[INACTIVE][ADMN] MobLimiter v1.1 - Set Creature Limits and Blacklists! [617]

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    Version: v1.11

    Download and Source: https://github.com/VicWhiten/MobLimiter
    Click the download link on github to download the jar

    After writing my RedstoneMobSpawn plugin, we had an issue where sometimes the mobs wouldn't spawn when the circuit was triggered. After looking into it, the server was using a custom version of WorldGuard that was edited to set a spawn limit to creatures. This was a pain, so I decided to write my own, separate plugin to limit mob spawning.

    • Set a maximum amount of mobs that can be alive at one time!
    • Blacklist specific creatures to fit your server!
    • remove all creatures in your world with one command!
    • permission checks, either Op, GroupManager, or Permissions!
    Version 1.11
    • Fixed commands
    • Fixed config-file generation

    Version 1.1

    • added permissions, either Op, GroupManager or Permissions
    • added blacklist commands
    • added purge command
    • updated for Minecraft Beta 1.4
    Version 1.0

    • Initial Release
    • Multi-world support[HIGH]
    • individual mob limits?[MEDIUM]

    MobLimiter is a Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft that lets you limit creature spawn amounts and blacklist specific creatures.

    -1: No Limit (Default)
    0: No creatures will spawn
    x: x number of mobs is the limit, where x is a positive integer
    Config File:

    The config file is located in <plugin_location>/MobLimiter/config.yml . If the config file is not there, the plugin will generate a default one.

    mob-max: <amount> : sets the mob max to the amount
    mob-blacklist: arg1 arg2 arg3 ... argn : the list of mobs that will not spawn on your server

    Example Config File:
    mob-max: -1
    mob-blacklist: squid wolf sheep creeper

    Config File:
    /moblimiter setmax <amount> : sets the mob max to amount.
    /moblimiter purge : kills all mobs on the current world
    /moblimiter addblacklist <type> : adds the given creature type to the blacklist
    /moblimiter removeblacklist <type> : removes the given creature type from the blacklist


    Either respond here or email me at [email protected], and I'll try to get back to you ASAP!
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    Does this stop the mobs from spawning or just kill them off after they spawn?
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    Stops them spawning. It hooks the onCreatureSpawn event.
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    i think he don't blacklist squid, he limit just squid population:
    Bug: Slimes actually can't be disabled? They still spawn even if I blacklist "SLIME".
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    I keep switching between these types of plugins. Can one of you keep these up-to-date :)
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    City Builder

    I noticed that you have multiworld support in your to-do list.

    So a question then...

    I don't need to limit mobs in my world, but I do need to limit ghasts in our multiverse nether world, so can I use this on the nether world and not the regular world? Or does multiworld support mean that it will only work on the regular world and no other world at this time?

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    Is it possible to also increase the default spawn rate with this mod? If so, what is the default spawn rate?
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    EXACTLY what I was looking for... Thanks so much =)
  11. this can diable natural spawning of mobs, but allow spawners to spawn them?
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    Wish this plugin had individual mob limits. Im trying to limit the number of ghasts that spawn in the nether.
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    City Builder

    Same thing that we need it for.
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    you're my new personal GOD. :-]

    Awesome plugin
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    I love this plug in, got rid of lag for me that was caused by too many mobs spawning in one place.

    Would love to see per world support.
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    please update this for 1.5![creeper]
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    City Builder

    What settings did you use to help you get rid of lag?
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    Using this plug in helped me.
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    I can't seem to get more then 100-150 mobs to spawn with this. I have the limit set at 800 and still only get about 150.
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    I dont seem to get any errors in CB711 but it seems like its not limiting the spawning of the mobs either. Since trying CB711 I seem to have a huge increase of skeletons,spiders,creepers and zombies.
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    sorry my bad, it still works guys!
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    It doesn't work. It loads properly, but then, it doesn't seem to block mobs from mobs blacklist. I wanted to block all the mobs, and make the spawn-monsters flag true, so there will be no auto health regen. Can someone try to fix this? The plugin autor also left the plugin's source code, so someone can do it. Please.
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    What build are you using? I'm using 711 and it works fine.
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    Lunar Delta

    Thank you for this plugin. It has finally allowed me to enable hostile mobs on my server when nothing else worked. I hope you maintain it for a long time. =)
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    Right now I am using Davr's squid limiter plugin but would love to be able to limit each individual mob spawn. I see it in your todo list any idea of when that might be ready?
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    The developer of this plug in has not been on since April 10th.

    I hope to see him comeback as this is a really awesome plug in.
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    considered inactive
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    I hope it's inactive for a better come back.
    It'll be perfect with multiworld support
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    I'm planning on updating both this and my Redstone Mob Spawner sometime this week/weekend :)
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    If you get MobLimiter back up it will be only viable option for me alot of the other plugins over complicate methods. I acctualy started watching java tutorials on youtube put eclipse on and was about to start watching tutorials form this forum just so I could have a stab at recompiling this plugin to work with 860.
    Anyhow glad to see you haven’t disappeared.

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