[INACTIVE][ADMN] SimpleSave v3.25 Simple automatic saving! [000] - Backups!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Sorry, thought you fixed it then. thanks!
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    Hi desmin88 !
    Before using yours I was using BackupPlugin, in which it was possible to have all worlds backups in one zip, and also a backup of plugin directory. Is it possible for you to add this functionality ?
    Thanks you.
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    I really love this plugin, thanks for making! :)
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    Works fine for few hours and then starts saving every minute.

    I've set saving for every 5 minutes. :confused:
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    The only thing I changed was history length (to 96) and ignore.noplayer to false and for some reason my last backup came like 4.5 hours after the first one (not every hour):

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    #SimpleSave Config File
    #Mon Jun 27 05:46:45 EDT 2011
    backup.message.ending=[SimpleSave] Ending world backup
    backup.message.starting=[SimpleSave] Beginning world backup
    save.message.starting=[SimpleSave] Beginning world save
    save.message.ending=[SimpleSave] Ending world save
    backup.date.format=yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss

    I'm not sure what may have been deleted (if anything, or why). I'll try to watch it later tonight when I'm around but wanted to report my preliminary results with the new version.
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    Are you using 3.22?
    I'm trying to reproduce these errors, but can't
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    I love this plugin! Please do worldedit integration, that would rule!
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    I think there's a memory leak in this plugin somewhere. After a while of it running, the server tries to reclaim RAM when users logout, but it starts getting smaller and smaller until it becomes negative numbers, eventually causing lag and then a server crash. When this plugin is removed, the server can reclaim RAM properly, and does not have this problem.
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    It doesn't have this 'memory leak' Impossible to be my plugin.
    I'll look into it after fixing Bronski's errors.
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    Ok I haven't changed my config but as of now, it looks like it fired every hour this afternoon until 3, then the next one is 4 hours later at 7. The next one is a half hour later. So odd. I double-checked and I am using the current version. Maybe I can grep the SS lines out of my server log and see if it thought it was working. I'm not sure what else I can get you atm.

    You might need to try my settings with 860 for a like a day in order to see it(?) I will also bump my version up to the RB soon probably also *shrug*
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    for the purposed of automating some things, is it possible to have this create a symlink to the latest backup for each world?

    for example
    skylands2011-06-27 04-05-38.zip
    to get this in linux.

    ln -s skylands2011-06-27 04-05-38.zip skylands_full.zip

    then no matter what i can access the latest backup using skylands_full.zip, this is immensley useful for many operations.
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    Yes, strange...
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    I there a backup folder where the plugin stores backups?
    I noticed the option in the config, but i cant see that the plugin made a backup in a folder aneywhere.
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    should be in the folder where your server files are in a folder called backups.
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    Download 3.23, there was a bug I left in 3.22 that caused backups not to happen
    Download 3.23, however if you're running 860 I can't help you as I only support the latest RB
    If you want me to be able to find the cause of this issue, go to the original post, at the bottom there is an error reporting spoiler. Read it, and do what it says.
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    I figured it out. When i left my test server a backup appered. :)
    I dont know if thats the way it works, but it works now. Thanks for the help :D
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    tha d0ctor

    ugh simplesave just stopped working and I lost like 3 days worth of saves and backups, any idea why this happens?
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    I'd be hesitant to use the word "impossible."
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    @tha d0ctor
    Your bug report includes zero information about anything. If you want to get help, fill out an error reporting form or you will be ignored.
    I wouldn't be hesitant at all. It is virtually impossible for my plugin to have a memory leak. I've done testing and analyzed code, there isn't a memory leak. It has to be on your side. And besides, Minecraft is a memory consuming game that doesn't normally run with garbage collection.
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    @desmin88 any chance for symlinks? :)

    worldname_latest.zip => worldname2011-04-14 15-23-44.zip
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    You already asked today, stop posting about it.
    If I have enough time I'll implement it into the next update.
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    What is the commands? :S

    And permissions.

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    @Potetsjokolade there aren't any permissions, and I believe the only command is /ssBackup which forces a backup. otherwise it's all automated and only the people with access to the config file can change it.

    any insight as to what it did? if you had any the plugin author can fix it and make it not 'suck'. I personally think it's great.

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    Think you need to update the version number in the plugin. Still tells me 3.22, not 3.23.

    Edit: Would it be possible to show a status message to the player when manually creating a backup? I'm using the /ssBackup command and it is working but it's hard to tell if it actually works unless I can view the backup folder at the same time.
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    I always forgot :p
    However, when doing /ssBackup it should broadcast a message to the server and console it's being made.
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    I just had a distressing experience with SimpleSave. It appears to be... not saving. At all. I shut down my server to fix a plugin issue and when I restarted it everything was back the way it was when I started it a day ago... my users were not happy.

    I noticed that the text messages that popup when a save is in progress (which I have set to "Saving world data..." and "Save complete") are both being sent at the same instant, which would suggest that SimpleSave is not actually doing anything. For now I've issued a "save-on" which I hope will restore the server's natural behaviour, and I'm also running "save-all" now and then.

    I checked the server console, of course, but there were no errors there.

    Edit: Looks like this has already been submitted to the bugtracker https://github.com/desmin88/SimpleSave/issues/12
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    that was an older version of SimpleSave. have you since updated to v3.23? I'm not sure if it includes a fix or not, but I have 3.23 on my server and it's saving when people are online and not saving when people are offline (same with back ups)
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    I'll see your lack of motivation and raise you an uninstall :p

    Thanks for trying *shrug*
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    Eric Marcoux

    Awesome plugin! The only thing i think its really missing is the ability to make custom backups (like with an ingame /backup command)

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