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    Version: v1.2.5​

    MCCRestart is a tool to schedule server restarts. It saves player and chunk data before each restarts at specified times or delays and gives a warning message to each players before restart. You can also give a reason for the restart. (see commands section)
    If a problem occurs during restarts, post the mccrestart.log

    In your config.yml file you can specify for the launch parameter a batch file.
    Eg. 'run.bat' (you can download the run.zip join to this post)

    If the Permissions plugin is not detected, only OPs can use restart and mccrestart commands.

    [​IMG]MCCRestart v1.2.5
    Requirements: Java6+, Bukkit 677
    Optional: Permissions 2.0/2.7+

    For versions before 1.2.5 check YAML files!

    - Restarts server at specified time (24-hour format)
    - Or at delayed time (24-hour format)
    - Add a manual restart with a delay and/or a reason for.
    - Cancel a manual restart.
    - Warning message to players before restart.
    - Saves player and chunk data.
    - Multi-world compatible.
    - Add delay between stop and restart server.
    - Use config.yml and messages.yml to configure the plugin.
    - Don't modify the paramaters {n} in each YAML files.
    - Automatically creates config.yml and messages.yml in the plugin folder.

    OS compatibility
    Windows 7, Vista, XP... (x86 and x64 editions)
    OSX/Linux (work on it...)
    MacOS (work on it...)

    Any problems?
    Please submit a complete bug report with :
    - OS where the server is deployed.
    - Bukkit version.
    - Submit the mccrestart.log if there. (use http://pastebin.com/)
    - Submit your server.log. (use http://pastebin.com/)

    /mccrestart help - List MCCRestart commands
    /mccrestart reload - Reload the plugin configuration
    /mccrestart next - Give the next time to restart
    /restart - Restart the server immediately
    /restart 59:59 - Restart after a delay (minutes:seconds)
    /restart 59:59 reason - Restart after a delay with a reason
    /restart cancel - Cancel a manual restart


    config.yml example
        # Active/deactivate plugin
        enable: 'true'
        # Active/deactivate restart at times or delay (true or false)
        autorestart: 'true'
        # Args to launch the server (must be placed in your root server folder)
        launcher: 'java -Xms512M -Xmx512M -jar craftbukkit.jar'
        # If you want to launch a batch file (must be placed in your root server folder)
        #launcher: 'run.bat'
        # How many seconds before restart to show warning message to players. Separate seconds with a comma.
        warn: '30,10'
        # Scheduled times when the server is restarting. Use 24-hour time and separate times with a comma.
        times: '12:00:00,23:00:00'
        # Delay time between each restart. Use 24-hour time.
        delay: '02:00:00'
        # Choose type of restart (times or delay)
        type: 'delay'
        # Delay between stop and restart server if you have a lot of plugins (use minutes:secondes)
        stoptime: '00:10'
    messages.yml example
        warn: 'The server is being restarted...'
        warnTime: 'The server restarts in {0} seconds...'
        restart: 'The server is restarting...'
        disabled: 'MCCRestart is disabled'
        reload: 'MCCRestart reloaded'
        next: 'Next restart scheduled at {0}'
        reason: 'Reason: {0}'
        cancel: 'Manual restart cancelled'
        norestart: 'No restart is scheduled'
    run.bat example
    @echo off
    set memory=512
    if /I "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE:~-2%"=="64" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xms%memory%M -Xmx%memory%M -jar "%~dp0craftbukkit.jar"
    if /I "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE:~-2%"=="86" java -Xms%memory%M -Xmx%memory%M -jar "%~dp0craftbukkit.jar"

    Version 1.2.5 [670]
    - Delay between stop and restart server if you have a lot of plugins (see config.yml)
    - More logs during restart
    - Adding multi-world compatibility.
    - Bug add a reason for a manual restart.

    Version 1.2.4 [670]
    - Add possibility to active deactivatee the plugin (config.yml)
    - Delete on|off command (use enable in config.yml and reload command)
    - Bug when autorestart false for manual restarts.
    - Increase thread latency.
    - Fix warn displays.
    - Fix console messages.

    Version 1.2.2 [670]
    - 'null' folder when generates configuration files.
    - Add manual restart with delay and reason.

    Version 1.2.0 [670]
    - Add delay time.
    - Possibility to choose delay or specified times.
    - Add next config command.

    Version 1.1.5 [670]
    - Bug to disable the plugin.
    - Add reload config command.

    Version 1.1.0 [670]
    - Update for bukkit 670.
    - Plugin optimised and cleaned.
    - Method changed to perform restart.

    Version 1.0.1 [612]
    - English language by default.

    Version 1.0.0 [612]
    - Release

    This is my first plugin : suggestions and feedback appreciated :)
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    Download link gave me a .zip file, took me a few minutes to figure out I had to rename it to .jar to get the plugin.

    Other than that, awesome plugin man - just what I needed.
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    Does this work with #733? If not, please update!
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    A feature request for the in development Linux version:
    When the last player logs off of the server, after a set period of time, the plugin automatically restarts the server. Example: The setting is set to empty_restart=30, the last player logs off, then after 30 seconds of no log ons, the plugin restarts the server. Maybe a delay setting to set a time limit between empty restarts as well. Example: empty_delay=3600, so now there's an hour delay between empty restarts.
    Thank you for your time Cr@zy. :cool:
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    issue: players may vote /voterestart if fills lagging
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    Does it work for 740+? too risky to try without knowing
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    I tested it on 740, didn't work, Didn't get any errors when loading up however it just wouldnt restart when the timer got to zero, commands worked fine just no restart :p
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    Great plugin idea, but unfortunately does not work on linux as many have stated. But even worse than that is that it will destroy your server stability, it causes 60%+ CPU usage and causes all sorts of lag due to it. It's like a loop is infinite looping with no sleep.
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    @Cr@zy : Please test against latest RB.
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    This is working at 803.
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  12. it says eror occord while trying to preform this command do you know anything that conflickts?
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    I didnt download this yet but i might. I have a question first though, does the plugin completely restart the server (.bat) or does it /reload ingame?
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    Lihk brokn or what?

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