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    I've stopped the development of this plugin, becase I lost the motivation. The user 'gamerx93' will continue my work in this thread:


    Backup - A simple Backup Plugin :
    Version : 1.6

    After I've searched for a simple, but powerfull backup plugin, I've tried some backups, but some have bugs, other don't save the world before they zip and so on. So I decided to write my own backup plugin.

    • Automatically backups the server(all worlds) in a Intervall you've decided and zip it.
    • Saves every world running on the server and every player before the backup
    • Supporting Permission
    • Supporting manuel backups (you can use an ingame command or on the console)
    • Storing only a limit of backups that you've configure
    • You can set that only to backup when player are on the server
    • Stores also the plugin folder
    • Formate the date format

    Version 1.6:
    • Added option to control where the backups are getting stored
    • Fixed disabling broadcast messages
    • You can now use also the old save system, which is the same as before 1.5
    • Uses godsny's suggestion for the config file. Thanks !
    • Fixed bug deleting the custom dir when the maximum backup limit is hit!
    • Fixed bug stopping the complete backup if there is one file error!
    • Fixed bug not disabling the automatic backup when you set the BackupIntervall to -1
    Version 1.5:
    • Added property to also backup the plugin folder(is set to true by default)
    • Fixed issue with data corruption by using not thread save methods. Thanks to desmin88 for the hints!
    • All worlds(and when enabled the plugin folder) is stored in ONE ZIP
    • Customize the timestamp by merge a fork of xfxian . Thanks to xfxian!
    • You can now disable enabling the autosave (the command "save-on", not the backup cyclus!) by setting the property to true. It is false by default. Notify, that I will run the command "save-off" before I will start the backup to prevent unwished results!
    • When server is starting, the config.ini is checked now. If you don't have the current config.ini you can see on the console a error. Remove / relocate the config temporary to get the newest one.
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    Version 1.4a:
    • Fixed the bug " [Backup] Zipping backup is disabled! "
    Version 1.4:
    • Use ASyncMethod instead of SyncMethod (the lags should be gone)
    • Own broadcast messages ( change the message in you config.ini file)
    • A backup is run when the last player has left the server after the normal backup cyclus.
    • Remove worlds from backup (add the names of the worlds in your config.ini files)
    • Add an option to just store the worlds in dirs or zip them
    • Some minor improvements
    Version 1.3a:
    • You can now run a backup from the console using the command backup
    Version 1.3:
    • Implemented new function to only backup when player are online
    • Use Apache Common IO library instead of code from the internet for a better performance and better stability
    Version 1.2b:
    • Fixed bug with empty dirs
    Version 1.2a:
    • Fixed bug not creating config.ini
    Version 1.2:
    • Implement property so only ops can start manuell backups
    • Updated to recommened build 602
    • Tried to fix the problem with some system by using the system file seperator
    Version 1.1:
    • Added option to give manual backups a name(which will never automatically removed by auto backup)
    Version 1.0:
    • First release

    Just place it in your plugins dir

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    After the first start of the plugin it generates a config.ini in "plugins/Backup".
    Here is the current content:

    // --All variables are in minutes--
    // How often show the backup run? (#)
    // Notice: -1 Will disable automatic backups. You have to run the backups now manually!
    // How many backups are retained? If this limit is hit, the oldest backup will be removed. (#)
    // Only allow Ops to preform manual backups? (true/false)
    // Should backups only be preformed when there are players on the server?
    // Notice: When the last player leaves the server, a final backup will be made
    // within the backup cycle. The automatic backup cycle will resume when a player
    // joins. (true/false)
    // Server broadcast message when starting a backup.
    // Notice : Remove the messages(not the property) to disable a broadcast. (text)
    MessageStartBackup=Start backup
    // Server broadcast message when a backup is completed.
    // Notice : Remove the messages(not the property) to disable a broadcast. (text)
    MessageFinishBackup=Finished backup
    // Worlds that should not be archived by the server, seperate them by
    // a semicolon. (directory names)
    // Example : World1;World2;Nether
    // ZIP backups?
    // If enabled, backups will be compressed and stored in a ZIP archive named with
    // the current timestamp.
    // If disabled, the backup will stored in a folder with the timestamp. (true/false)
    // Custom date format string that is appended to every backup.
    // If left empty, the default date format is used.
    // This has to be a Java String.format string, see
    // http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.5.0/docs/api/java/util/Formatter.html#syntax
    // for reference.
    // Example: -%1$tY%1$tm%1$td-%1$tH%1$tM%1$tS (YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS: 20101201-011323) (conforms to ISO 8601)
    // Enables the auto-save function after the backup.
    // Notice: If you set this to false, this plugin will backup your worlds but not save
    // the data from the memory to your hard disc. If the server crashes between
    // backups, all work is lost. Disable if you use another plugin to save the world
    // to disk (EG: autosave). (true/false)
    // Backup plugin directory? (true/false)
    // Location of backups
    // Store all backuped world in one zip? (true/false)
    // If false every worlds backup is saved in one directory named in the format:

    After this just type in your server
    to reload the settings


    /backup starts a manuel Backup of your server. If you don't have permissions, everybody can run this command.
    /backup NAME starts a manuel Backup of your server. This backup is stored in backups/custom

    So far
    So Mel
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    Then I'm sorry. I knew having two places for plugins would be an issue. They should at least change the title here.
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    I'm not able to change the title - I'm not the original author.
    I just made the BukkitDev page, because i am not able to edit the original post.
    Maybe you should read the latest posts before coming to conclusions :)
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    Fantastic! You guys are forking this incredibly essential plugin! =)
    xZise's suggestion makes sense to me, but more for archiving purposes? If you carry out the idea farther: (actually this may be exactly what he meant =P)

    So for the last 24hrs, it can keep have backups for every ~15mins or whatever you have yours set to. Then for the last week, only daily backups. For the next month, only weekly, etc, etc.

    That's just what came across my mind, and don't really think I NEED this added functionality =P. Thanks again for continuing development gamerx93 and lycano.
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    Thanks, its good too see that people appreciate our work!
    I'm going to continue developing it as much as i can. If you want to make any requests, just add a "Issue" on github, and ill get right on it!
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    Don Redhorse

    Create a new Thread in plugin submissions and tell a mod to close this one and make some edits to it.
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    You know your last comment was necessary and the smiley-face doesn't make your post friendly at all. Sorry. This is why I never comment on these. Don Redhorse has the right idea.

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    I'm in the process of making a new one now.

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    Don Redhorse

    and now we just need to wait for the mods... thanks btw..
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    Ehr? Isn't there dev.bukkit.org for?

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    Until they jettison the forums as the main source, its still a good idea to put em in both places, which they have.
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    Don Redhorse

    well kina... I hope... I really hope developers post there plugin releases and updates / changelogs here.. because here is / should be the main entry point into bukkit... to get the plugin / support etc I hope people would go to dev.bukkit as that is more able to support the people.
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    The only negative of dev.bukkit.org are the missing alerts. But it's up the devs here if they want to support also here.

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    @xZise , @Don Redhorse as long as bukkit doesnt provide its own service in my opinion dev.bukkit is kinda "workaround" .. you need a Curse Account .. well i do have one but i dont want to manage five different sources. Maybe its a good maintaining platform for starters but not for advanced users who have its own jenkins, artifactory and issue tracker ....(git is okay for project goal tracking cause most of the forum users who dont develop own plugins dont register at github)

    Especially when it comes to bug tracking bukkit.org should give us devs a trac or something else where you can use your forum account not adding additional stuff where you have to register another account and manage it seperatelly/additionally.
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    Don Redhorse

    @xZise @lycano well it is just an idea.. a lot of developers are fine to support in the forums but some plugins are just to BIG and complicated.

    You can use an external source and only have the plugin and a landing page on dev.bukkit..

    about trac... well you could ask the bukkit team about that... I agree that would be nice... on the other side it wouldn't help with plugin specific forums which I think SOME plugins could really use...
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    @Don Redhorse shure some plugins only needs a simple page but in general lets play this through =)
    A plugin starts small obviously. Over the time the plugin starts to grow and is hard to manage cause you may need an issue- or features tracker. A forum based comment system is not good enough to keep track of it.

    I would redesign the whole structure here..

    - Issue Tracker (trac or something elese with single sign on (forum account))
    - Plugin Discussion for your plugin "Only discussion about ... dislikes or likes .. feature discussion"
    - Features Tracker can be done via Issue Tracker if you tag it as "[Feature-Request]"
    - If something useful comes out of the "Disscussion" then the summary can be opened as a [Feature-Request] Issue- / Feature Track
    - (Most likely everything can be done via Issue-Trac ... Tag it as [Discussion/Request] ---)

    This way a dev can keep track of all needed Info. In my homble opinion devs dont need another dev.bukkit forum (on curse) they need some tools for easy management so you dont need to be a real-programmer with managing skills.

    Shure dev.bukkit was born (i think) cause the forum shouldnt hold plugins jar data .. should be placed elsewhere but as i mentioned in my opinion this was done the "unpractical" way ;)
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    Don Redhorse

    well... I agree... read my threads :cool:

    dev.bukkit is better than what we had...there are better options still.. but nothing for us to decide unfortunately.. but this also doesn't belong here..

    btw: thanks for taking the plugin up together with gamerx93
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    this is one of the best plugins ive used
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    will this still work for 1.8? this seems interesting
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    @EpicMule scroll up a bit and visit the new thread or go to dev.bukkit.org then youll find a working version.

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