[INACTIVE][ADMN] SimpleSave v3.25 Simple automatic saving! [000] - Backups!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Agreed, it's just been a while since I've gotten to wade into coding.

    Pretty sure I'm working with the 2.5. Server admin hasn't been around in a while, but he sent me the plugin's files to try and resolve the issue he was having with it. Gonna see if I can't get him to pay attention long enough to try the newer version.

    Your plugin makes trolling the other people on the server so much easier and fun. Simple way to blow everything up, then roll back. <3
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    i get "- Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" message when installing the plugin and i use "blockconsolemesage" but when removing simple save it disapers how come?
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    Concratz, most shitty plugin ever! :D

    Joke, but is does not work for me it just dont saves.
    no errors but if i close my server all progress is gone :S
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    Ok this does not want to work for me. I dragged in the .jar file. Then I restarted my server. Then went into the config, and changed the interval and what it says for the notifications. and then I restarted my server again and when I get into the game i even type in /reload. But still does not want to work at the right intervals at all. And it saves and backs up at the same time randomly when I type in another command that has nothing to do with simple save. What is wrong with it? I know i did everything correct.
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    Same issue here.
    Switch over to autosave it is much better and doesnt spam the cant keep up.
    I was in the exact same situation as you.
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    Today I've got some free time at work, so here's another version.
    NOTE: copy your config file somewhere, it will be deleted and recreated from default
    Some fixes/changes are made on my own judgement, totally subjective. I include sources so you can disable/change anything you dislike.
    Fixes from 3.25 (just for completeness' sake)
    - if plugin.ignore.noplayers=true then plugin will start saving right off the bat, without waiting for players. Basically, should work at all times while the server is running
    - correct plugin.version handling
    - bug: plugin didn't see playercount increase on player joining

    Changes that need testing (I am not sure if they work, couldn't create the exact situation for tests) -
    1. Possibly fix for doubled backups. I couldn't test it at work now (one computer=one player :(), but found something that could be the root of that problem.
    2. Disabled zip compression. Possible fix for "Can't keep up!" messages. Since those messages are printed when bukkit server consumes 100% cpu and compression is cpu-heavy task. Zip files are uncompressed now, should be about two times bigger. Also, quite possible that 'keep up' messages would only pop up on medium to big servers, dunno. I've only received them when I ran 7-zip to archive my photos...

    What I want to add but don't have knowledge or time yet -
    - Instead of deleting old config, try to import it and always leave a backup copy
    - Option for zip compression in config file. Right now it is always disabled for testing purposes.
    - case insensitive checking for true/false in config

    p.s. Something like a disclaimer. I do not really support the plugin, I just compile it for my own server. With some servers there will be bugs/incompatibilities I even wouldn't be able to reproduce.

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    @Andys good job bud

    one strong feature request, which should be easy.. only work on linux i think though
    have it create a symlink to latest world backup for each world

    world-full.zip => world2011-08-16 07-29-99.zip

    Dont know if this is possible, I assume it is with the plugin system, but i could then finally automate my cartography :D
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    i would like to let everyone know that i am talking to desmin88 about continuing work on simple save
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    OK so after i installed the plugin and restarted my server a ran the log file i got this warning 2011-08-16 23:21:41 [INFO: Parts of config file are blank, but not null. Possible errors might happen

    please help
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    its fine i get that too it will still work
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    Looking at your feature wish list, would something like the following take care of the first item? I'm not as familiar with Java as I am with C++, and can't remember if files can be directly assigned.

    public void MakeConfig() throws IOException {
    PluginDescriptionFile pdfFile = getDescription();
    String version = pdfFile.getVersion();
    File Dir = new File("plugins/SimpleSave");
    File configfile = new File("plugins/SimpleSave/config.properties");
    File configbackup = newFile("plugins/SimpleSave/config.propbackup");
    if (Dir.exists() && configfile.exists()) {
    configbackup = configfile;
    } else {
    Properties simplesaveproperties = new Properties();

    And at the end of the MakeConfig() function...

    simplesaveproperties.store(out = new FileOutputStream(
    "SimpleSave Config File ");
    configbackup = configfile;

    Again, not sure what Java will allow, and don't have a GitHub account to fork my idea or anything, but thought I would post it up here and see if it's valid. Eclipse didn't yell at me, so fingers crossed I guess. =)

    Additionally, I suppose this should do task #3. If all the true/false sections are just changed to lowercase when they are read in, then case of the string in the config file shouldn't matter.

    public String[] ReadConfig() throws IOException {
    Properties simplesaveproperties = new Properties();
    FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(
    ConfigArray[0] = simplesaveproperties.getProperty("save.use");
    ConfigArray[1] = simplesaveproperties.getProperty("save.interval");
    ConfigArray[2] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[3] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[4] = simplesaveproperties.getProperty("save.message.send");
    ConfigArray[5] = simplesaveproperties.getProperty("save.message.color");
    ConfigArray[6] = simplesaveproperties.getProperty("backup.use");
    ConfigArray[7] = simplesaveproperties.getProperty("backup.interval");
    ConfigArray[8] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[9] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[10] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[11] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[12] = simplesaveproperties.getProperty("plugin.version");
    ConfigArray[13] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[14] = "*not used*";
    ConfigArray[15] = "*not used*";
    ConfigArray[16] = simplesaveproperties.getProperty("backup.directory");
    ConfigArray[17] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[18] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[19] = simplesaveproperties
    ConfigArray[20] = simplesaveproperties
    return ConfigArray;

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    too tired to look at that lol ill look at it in the morning ive just started to work on a new build of simple save
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    I'm having an odd problem(its similar to a lot i've been having lately) simple save isn't triggering, i wait 10 minuets nothing...doesn't save what so ever right now, no errors in the log either, any idea what i've done wrong?
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    Which version of SimpleSave are you using on your server currently?
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    the latest, but your not the only plug i'm having similar problems with, multiplehomes, was another. in the laters case the command went through but nothing triggered. I'm think something similar is happening here, but i could of just of easily done something wrong on my part. also my server is on ubuntu if that makes any difference.
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    ok it does not seem to be saving for me, it worked up till yesterday at like 4 something. The version that im running is 3.1 and i am not sure what might have happened
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    Well, I am a silly noob who didn't know that Bukkit's OnPlayerQuit event was actually more like "OnPlayerBeforeQuit". Because of that, my version didn't stop backup schedule when last player was logging off.
    If anyone had problems like too frequent backups - try this 3.27.
    Also, I got rid of config file deletion. Options are still the same, I don't want to manually backup and restore it after each version change...

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    Will you consider putting the source on github? Or if you have one of those forks, which one is it?
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    Attached it to my previous post. It's too much trouble to register and get to know git just for one little piece of code.
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    The plugin instructed me to post this here, so I'm posting this here.

    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] SimpleSave: Error when copying files!
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] SimpleSave: This means a plugin you have is not acting nice, or isn't threadsafe
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] SimpleSave: Go to my thread and post the following information
    >17:42:27 [INFO] Failed to copy full contents from 'world/region/r.-1.0.mcr' to 'backup/world/region/r.-1.0.mcr'null
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] java.io.IOException: Failed to copy full contents from 'world/region/r.-1.0.mcr' to 'backup/world/region/r.-1.0.mcr'
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at com.apache.commons.FileUtils.doCopyFile(FileUtils.java:358)
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at com.apache.commons.FileUtils.doCopyDirectory(FileUtils.java:308)
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at com.apache.commons.FileUtils.doCopyDirectory(FileUtils.java:305)
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at com.apache.commons.FileUtils.copyDirectory(FileUtils.java:259)
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at com.apache.commons.FileUtils.copyDirectory(FileUtils.java:169)
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at com.apache.commons.FileUtils.copyDirectory(FileUtils.java:132)
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at org.desmin88.simplesave.Backup.backup(Backup.java:43)
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at org.desmin88.simplesave.SimpleSave$BackupMethod.run(SimpleSave.java:141)
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftWorker.run(CraftWorker.java:34)
    >17:42:27 [SEVERE] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    >17:42:30 [INFO] SimpleSave: Deleting old backups
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    Having this trange issue with Simplesave. It doesn't transmit the "Beginning world save" message, and i am not sure if it saves at all. I tried setting the inverval to 1 to see if it sent out the world save message, but nothing. Any idea why it doesn't show up?

    Here is my config:

    #SimpleSave Config File
    #Tue Aug 16 13:20:33 EDT 2011
    backup.message.ending=[SimpleSave] Ending world backup
    backup.message.starting=[SimpleSave] Beginning world backup
    save.message.starting=[SimpleSave] Beginning world save
    save.message.ending=[SimpleSave] Ending world save
    backup.date.format=yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss

    No errors in console, whatsoever. Backups work fine.
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    We using this plugin and updated yesterday to 3.27 (Andy's version)

    But before and now, the problem is the same.

    We want every hour a world-backup, but SimpleSave creating backups in irregular times. (sometimes there 6 hours between it's make a new backup)

    #SimpleSave Config File
    #Fri Aug 31 03:42:51 CEST 2011
    backup.message.ending=[Backup] World saved.
    backup.message.starting=[Backup] Saving World...
    save.message.starting=[Backup] Saving Players...
    save.message.ending=[Backup] Players saved.
    backup.date.format=yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss
    I hope you all can help. The alternatives sounds not really trustfull when they talk about freezes and more.
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    I can't guarantee I'll be able to fix it... more often, I can't even reproduce the problem on my own server because of it's small size.
    My closest guess to what could cause your problem -
    if ignore.noplayers=false then plugin will keep track of current online players, make a single save/backup when last player logs off. Also, at that time 'SimpleSave: CurrentPlayers:0' should be printed in server's log and console. After that, there should be no more saves/backups until some player logs in your server. Starting from that moment, plugin should start making saves at usual intervals, until again - last player logs off, plugin makes final backup and sleeps waiting for new players .
    if ignore.noplayers=true then plugin should make backups on each interval, regardless of players. This mode's supposed to work regardless of players, just making backups at regular interval even if there's no one that could change the world.
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    Thank you Andy, now SimpleSave works again and makes every hour a world backup. Good Job. I hope you find a way that SimpleSave don't make backups if no player were online since the last backup.
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    think u got version wrong. hope this is 1000
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    Mathew Alden

    First post is gone for you guys too, right?
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    I seems anyone or what has deleted the first post content.
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    Yes I deleted it because its an inactive plugin.
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    Do you think to continue the plugin in the future? Or allowing other developers to continue the development for SimpleSave?

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