[INACTIVE][ADMN/DEV] Damnit, Weasel5i2, WTF? Your plugin messed up my world! v1.1 [740]

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    Damnit, Weasel5i2! Your plugin messed up my world!:
    Version: v1.1

    In case your world is suddenly overloaded with sugarcanes (aka Vines from the Wild Grass mod) or there are WAAAAY too many flowers, or mushrooms, etc.. this is the plugin for you! All it does is fix the various minor problems created by my Vegetation plugin.

    /fixgrass - sets all grass within a 64Hx4V block radius of the player's location to zero.
    /fixvines - removes all vines within a 64Hx4V block radius of the player's location.
    /fixplants - removes all flowers and mushrooms within a 64Hx4V block radius of the player's location.
    /rose - grows a single red rose on the targeted block.
    /flower - grows a single yellow flower on the targeted block.
    /rmushroom - grows a single red mushroom on the targeted block.
    /bmushroom - grows a single brown mushroom on the targeted block.
    • Sets the grass around the player to zero. NO grass.
    • Removes any and all vines (sugarcanes) from around the player. It will not affect normal sugarcanes, only the ones with a data value of 15 (the Vines data value)
    • Removes any and all flowers from around the player.
    • Removes any and all mushrooms from around the player.
    Download the Plugin (JAR) v1.1
    Download the Plugin (ZIP) v1.1
    Download the Source (ZIP) v1.1GitHub

    Version 1.1 26-Apr-2011
    • Recompiled against latest recommended Craftbukkit build #733.
    Version 1.0 09-Apr-2011
    • Created plugin
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    This is hilarious :D
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    But will it blend?
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    Thanks man.. You the man.. Now my server is okay again! Thanks again!
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    Haha, just one question....Why isn't this put into the actual plugin as an update?
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    Oh geez, this is actually incredibly helpful. Thank you.

    I was about to go nuts hitting those canes off of my trees.
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    I have to admit this is the most awesome plugin (in a way). It could even be more awesome than Charlie Sheen
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    Lord Chaos

    Is this plugin fix now built in to the main plugin?
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    Although I havn't had this problem... I gotta say, the concept of this plugin is freaking awesome. Way to go, Weasel :)

    A developer with a good sense of humor? Awesome.
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    There should be an option to remove ALL grass/plants/etc.
    Annoying to have to go through and do the command every 64 blocks for the entire map -.-
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    Is this compatible with the permissions system? I run the Essentials right now, but wondered if I could set these commands to op or Admin only? Or will everyone on the server be able to use these commands?

    If it isn't permissions based, I would take it as a kindness if you could. Either way, it has a secondary purpose. I can grow a flower garden! Or just a hidden pretty somewhere in the forest for people to stumble upon. I can make flower boxes, too, with this. Couldn't before because the flowers can't be planted otherwise.
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    One way to fix the Vegetation plugin would be to have the number of plants set at a limit and then as they are removed a new one will spawn on one of the loaded chunks to replace it. That way you dont end up with entire trees covered in veins and flowers and mushrooms carpeting the ground and there are always enough plants for everyone.
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    Considered inactive.
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    WOAH, I just wandered unwillingly into the world of pointless plugins!

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