[INACTIVE][ADMN] SimpleSave v3.25 Simple automatic saving! [000] - Backups!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Thanks! I'm hoping to keep it simple, so it'll have minimal features except the base ones. As of right now, it is only one class file and less than 150 lines of code. Hoping to keep it that way.
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    I'll test it out for sure when you have the next version going. I like the fact that this is so low-footprint; it's fast and staying quietly in the background, which is great.
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    Thanks! Thats the exact point of SimpleSave, simplicity! I'm working on optimizing and reducing the size of the code right now, while still maintaining great functionality. If you want, you can request features to be put in.
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    Speaking for myself, I think having the ability to stack a save (or more than one over some set of times?) off in a backup directory somewhere would really be nice for my peace of mind. This is the sort of thing you don't really think about until disaster strikes and you need it. I'd love to not worry about it, and just be able to quickly restore the world and get on with life.
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    So basically, also do backups of the world every interval to a certain directory?
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    Yeah, though that could easily get out of hand. I don't know how coding-detailed you really want to get, but the way the Apple Time Machine works might be a good model: a few near-term saves, along with a week of daily saves, a couple weekly ones and maybe a month or two to let you restore from something stupid that you did not notice for a while. Kind of like: DDDDDDDWWWWMM

    I'm certainly not advocating an ever-growing backup pile; some pruning as it goes would be critical to avoid swamping your drive in unneeded backups. [​IMG]

    This is probably overkill, but you get the idea. Just having the ability to turn the clock back a day or so would be enough to cover most disasters or admin goofs.
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    New version soon.​
    Also, to anybody using my plugin, I'd really appreciate more feedback and suggestions.​
    It really helps me get an understanding of what users want and what I should change​
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    runs nicely. eh is there anyway to make more of a gap when it does a autosave? instead of the 10 min...
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    go into the config file and change the 10 to whatever you want.
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    Thought I'd say thanks for this plugin, simple is just what I needed for my small server.
    :D As TatteredKing said the way it works quietly in the background with pretty much no configuration required is great. Once again thanks!

    EDIT: also if you can could you add support for CraftBukkitUpToDate?
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    Any reason why you have decided to make this closed source? I'm also trying this.
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys!
    @fuzetsu490 I'll look into adding support for it soon.
    @dark_hunter Are you saying your trying to make your own autosave plugin?
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    No, I'm asking why, not because I'm going take off with you code.
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    I'm going to eventually open the source after the next major upgrade. I keep the source of 1.0 for learning purposes, however, when 3.0 comes out, 2.0 source will be released etc.

    Version 2.0.3

    • Updated to CraftBukkit 556 and Bukkit 461. Code cleanup and smaller file size.
    Gonna hopefully add some more things soon, such as a simple backup utility. As of 2.0.3, I made a new github repository and got rid of dropbox, it was annoying me.

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    With all the recent furor with client mods doing things other than what they said they'd do, I find it pretty hard to consider installing a closed-source mod. Could I pressure you to consider opening the source? Perhaps you haven't made the code pretty yet, but at least people wouldn't be afraid of your mod.

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    I'll open my source tomorrow. At the moment its ugly and I desire to clean it a bit up. If you wish, you may decompile it for the time being.
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    Sorry for delay, open source now. Enjoy!
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    Cool. Still very much appreciating this plugin. :D
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    Thank you!
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    Good plugin, thank you !! Like it <3
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    Thanks for the very simple plugin.

    Its very very lightweight.

    perfect :3 saves the ram ^^
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    where is the Save-Folder with the backup-file?
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    Since this has come up before, I'll drop the answer in here as a quote. I was confused by this at first, too.

    So this is not actually creating a backup series in a folder - just triggering the normal /save automatically (and very seamlessly) so that if you get a server crash or whatever, a restart does not cost you time and building.

    Desmin88 (the plugin author) answered my earlier question about this in the following way:

    Hope that helps clear any puzzlement. :)
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    Thanks TatteredKing for explaining to him
    I don't really see how this is a complicated idea to grasp.
    Oh well. C'est la vie.
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    I think that /save command is not really that well documented when one is new to all of this, and kind of gets buried in the mass of other things you have to juggle to get a server up and running. Bit of a learning curve (speaking from my own experience). Now that I have my feet under me (to a degree), I'm happy to help clear up confusion when I see it; the memories are all too fresh in mind. :confused:
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    Exactly what I needed. Trying to move away from McMyAdmin, step #1 complete.
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    Glad I could help, LordJason.
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    Do you think you can make it so the update message can be colored? This way its a lot more noticeable.
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    Can you update it, so it works with 602+
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    It would be SUPER awesome if this was updated to Bukkit 617+ soon. :)

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