[INACTIVE][ADMN/FUN] Humiliation v0.8 - Humiliate Griefers with a Variety of Options [860]

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    Under new management:


    Changelog (open)

    0.8 - overhauled properties system - now called "humiliation.properties", and it actually works! :)
    - added option to disable automatic death when a player places TNT
    - works with CB recommended build #766
    0.7.1 - fixed NPE when a player attempts to break a WEB block
    - bad-words.txt now comes with 4 bad words already in it!
    0.7 - added /trap and /untrap commands
    - tons of code refactoring
    - plugin.yml is now 50% shorter due to the removal of some unneccesary stuff
    - added README.txt file for proper error-reporting techniques
    - added option to specify nick-color in-game using /humiliate command; if no color is specified, it defaults to "default-nick-color"
    - replaced "nickname-color" config property with "default-nick-color"
    - works with CB recommended build #740
    0.6 - works with CB recommended build #733
    - added /strike command
    - added bad-words.txt; if a player (that does not have the node 'humiliation.admin') says a word
    in bad-words.txt, they are struck by lightning
    0.5 - removed auto-kick for TNT; now player is just blown to smithereens if he tries to place TNT
    (and does not have the 'humiliation.admin' node)
    0.5-alpha2 - throw height is now part of throw command (if none is specified, defaults to "default-throw-height" in config file
    - works with CB recommended build #677
    0.5-alpha1 - added ability to leash players -- not perfect yet
    - 'humiliation.leash' node
    - fixed a silly mistake in v0.4 (didn't actually get rid of onCommand in main class)
    - works with CB recommended build #674
    0.4 - moved all commands to CommandExecutor class
    - works with CB recommended build #670
    0.3.5 - very small bugfixes/code clean-up
    0.3.4 - added colorful throw messages
    - removed [noun] parameter from /slap command
    0.3.3 - fixed /throw command
    - a bit of code re-arranging
    0.3.2 - fixed console message-spam whenever a player with the 'humiliation.admin' node placed a block
    0.3.1 - fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error -- finally!
    - added /throw [player] command
    0.3 - created Permissions-handling class
    - added LeashMap class to store leashers/leashees for /leash command (LEASH COMMAND
    - added automatic kick on use of TNT, which is configurable in the config.yml
    - needed bugfixes
    - 'humiliation.admin' Permissions node
    - updated to latest recommended build (CB build600)
    - now uses Permissions v2.5.5
    0.2.2 - ability to leash players
    - more bugfixes
    0.2.1 - small bugfix and code cleanup
    0.2 - console spam fix for /slap command
    - /humiliate nickname color now configurable in config.yml (see Configuration section)
    - now open source
    0.1.1 - added Permissions support
    0.1 - Initial release

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    The link is not working.
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    can someone help me when i try to download the plugin i get 404 error.PM me with a solution
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    :mad:Argh! Needs to be updated!!!!!!! Someone start a new UPDATED thread!
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    Matt Gill

    I hope this gets picked up by someone I was really hoping for the leash command to work again.

    Here is an upload of v0.8: Download
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    Anyone got a source for this?
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    I hope this gets picked up by someone too.
    Really awesome plugin.
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    when i click install it comes up with somthing or other box and it says error 404 this page dosen't exsist help please
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    it dosnt download for me:(
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    I will (attempt to) continue on this! Love this plugin and needs to be updated!! D:
    I'll post a forum link once its ready! @Matt Gills Thanks for the download! Decompiling it now.
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    the link is broken :(
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    I must continue this plugin! It is to good... to die.
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    i cant download it please help
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    awsome but the downlaod doesn't work
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    Broken Download :'(
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    hey man, i know that is plugin is REALLY out of date, but i just wanted to say that even now, 1000 builds afterwards, that it still works, and i still use it on my server. Thanks for this plugin, its alot of fun and very useful.
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