[INACTIVE][ADMN] McWife - The easy and simple ban plugin. [677]

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  1. McWife - The easy and simple ban plugin:
    Version: v0.1.1

    McWife is a simple plugin which enables the admin to administrate users in the sense of punishment.

    • Ban.
    • Tempban.
    • Unban.
    • Ban check.
    • Kick.
    Download the Plugin
    Source Code

    Version 0.1.1
    • Added kick.
    • Added check.
    Version 0.1.0
    • Initial release.
    Command reference:
    /mcwife ban <username>
    Example: /mcwife ban spikensbror
    /mcwife tempban <username> <duration(minutes)>
    Example: /mcwife tempban spikensbror 1
    /mcwife unban <username>
    Example: /mcwife unban spikensbror
    /mcwife check <username>
    Example: /mcwife check spikensbror
    /mcwife kick <username>
    Example: /mcwife kick spikensbror
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    are you implying that your wife gets rid of people who you do not like? ;)
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    come man, we can see that there is something wrong with your personal life right now... u can tell here, you are in a safe place :)
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    LOL yes really
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  6. Real pro saying I got a wife haha, 16 years old and married is kind of a blunt statement.
    I really just found it as a name that sticks, but hey... whatever floats your boat.
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    Can you add kick functionality and a list of banned/tempbaned players (with their time remaing) and a way to check if someone is banned like /isbanned ichingpow? That would be really appreciated, also does this ban IP and player name? If not then doing that might be safer or atleast adding an option to do so. Thanks!
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    Thanks for making this plugin from my request. Thanks!

    Kick is implemented in craftbukkit itself.

    Can you make aliases like /ban, /unban and /tempban?

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  9. Sorry, don't want to interfere with bukkits already existing ones, so I have to say no to that.

    Alright, version 0.1.1 up!
    See changelog for details.

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    Don't Work in my serveur, chatbox says :

    Example: /mcwife tempban Player_name1

  11. Could help if you specified what you type in...
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    Don't Work in my serveur, chatbox says :

    Example: /mcwife tempban Player_name 10

    Is it because I am running #617?
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    /mcwife tempban spikensbror 1

    Doesn't work :( The chatbox say : /mcwife tempban Player_name1
  14. Working fine for me on build 670.
    Note that the user has to be online for you to ban him, so try banning yourself and see how that works, then unban yourself from the server console.
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    permissions for this ??? or any player can use it or its op only?
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    Do not use a plus sing in your version tag, you cannot guarantee that for future updates.
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    Isn't these features in the current vanilla minecraft server?
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    Feature request: Banning offline users. Great plugin, though.
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    Gr8 plugin. Should've named it "MyWife" HAHAHA
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    Does this ban the player AND his IP?
  22. Permissions please?
  23. I will most likely implement that.


    I'll try myself now and see what's wrong.
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    Im using craftbukkit 677 and when i try to unban someone it says there not currently banned. so how do i unban some then?
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    MySQL Support would be good.
    Should store data: IP / Who banned this user / Nickname of banned user / a ban ID / Time of ban.
    CraftIRC Support
    Serverwide message.
    Banning players even when they are offline.
    IP Ban/IP Range ban support.

    Would be awesome if you can add these features :D
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    With those functionalities it will become more complex then intended :p
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    All except MySQL and Craftirc and Serverwide message.
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    Can you please add ip bans?
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    cb 677 - inactive

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