[INACTIVE][ADMN/SEC] mSafe v2.6 - Ingame warnings for illegal block placement (optional kick) [670]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Major, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Edit: removed.
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    Sounds nice :)

    Quick question tho: is the player kick instantly after placing a block, or can he place 3-4 blocks before the autokick activates?
    Some players might place a block accidentally, and kicking them for it might be a bit harsh.
    I'd like to be able to set it so "player places 1 block, gets warned, player places another block, gets warned again, player places a third block, kick." with a timer. Let's say for example 3 blocks in under a minute = kick. 1 minute pass from first block resets the count.

    Anything like this possible?
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    It kicks them instantly. You literally don't even have time to activate TNT if you place it (possibly you could if the server lagged at just that second when he placed it - this has never happened to me though).

    Also, someone requested a warning system which I shall make, so I'll make sure to add integration for this with that too!
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    Excellent :=)
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    doesnt work :(
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  7. Doesn't work for me either, even the people I have given permission to uses fire, water etc. can't use them without getting kicked.
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    Are you getting a console message? Specifically a "could not pass" event.
    Or else, when the server is started, do you receive a "mSafe is using permissions" notification on the console?

    Fixed! Or should be, at-least. Didn't get a chance to test it as I wanted to get it out to you guys ASAP.
    Use the link in the OP (its static) to download the newest one. Or be lazy - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14610384/mSafe.jar

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  9. @Major

    that has worked, or so it seems. Thank you very much. :)
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    Wonderful. Would it be possible to deliberately "trigger the alarm" by getting someone to place a forbidden block, to see if it logs their name to the file? I would be most appreciative.
  11. Well, it seems noone is forbidden to do anything now.
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    @Major downloaded, hope it works
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    Please check your console to see if there is a message "mSafe is using Permissions!".
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    @Major downloaded, I spawned and placed tnt, it didnt kick me :(
  15. "Error plugins/mSafe/blah.txt <The system cannot find the specified path"
    + alot of errors
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    :fp: Thanks, forgot to edit the name.

    @Kristopher Please check your console to see if there is a message "mSafe is using Permissions!".

    Without this, I can't tell if its a permissions-related error or not.
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    @Major NVM, Broski, I got it working, I was an op and had 'ignoreop' set to true
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    So nobody can place a forbidden block if they don't have a permission node?
    If you could check that, t'would be excellent :)
  19. @Major Anyone seems to be able to do anything, regardless of nodes now.
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    Think I've finally fixed it. Bare with me :3

    Edit: Permissions issues still. For now i strongly recommend removing this plugin and checking back tomorow.
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    Bump for fixed permissions (hopefully, they worked for me).
  22. Broken majorly now, won't allow me to put any block down. Says they are all fire which I'm not allowed to put down. It is also saying in the engine thing "Warning! Duplicate user!", which it didn't before.

    Edit: I'm not sure the Duplicate User thing is relevant, as it didn't happen after restart. It also thinks all blocks are water if water isn't allowed. So if I don't have all the permission nodes, I can't place any blocks.
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    Is there a way to allow the placement of some of these items? For instance, I'm fine with my users placing both water and lava... But not TNT/Fire (Impossible to get Mob Spawners+Bedrock in my server atm)

    Like in the config could there be a:

    disable-water=[true] [false]
    disable-lava=[true] [false]
    disable-TNT=[true] [false]

    etc. etc. etc.
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    This sounds like what I am looking for. Thanks for you hard work.
    Strangely it doesn't create its config file on my server. All commands work except /broadcastmessage on/off and /cancelmessage on/off.
    CB617 here.
    Edit: Permissions 2.5.5
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    @larryandbob I'll go over my code, it's an easy fix. Many thanks for reporting it.
    @BerserkB0mber There are permission nodes. You add them to the user group, then they can place blocks.
    @Ultra_Colon currently its just /cancelmessage and /broadcast message, no on/off. Sorry, I'll work on that.

    Automatic kicking fixed and water fixed. Hopefully.

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  26. Well... now anyone can do anything, even without nodes.
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    Randy Schouten

    It doesn't create a config file for me..
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    It shouldn't create a file. lmao.

    @larryandbob Should be fixed in this version.
    I hate permissions. lol.
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    Also, any suggestions?

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