[INACTIVE] [ADMN] KiwiAdmin 2.2 - ban/tempban/kick/ipban, (MySQL or txt) [670-1158]

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    This plugin is no longer being updated for the public. The source is still being updated though, grab that and use it if you want to. Note that you might need to change some hard coded database names and such. (Advanced users only, basically)

    If you wish to continue the plugin in some form, please contact me first.

    things (open)

    KiwiAdmin 2.2
    Built against Craftbukkit #1000

    Hello people, I'm releasing my first public plugin!
    This is a very simple plugin, it adds the banning and kicking stuff for more people than just ops!

    KiwiAdmin requires either the Permissions or the GroupManager plugin!

    • Banning
    • Kicking
    • Unbanning
    • IP bans
    • Reloading banlist from either flatfile or database
    • MySQL support!
    • All actions are broadcasted to the people!
    • Case insensitivity!
    • Partial names support
    • 100% custom messages with colors
    • Temporary bans
    • Stores kicker, time, reason etc.
    • PHP script for a public banlist table. Example
    Partial names for /kick, /tempban, /ipban and /ban is optional although it is highly recommended as it seems like Bukkit has a built in feature where it can recognize a player just from the first part of their name. Eg. you ban player with "/ban playe", the ban will then be stored as playe and player will still be able to log in.

    In permissions, add these:

    kiwiadmin.ban - Ban players
    kiwiadmin.kick - Kick players
    kiwiadmin.kick.all - Kick all players
    kiwiadmin.unban - Unban a player
    kiwiadmin.reload - Reload from the database
    kiwiadmin.tempban - Temporarily ban a player
    kiwiadmin.ipban - IP ban a player
    kiwiadmin.export - Export banlist
    Commands are simple:
    /ban [player] (reason) - Ban a player, the reason will be in the kick message.
    /kick [player] (reason) - Kick a player, the reason will be in the kick message.
    /kick * (reason) - Kick all players on the server
    /tempban [player] [time] [sec/min/hour/day/week/month] (reason)
    /unban [player] - Unban a player
    /ipban [player] (reason)
    /reloadka - Reload KiwiAdmin from banlist.txt
    /checkban [player] - check if a player is banned
    /exportbans - export all bans to banned-players.txt
    If using flatfile, bans are stored in /plugins/KiwiAdmin/banlist.txt.
    IP bans are stored in plugins/KiwiAdmin/iplist.txt

    If you are using MySQL, run this query:
    CREATE TABLE  `banlist` (
      `name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `reason` text NOT NULL,
      `admin` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `temptime` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL ,
      PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
    CREATE TABLE  `banlistip` (
      `name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `ip` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
    You will also need the Connector/J in your root bukkit folder just like all other MySQL plugins!

    Using the php viewer
    You can download the php file here.
    Open it in any notepad style program and change the database settings. Save and upload to website!

    Updating from 1.x
    If you have a database from KiwiAdmin 1.x you have to run
    ALTER TABLE  `banlist` ADD  `temptime` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL ;
    Updating database from 2.0 to 2.1
    2.1 introduces IP bans, you have to create this table to use them
    CREATE TABLE  `minecraft`.`banlistip` (
      `name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `ip` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
    [​IMG] Download
    Source (not updated too often)

    Update 2.2
    • Fixed /kick *
    • Added /exportbans
    Changelog (open)

    Update 2.1
    • Added IP bans
    Update 2.0

    • Almost completely rewrote the entire plugin
    • Added temporary bans, full flatfile support
    • New configuration file
    • Added customizable messages!
    • Now displays ban reason when player tries to log in
    Update 1.2

    • Added partial names support for kicking and banning.
    • Fixed the kicking message when banning showing "Reason:" although there were no reason. (Only for MySQL users)
    Update 1.1

    • Reverted back to normal commands, /ban, /kick and /unban
    • More case insensitivity improvements. The banlists are no longer lower case only.
    • Fixed the ugly blank lines in the txt file if using flatfile
    Update 1.0

    • MySQL support!
    • Cleaned up A LOT of code.
    Update 0.5

    • Removed TSLPC
    • Added console commands support. These will be displayed as "server" eg. "yottabyte has been kicked by server!"
    Update 0.4

    • Updated to work with version 183+
    • Reformatted the commands to avoid interfering with the vanilla commands.
    Version 0.3

    • Added /unban
    • Added /reloadka - reloads the banlist from banlist.txt
    Version 0.2

    • When a player is kicked or banned, a global message is sent. Includes reason if there is one.
    • Changed PLAYER_JOIN to PLAYER_LOGIN, banned players are now kicked before they enter the server.

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    Will you to add the /banip command ? :)
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    Erm, the link is down.
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    Try the mirror just below the main download link.
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    Thank you!
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    It would be awesome if this could help us track the number of times you ban someone. This would mean not removing any bans from the database and having a command that could return a ban history for that person. Maybe kicks too but I don't see a need for that on our server at the moment.
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    Good idea @nicholosophy. Might look into that.
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    I'm sorry but how is that more useful than IP banning? Please put IP banning in kiwiadmin, its what completes a ban plugin as there are so many ban evaders :(
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    Ip banning has no use unless you have a pirate community.
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    Oh please don't be so ignorant, I have used offline mode as my family can't join the server because it's hosted in our house. We all have legit MC but it just doesn't allow multiple connections with the same IP. I also use it because when minecraft.net is down, so it my server and I don't want that.
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    can i ban a dynamic IP using this plugin?
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    Is it possible to upgrade from flatfile to mysql without losing data? Probably a silly question

    Edit: Ok I answered this myself. YMMV.

    LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'banlist-import.txt'
    INTO TABLE banlist
    I don't think the \n is correct because the file actullay has \r\n now that I think about it. To get around that I did put ">>" at the end of each line and that worked for me anyway.
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    Is this ever going to be updated again? Just curious because my server has been using it for a long time but with the new RB the /kick and /ban and /unban commands aren't working anymore and are defaulting to the Essentials versions of those commands.

    Also have to say I disagree with this. People who you ban who have money will just go buy another account to come back and be incognito and cause more problems. Or use their friends' accounts. Etc. You seem very opinionated about this for whatever reason, but I have to say that we have often experienced people on our server who have been banned coming back on other accounts and doing the same thing all over again, and an ipban command would really help with that.

    On another note, I have a suggestion. /baninfo, which would return from the database the reason the person was banned and who banned them and when, so we can quickly check banned people and tell their friends that they won't be unbanned because they griefed or whatever :p

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    IP Ban Would be great
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    Reloading banlist from either flatfile or database
    MySQL support!
    All actions are broadcasted to the people!
    Case insensitivity!
    Partial names support
    100% custom messages with colors
    Temporary bans
    Stores kicker, time, reason etc.
    PHP script for a public banlist table. Example
    NO ip bans, please stop asking

    Reading from top to bottom: Yes, yes, yes, YES, YES, YES, YES... YES, WTF?!?! NOOOO

    IP ban is a must. Worthless without it :/
    C'mon stop asking IP ban?
    No IP Ban is the reason I will not try/install this looking good plugin.
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    Thx for the plugin, works great on my server.
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    Was bored today so I added IP bans in 2.1 after a lot of begging.
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    If you ever get bored again, could you add a /lookup command to see if someone is banned? :p
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    aww you gave in lol. I truly don't see the point of a IP ban. Unless you have nothing to do with your money you wouldn't but more then one minecraft account xD
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    My bad, lol
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    Naw it wasn't your bad, I didn't even mention that the command existed before. Added it to the first post now.
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    How can I unban IP? I did /banip MyName for test, then just /unban MyName from console, but it still dont let me play. Anyway, I can delete my IPBan from MySQL, but its a little crappy. Need something like /unbanip Player/
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    I'd love to see this modified so we could see a count of the number of times someone has been banned. You could use an expired toggle column to do this.

    The count would be a query of the db/flatfile to count the number of entries. This would allow perhaps /checkban -l to show the reasons why and when they were banned as well.

    This sort of information is really helpful to know if someone is consistantly being bad and should be perm banned rather than temp banned.

    Cheers :)
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    @yottabyte Can we tempbanip ?
    I want to tempban by IP someone for 1 day, for example?
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    Is there any way you can add something that could make someone unbannable? Like. Permission node? That would be very useful.
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    /tempban don't work, please fix :D

    The player are not stored in the Database.

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    @yottabyte can we or can we not tempban someone by IP ?
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    Is this compatible with 935?
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    Any chance of a permission support so I can assign a max temp ban for a rank to use?
    eg. 'kiwiadmin.tempban.999' would mean maximum of 999 mins.

    this way it could be used so mods can ban for a max of example 6 hours, admins can ban a max of 3 days, and only superadmins can perma ban.

    Any chance on integrating this?
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