[INACTIVE] [ADMN] KiwiAdmin 2.2 - ban/tempban/kick/ipban, (MySQL or txt) [670-1158]

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    This plugin is no longer being updated for the public. The source is still being updated though, grab that and use it if you want to. Note that you might need to change some hard coded database names and such. (Advanced users only, basically)

    If you wish to continue the plugin in some form, please contact me first.

    things (open)

    KiwiAdmin 2.2
    Built against Craftbukkit #1000

    Hello people, I'm releasing my first public plugin!
    This is a very simple plugin, it adds the banning and kicking stuff for more people than just ops!

    KiwiAdmin requires either the Permissions or the GroupManager plugin!

    • Banning
    • Kicking
    • Unbanning
    • IP bans
    • Reloading banlist from either flatfile or database
    • MySQL support!
    • All actions are broadcasted to the people!
    • Case insensitivity!
    • Partial names support
    • 100% custom messages with colors
    • Temporary bans
    • Stores kicker, time, reason etc.
    • PHP script for a public banlist table. Example
    Partial names for /kick, /tempban, /ipban and /ban is optional although it is highly recommended as it seems like Bukkit has a built in feature where it can recognize a player just from the first part of their name. Eg. you ban player with "/ban playe", the ban will then be stored as playe and player will still be able to log in.

    In permissions, add these:

    kiwiadmin.ban - Ban players
    kiwiadmin.kick - Kick players
    kiwiadmin.kick.all - Kick all players
    kiwiadmin.unban - Unban a player
    kiwiadmin.reload - Reload from the database
    kiwiadmin.tempban - Temporarily ban a player
    kiwiadmin.ipban - IP ban a player
    kiwiadmin.export - Export banlist
    Commands are simple:
    /ban [player] (reason) - Ban a player, the reason will be in the kick message.
    /kick [player] (reason) - Kick a player, the reason will be in the kick message.
    /kick * (reason) - Kick all players on the server
    /tempban [player] [time] [sec/min/hour/day/week/month] (reason)
    /unban [player] - Unban a player
    /ipban [player] (reason)
    /reloadka - Reload KiwiAdmin from banlist.txt
    /checkban [player] - check if a player is banned
    /exportbans - export all bans to banned-players.txt
    If using flatfile, bans are stored in /plugins/KiwiAdmin/banlist.txt.
    IP bans are stored in plugins/KiwiAdmin/iplist.txt

    If you are using MySQL, run this query:
    CREATE TABLE  `banlist` (
      `name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `reason` text NOT NULL,
      `admin` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `temptime` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL ,
      PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
    CREATE TABLE  `banlistip` (
      `name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `ip` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
    You will also need the Connector/J in your root bukkit folder just like all other MySQL plugins!

    Using the php viewer
    You can download the php file here.
    Open it in any notepad style program and change the database settings. Save and upload to website!

    Updating from 1.x
    If you have a database from KiwiAdmin 1.x you have to run
    ALTER TABLE  `banlist` ADD  `temptime` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL ;
    Updating database from 2.0 to 2.1
    2.1 introduces IP bans, you have to create this table to use them
    CREATE TABLE  `minecraft`.`banlistip` (
      `name` varchar(32) NOT NULL,
      `ip` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`name`)
    [​IMG] Download
    Source (not updated too often)

    Update 2.2
    • Fixed /kick *
    • Added /exportbans
    Changelog (open)

    Update 2.1
    • Added IP bans
    Update 2.0

    • Almost completely rewrote the entire plugin
    • Added temporary bans, full flatfile support
    • New configuration file
    • Added customizable messages!
    • Now displays ban reason when player tries to log in
    Update 1.2

    • Added partial names support for kicking and banning.
    • Fixed the kicking message when banning showing "Reason:" although there were no reason. (Only for MySQL users)
    Update 1.1

    • Reverted back to normal commands, /ban, /kick and /unban
    • More case insensitivity improvements. The banlists are no longer lower case only.
    • Fixed the ugly blank lines in the txt file if using flatfile
    Update 1.0

    • MySQL support!
    • Cleaned up A LOT of code.
    Update 0.5

    • Removed TSLPC
    • Added console commands support. These will be displayed as "server" eg. "yottabyte has been kicked by server!"
    Update 0.4

    • Updated to work with version 183+
    • Reformatted the commands to avoid interfering with the vanilla commands.
    Version 0.3

    • Added /unban
    • Added /reloadka - reloads the banlist from banlist.txt
    Version 0.2

    • When a player is kicked or banned, a global message is sent. Includes reason if there is one.
    • Changed PLAYER_JOIN to PLAYER_LOGIN, banned players are now kicked before they enter the server.

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    Nice, i like it! :D You should add so when someone is banned/kicked it will be displayed for everyone in the chat and the reason to why that player was banned/kicked. That would be awesome :3
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    Good idea! Easy to add, too.
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    It would be amazing, i hope you can add it to the plugin soon :3
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    Would it be possible to add a way to unban a player, and possibly a way to reload the list if it was manually edited?
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    Update 0.2

    • When a player is kicked or banned, a global message is sent. Includes reason if there is one.
    • Changed PLAYER_JOIN to PLAYER_LOGIN, banned players are now kicked before they enter the server.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 5:01 PM ---
    Fully possible, looking into it. :)

    Update 0.3
    • Added /unban
    • Added /reloadka - reloads the banlist from banlist.txt
    Edit: sorry for double post, thought it'd merge! :x

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    Go the Kiwis!
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    works perfect :)
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    Suggestion: Allow the ban file to be pointed to in the config via an absolute path. This was one of my largest complaints about Hey0, is the lack of ability to easily share ban files between servers. I run two servers on the same box, so if I could point both of the servers to the same ban file, it would be incredibly helpful.

    I wouldn't really care if it didn't show up as a ban immediately on the other server, just so long as they are both adding to the list. That way, on a server restart, the list would be refreshed for both servers with bans from both servers.

    MySQL would be even better, of course. ;)
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    Just what I am looking for :)
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    Very nice! Just what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!
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    hey will this work with groupuser if i give myself the permissions?
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    *sigh* do I have to use permissions? Or can i just stick with groupusers?
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    From what i understand group users is no longer going to be updated, correct me if i am wrong
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    GroupUsers is outdated and no longer supported by it's creator. I will not spend time working on that, no.

    I might look into adding MySQL support, since I use that a lot on my server too. [​IMG]
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    plz plz get it working i realy need a working /kick and ban and unban
  17. could you please add a function, like /ban will ban the name and the ip?
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    People can just come back into the server after i ban them.
    Craftbukkit #141
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    It would be great if you could temp ban people aswell

    /tempban [5] [player] (reason) - Ban a player for X days, the reason will be in the kick message.
    The [5] represents how many days the player will be banned for, maybe make it so it can also be set to hours or even minutes?
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    Outdated? lol

    Works just fine for me on build 141...
  21. Great idea on the plugin!

    A few suggestions of things it should have :
    - Offline banning (don't you just hate when griefers leave just before you get to ban them)
    - Bans stored in banned-players.txt (or configurable ban file)
    - Temp banning (has been suggested above, i support it. Perhaps make it like /ban playername reason time (where time is something like 1h or 1m or 1d)
    - Messages when banned players try to connect (perhaps display the same message that was used when banning the player)

    Thanks, and keep doing awesome work :)
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    Offline banning is there. Bans are stored in a configurable text file in plugins/KiwiAdmin/banlist.txt
    Messages when trying to get on would require storing the reasons in a text file. I'm thinking about it. Temp bans is planned.
    I have exams and stuff coming up so I don't have much time to work on the plugin right now though :/
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    I'm kinda new at this... If I had your permission stuff on Admins-only, how would it look like?
    group: Admins
    permissions: if i put something here, won't I get only the permissions listed here :/ ?
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    It will also include the permissions from the group. If you want people in the "Admins" group to be able to use the commands, then put it under the Admins group. If you are using the standard settings in Permissions, that won't matter though since the Admins group can use all commands.
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    nice, simple and clean!! way to go.
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    Banning doesnt work on my server. :/ it saves the name to banned.txt but they can rejoin
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    did u find a way for it to work with groupusers yet or no?
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    SEVERE: Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND to KiwiAdmin.

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    Patched to work with 183+

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