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    Wanted - An in-game reporting system for bukkit:
    Version v 1.0.0
    This is a plugin that I think would be much more needed by larger servers but it provides a necessary function to any server owner's arsenal. That is the ability to let users report others for various misdeeds. Now this is all and good but reports do nothing if they are never looked at. Wanted takes every report that is filed and then stores it for later view. Many other features help ease of access.
    [<font color="rgb(128, 0, 0)">Note</font>: Punishment is not covered by this plugin, merely the reporting process!]

    * Simple report filing system covering the main information needed.
    * Permissions support.
    * Flat file report saving.
    * Warp to the crime scene quickly.
    * Group based management of filed reports
    * Cool down time between reports.
    * Latest reports are broadcast to all users with wanted.manage
    * You can customize your offenses

    <font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)">Source Code</font>

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Permissions Nodes:

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    wanted.file - Best for default users, allows them to file reports.
    wanted.read - Also good for default users, allows users to read reports.
    wanted.manage - Best for admins/moderators. Carries permission for all report managing commands.


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    These are set in "/plugins/Wanted/wanted.txt"
    # at the beginning of a line, denotes that it is a setting, @ at the beginning denotes a saved report
    You probably shouldn't touch report lines.
    The value for cool refers to the amount of ticks between when a user can file reports.
    Offenses refers to your customized offenses. Each different offense is seperated by a comma.


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    Arguments: <required> (optional)

    Normal commands (Use: /wa or /wanted)

    /wa file <target player> <reason>
    Requires wanted.file
    Posts a report.

    /wa read (page)
    Requires wanted.read
    Shows a list of all reports made.

    /wa get <player> (page)
    Requires wanted.read
    Shows a list of reports made against the player

    /wa drop <report ID>
    Requires wanted.manage
    This will drop a report from the listings, deleting it. Used for removing faulty reports.

    /wa resolve <report ID>
    Requires wanted.manage
    This will change the listing of a report from live to resolved. Should be used after a moderator has resolved the conflict.

    /wa goto <report ID>
    Requires wanted.manage
    This will transport a user to the site of the report.

    /wa return
    Requires wanted.manage
    This will return the user to the position they were before the went to the report location.

    /wa ignore
    Requires wanted.manage
    This will add a user to the list of users who will not receive notification after a report is posted.

    /wa save
    Requires wanted.manage
    This will update the save file to match the current report list.

    Quick commands:

    Requires wanted.manage
    A simple shortcut for moderators. Will warp the user to the latest "live" report. Compatible with "/wa return"

    Default Report Reasons

    To Do

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    * Work with file saving stability
    * Add iConomy integration
    * A points system

    Change log:

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    v 1.0.0
    * Initial release expect bugs.
    * Much to work on

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    this is similer to a diffrent plugin, ill download this this sounds even but might be bttr :)
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    If you could link me to the other plugin, i just wish to know which one you're talking about?
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    modtrs is the one, it reports it to mod's and admin's

    sorry for double post but, this seems better, if u can get the x's of where the report was placed and be able to tp their it would be sick.

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    Great idea! Please implant this, that would make this plugin so sick.
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    I'm working on it.
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    This is very similar to petition plugin - warps to petitions created, etc.
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    yes. i know that. i am working on expanding it outward
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    Very very nice, not sure if I really need to use it since my server is pretty small ATM, but still, just wanted to let you know this is awesome and I'm sure alot of people will find this very useful!
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    How do you install this mod? i have tried but it wont work idk what to put what where, in other plugins all you have is a .jar file that you drop in plugins and thats it, how do I get this one working?
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    @IcySeal : Please test against latest RB.

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