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    <font color="#ff0000">Dead! Don't expect updates, remake is a dud.</font>

    The premise of this plugin is for players to be provided with information by the server in a a simple, elegant, extensible manner. It will allow players to teach the InfoBot certain keywords with associated text for later recall. The inspiration comes from similar creations in IRC channels.

    This plugin will have some application overlap with MCDocs, the primary difference being simplicity at the expense of structure. I imagine some servers will prefer one over the other, and some may use both.

    Version: v0.4
    Download InfoBot.jar | <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    These are the old version links I could find. No guarantees, but since it was requested, here they are:
    Older version: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Even older version: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Second oldest version: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Oldest version: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * Full Permissions support, without dependency. If you don't have the Permissions plugin enabled, all features will be fully available to all players.

    - * See Commands below for permission nodes.
    - Persistent data. All data can be saved using the save command, and all data is also is also saved on server stop.
    - Support for chat message parsing and automatic response. This is currently implemented, but untested.

    * /infobot|info|ib teach <keyword> <text> :: Puts the information for later getting. Permission node: infobot.learn
    * /infobot|info|ib list :: Lists all the keywords that have associated text. Permission node: infobot.list
    * /infobot|info|ib regexp <keyword> <regular expression> :: The InfoBot will respond with the text associated with the keyword (taught to it using the learn command) when any chat message matching the regular expression is seen. Permission node: infobot.regexp
    * /infobot|info|ib save :: Saves the basket full of information nuggets to the disk. Permission node: infobot.save
    * /infobot|info|ib <keyword> :: Gets the information after earlier putting. Permission node: infobot.info
    * !<keyword> :: Same as /info <keyword>, but the information is broadcast to all players.

    v0.4 January 30, 2011
    - Removed commands: /i, /infobot learn, /infobot l, /infobot t, /infobot s
    - Added new permission setting for regexps: infobot.regexp
    - Added list command.
    - Regular expression parsing of chat messages implemented but <font color="#ff0000">untested</font>. This is
    how it is intended to work:
    /infobot learn <token> <response> :: associates response with token
    /infobot regexp <token> <regular expression> :: associates regexp with token
    <Player> [chat message matching regular expression]
    <InfoBot> [response]

    v0.3 January 28, 2011
    - Now using an InfoDistributor to pass around Nuggets and such, it does all the
    actual messaging.
    - InfoBot now listens to regular chat events in addition to commands. If a
    player sends a message prefaced with "!" the word immediately following will be
    used to look up a nugget which will be broadcast to all players by InfoBot
    imitating a player with a black name (<InfoBot> Whoopti!).
    - Nuggets messaged to single players are now yellow.
    - Successful commands are responded to with green messages.
    - Unsuccessful commands are responded to with red messages.
    - Cleaner and more helpful logging, without a logger now because I couldn't
    stand its output. I'll sort through it later, it doesn't feel important.
    - InfoBasket more reliably saved. If you are running Vista, you may need to
    create the plugins/InfoBot folder.
    - Cleaner command handling.
    - Nuggets are now unlearned by /infobot learn <keyword> <NOTHING>

    v0.2 January 27, 2011
    - Now using a Map of String to Nugget (a Java Bean representing a "nugget" of information) instead of String to String.
    - Nugget key Strings are now case sensitive. Lookup keys are not.
    - Added support for the Permissions plugin, but it does /not/ require it.
    - Added persistency mechanism.
    - Added reporting to the player on successful and unsuccessful commands.
    - Removed the "keyword: " before the info when it is displayed.
    - Added logging.
    - Added more proper command aliasing.
    - No longer getting plugin name and version from plugin.yml, will fix soon.
    - Some colors added. Red error messages, light green learnt messages, dark green info messages.

    v0.1 January 26, 2011
    - Release
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    It sounds like its basically an in-game notebook/diary. Pretty cool but doesn't have too much practical use. Anyway, good job.
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    The hardest part is teaching it, like a learning bot (AKA the name of the plugin). Once you spent the time documenting all the things on the server then it will pay off. Like a dictionary that's blank.
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    Version 0.2 released. It just stepped into the light of practical use.

    I have not been able to fully test the save functionality, due to Vista permission issues that prevented me from letting Java save in the CraftBukkit directory tree. It did work in my home directory, and the only difference is the path. It should work on a live server.

    If I was running a server, I think I would feel that it's almost ready to be used for small tasks. Perhaps storing the coordinates of various places of note in a world and other tidbits of information.

    Any and all feedback is more than welcome. The plugin is open-ended; I won't be the one deciding what you use it for, but what I will do is make it easier and more convenient to use it in ways you want to.
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    Howdy, I like the idea of your plugin.

    Is there a way that it can 'scan' the default chat channel (i use hero chat also) and respond automatically to keywords (And possible allowing for regex when specifying keywords/combinations)

    Regex Example:
    keywords = /[admin|mod]/.*/teleport me to/i
    matches (dont quote me, my regex is shoddy on a good day)
    "admin can you Teleport me to my mate XXX"
    my info reply would then be
    "Piss Orf, Admins / Mods are not our TAXI!"
    Thus it could auto reply to any text in the chat channel with the related info. It would also allow for complex / fine grained matching of chat text, to avoid spamming chat for every reference to TP
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    Absolutely. This was was my intention for the to-do entry "Option to monitor chat for keywords, instead of just slash-commands." Wouldn't really be a true InfoBot if it didn't, it would just be a dictionary.

    As soon as I get the current kinks evened out, I'll start working on a simple chat monitoring featureset and then move on to regexps.

    (Anyone who is fluent in regexps is practically a god.)
    --- merged: Jan 28, 2011 3:27 PM ---
    Version 0.2 does in fact save on server shutdown, so that's all working now. I just hadn't updated my CraftBukkit.
    --- merged: Jan 28, 2011 10:13 PM ---
    Version 0.3 is released!

    The first step to dslip's request is in place. I hope to include proper chat message parsing with the next version.
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    i'd love to use this plugin, but i need /i more
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    Are you saying there's a conflict with another plugin?

    I suppose I should figure out the PDF commands system.
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    Yup, /i = /item, used for itemspawning. It conflicts. Everyone should know that before making a plugin.
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    was about to add this when i noticed it replaces /i we use that for items any way you can set it to just /info ?
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    Of course. I'll also start using the commands functionality of plugin.yml. I won't rely on other plugins using it until the specification is properly released and established -- the most information I can find on it is in an bugreport thread -- so I won't include /i.
    --- merged: Jan 30, 2011 10:09 PM ---
    Version 0.4 is released. No more PDF support than before, but /i has been removed.

    I may not be able to work on this for the next couple days, hence the slightly rushed and partially untested update. If the plugin is broken, let me know and I will squeeze in the time for a bugfix.

    Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that regexps will work but I don't expect any of the previous functionality to stop working. The only bug I can almost guarantee if regexps works is that <InfoBot>'s response will appear to happen before the message that it was responding to.
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm the jar from the both links show 0.2 in the console and has problems with permissions as it seems

    [InfoBot v0.2] New information basket created.
    [InfoBot v0.2] Permission system not enabled. Everything is allowed.

    could you perhaps also put up links to older versions after you updated the links?
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    I am working on redesigning the plugin. It was poorly structured to begin with since I wanted to quickly get something working while familiarizing myself with Bukkit's architecture, the new design will be solid.

    I will put up whatever links to the old versions that I can find.
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    Don Redhorse

    cool, thanks a lot, that is mainly for those of use who run older versions of bukkit.. I would like to stick with the bukkit version I have atm because all the stuff looks like it is running.

    so are the links up there for the 0.4 version and it just doesn't show correctly?
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    Yes, the main download link ("Download InfoBot.jar") should be the 0.4 version. As I posted above, though, that version hasn't gotten much testing.

    I will be splitting this plugin up into two separate plugins: one allowing players to store and get information using commands and another that will parse and respond to chat.
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm when I download it it tells me that it is 0.2 in console.

    nice approach about the 2 plugins, may I suggest a change though, at least till a good alias system is implemented in bukkit.

    /i is being used by essential and general I think for giving stuff to yourself
    /info is being used by worldedit.

    could you add an alias /ib so that you don't need to type /infobot all the time?

    I will also start a thread in the suggestions about alias management and help.

    thanks for answering so quickly, i like the idea of your system and look forward to see it advance.
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    This is due to a discrepancy in the way the version number is retrieved. In an attempt to start using the version from the PDF, I lost some consistency. I believe it's just a matter of an un-updated variable

    The latest version should have removed /i as a command. The commands that should be in the latest version are in my original post under "Commands:" /infobot, /info, and /ib.

    From what I understand, the debate has been between a hardcoded PDF command specification and a flexible runtime-handled system. I don't know which direction it's leaning toward now, but chances are I will not be using any PDF fields beyond name/version/main until a proper decision can be made and the specification released and documented (my attempt at figuring it out failed, apparently it expects a YAML !!map but reads it as a String and casts to a Map without further ado, or something like that).

    Any command alias system in my plugins will be configurable in a Properties or YAML file to most easily avoid inescapable conflicts and pander to server admin preference.
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    Don Redhorse

    I would like that.. some others also I think... I have no idea though what the bukkit team will do.
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 10:12 PM ---
    hmm if I do /infobot learn test hello I get back there is no information on learn
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 10:17 PM ---
    ahh it is /infobot teach <keyword> <stuff you want to display>

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