    There's a line in essentials config called ops-name-color: 'c' should be the first changeable option, change the c to none.
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    TY TY TY :)[diamond]

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