[INACTIVE][ADMN] iSee 0.2.1 - Inventory Management Made easy! [483]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by WMisiedjan, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Permissions is not functioning. You need to be a server OP for this plugin to work properly.
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    Permissions still not working on 0.2.1

    No console errors

    just says in game - You Do Not Have Permission For This Command

    CB - 493
    Minecraft 1.3
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    wget friendly link please
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    Sir Ducksworth

    Yeah, I am getting this problem where you have to be close to them to edit they're inventories. Sometimes they walk out of range while im editing the inventory and it closes.
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    hey i become this error "you dont have the permissions for this command!" too x.x maybe you will fix it? i have tested with the permission node and without (iam admin with *)
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    I'd love to work on this again but my computer is broken :(

    And don't have the money to fix it, Everyone who loves this plugin and like to see fixes and improvements please DONATE!
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    The source only checks if the player is op'd...There is absolutely zero permissions support. Tomorrow, when I am hopefully migraineless, I'll see if I can't add that in...
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    The source there is just the basis, the actual infchests.jar includes Permissions, Hoping to fix this issue as soon as possible.
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    When will we get the range fix?
  10. I hope this can works, as I remember hearing theres a limitation in minecraft concerning chests and proximity...
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    are there any other plugins that do this? Just asking cause this is no longer active :/
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    yes, "Essentials.jar" with command "/invsee player"
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    Essentials.jar Adopted this command, I will continue updating this Tuesday I hope for people that doesn't want/have Essentials. Will be active again then.
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    can't wait for the update. I don't like that essentials just gives you their items :/ your method is much better :D
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    So, I think I will have an Update by tonight, So it's working with build 600.
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    Any news? I love this plugin and i hope for an update for CB 617

    Edit: Sorry, did not see the "Inactive".
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    i have CB#617 and it works just fine for me
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    anyone looked into the distance problem?
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    please update to CB#670 (it is working still YEA!!) but to have server wide distance would be nice
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    Timothy Graham

    Any updates coming for 670? Or does anyone have this runnin still on new versions?
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    im running it on 740 still good
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    since this plugin seems to be unsupported, try openinv by lishid, it works perfectly, and has no distance issue.
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    This plugin was indeed developed as a proof of concept and I'm glad people integrated and improved it in their plugins. I feel like I made a small revolution. :D
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