[INACTIVE] [ADMN] KiwiAdmin 2.2 - ban/tempban/kick/ipban, (MySQL or txt) [670-1158]

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    This plugin is no longer being updated for the public. The source is still being updated though, grab that and use it if you want to. Note that you might need to change some hard coded database names and such. (Advanced users only, basically)

    If you wish to continue the plugin in some form, please contact me first.

    things (open)

    KiwiAdmin 2.2
    Built against Craftbukkit #1000

    Hello people, I'm releasing my first public plugin!
    This is a very simple plugin, it adds the banning and kicking stuff for more people than just ops!

    KiwiAdmin requires either the Permissions or the GroupManager plugin!

    • Banning
    • Kicking
    • Unbanning
    • IP bans
    • Reloading banlist from either flatfile or database
    • MySQL support!
    • All actions are broadcasted to the people!
    • Case insensitivity!
    • Partial names support
    • 100% custom messages with colors
    • Temporary bans
    • Stores kicker, time, reason etc.
    • PHP script for a public banlist table. Example
    Partial names for /kick, /tempban, /ipban and /ban is optional although it is highly recommended as it seems like Bukkit has a built in feature where it can recognize a player just from the first part of their name. Eg. you ban player with "/ban playe", the ban will then be stored as playe and player will still be able to log in.

    In permissions, add these:

    kiwiadmin.ban - Ban players
    kiwiadmin.kick - Kick players
    kiwiadmin.kick.all - Kick all players
    kiwiadmin.unban - Unban a player
    kiwiadmin.reload - Reload from the database
    kiwiadmin.tempban - Temporarily ban a player
    kiwiadmin.ipban - IP ban a player
    kiwiadmin.export - Export banlist
    Commands are simple:
    /ban [player] (reason) - Ban a player, the reason will be in the kick message.
    /kick [player] (reason) - Kick a player, the reason will be in the kick message.
    /kick * (reason) - Kick all players on the server
    /tempban [player] [time] [sec/min/hour/day/week/month] (reason)
    /unban [player] - Unban a player
    /ipban [player] (reason)
    /reloadka - Reload KiwiAdmin from banlist.txt
    /checkban [player] - check if a player is banned
    /exportbans - export all bans to banned-players.txt
    If using flatfile, bans are stored in /plugins/KiwiAdmin/banlist.txt.
    IP bans are stored in plugins/KiwiAdmin/iplist.txt

    If you are using MySQL, run this query:
    CREATE TABLE  `banlist` (
      `name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `reason` text NOT NULL,
      `admin` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `temptime` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL ,
      PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
    CREATE TABLE  `banlistip` (
      `name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `ip` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
    You will also need the Connector/J in your root bukkit folder just like all other MySQL plugins!

    Using the php viewer
    You can download the php file here.
    Open it in any notepad style program and change the database settings. Save and upload to website!

    Updating from 1.x
    If you have a database from KiwiAdmin 1.x you have to run
    ALTER TABLE  `banlist` ADD  `temptime` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL ;
    Updating database from 2.0 to 2.1
    2.1 introduces IP bans, you have to create this table to use them
    CREATE TABLE  `minecraft`.`banlistip` (
      `name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `ip` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
    [​IMG] Download
    Source (not updated too often)

    Update 2.2
    • Fixed /kick *
    • Added /exportbans
    Changelog (open)

    Update 2.1
    • Added IP bans
    Update 2.0

    • Almost completely rewrote the entire plugin
    • Added temporary bans, full flatfile support
    • New configuration file
    • Added customizable messages!
    • Now displays ban reason when player tries to log in
    Update 1.2

    • Added partial names support for kicking and banning.
    • Fixed the kicking message when banning showing "Reason:" although there were no reason. (Only for MySQL users)
    Update 1.1

    • Reverted back to normal commands, /ban, /kick and /unban
    • More case insensitivity improvements. The banlists are no longer lower case only.
    • Fixed the ugly blank lines in the txt file if using flatfile
    Update 1.0

    • MySQL support!
    • Cleaned up A LOT of code.
    Update 0.5

    • Removed TSLPC
    • Added console commands support. These will be displayed as "server" eg. "yottabyte has been kicked by server!"
    Update 0.4

    • Updated to work with version 183+
    • Reformatted the commands to avoid interfering with the vanilla commands.
    Version 0.3

    • Added /unban
    • Added /reloadka - reloads the banlist from banlist.txt
    Version 0.2

    • When a player is kicked or banned, a global message is sent. Includes reason if there is one.
    • Changed PLAYER_JOIN to PLAYER_LOGIN, banned players are now kicked before they enter the server.

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    It works on my 803
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    Hey, Here's a suggestion for you. An unbannable/kickable list. You see, I co-own a server, and me and the other admin sometimes kick/ban each other for fun, or if we are angry. It could also be used to stop moderators from kicking people you don't want to be kicked. Anyway, it's just a suggestion.

    The above post was before your question. Right before actually.

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    Joe Taylor


    how do you stop it conflicting with Essentials?
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    Please update to 819
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    What isn't working in 819? I'm using it on b818 just fine
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    Can any one help i am first time using bukkit and i realy need this plugin can any 1 make a tutorial or something :'(
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    keep up the good work :)
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    Joe Taylor

    Hello i got it all connected working fine etc...
    But when i attempt to use the 'PHP viewer' i get this error code.

    I looked all over but as PHP and HTML isn't under my understanding of languages it still failed to work :/ To be honest much worse...

    Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/admin/minecraft/index.php on line 26
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    Tfs Halo

    hmm this seems like a excellent plugin.. but does it ip ban :D?
    i don't see on features so i doubt it but i hope you add maybe :)
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    I still don't see a reason to bother to add IP bans. Do people really arse to buy a new account?
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    Please add possibly to ban ip and nick by nickname. I'll use this plugin, when you add functionality, which was in simpleban - iphistory and posibility to ban ip and player name by 1 command by player nickname. PS. I don't know that they buy new account, or not, but login in different nickname - I think that, they use theirs frinds accounts(in which login from the same ip), which do all what they can, or even then shouldn't (because is protected by others plugins) for anger...
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    I run an offline mode server, and it would be heaven if the regular /ban banned the IP too :S
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    I am waiting about 3 weeks for an update including IP ban feature.
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    IP bans would be very usefull for the people that have there server in 'offline-mode'
    Lots of griefers just use the illegal version of minecraft and just enter a different name to enter the game again.
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    Joe Taylor

    Could someone help me with my problem please?
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    Is the table empty? What version of PHP are you running?
  18. Offline

    Joe Taylor

    Table has about 4 warns and im using PHP 5.2
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    Everytime I use any kiwiadmin command like /ban or /tempban or /kick there is no broadcast that it happened only the command works. So when I do /ban testplayer, testplayer logs out mean he was banned but it does not give a broadcast after that. I am on b818.
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    Why doesn't anyone have ipban.
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    I still don't see why you would run your server in offline mode. Just buy the game already :mad:
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    Oh i bought the game yes. And i convinced a lot of people on my server to buy it too. But there are lots of friends i personally know that just don't see the point of buying the game. Their argument: If you can play it without restrictions, then why buy it? And honestly i can't really argue with that... Support the developers! They say: "he's already rich!", custom skins! They say: don't care...
    And most of them are really good friends and i just don't want to kick them out of the server.
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    I really agree, ipbanning would make this plugin puurrrr-fect.
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    I'm not wasting time adding things to my plugin because some butthurt kid won't buy the game, sorry.
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    1. Please lets not get rude and 2. Who ever said they where kids?
    Anyway its your plugin so you decide if you want it or not. If you do decide to implement it. (very unlikely) You would make a lot of people happy. And if you don't, everyone will just have to deal with it.
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    Feature request: ability to modify the ban reason after you have banned someone. Sometimes if someone is hacking away or swearing away, you don't have time to write a proper ban message.
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    Joe Taylor

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  29. Offline

    Joe Taylor

    Well the script is dud then.
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    For admins with file access: you should be able to edit the banlist file.

    Love the plugin, only just installed it after looking for a tempban plugin - working well so far on my 820 server.
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    We use MySQL and have 10 moderators. Only two of the admins have ftp access :)

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