[INACTIVE][ADMN] Admin Mode v0.4.3 - Save your items before dealing with griefers! [860]

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    Admin Mode is a simple plugin - it saves your items, health, and location so you can deal with griefers, bad players, etc.
    Like this plugin? Contribute to the developers :)
    Current Version: 0.4.3 (Download AdminMode.jar)
    Permissions Support! (Completely optional)
    The Commands
    • /adminmode - Save your items, health, and location
    • /am - Alias of /adminmode
    The usage is very simple. You type /am and it clears your inventory, saves your health, and saves your location. After you have dealt with the griefers, done your admin duties, or whatever you felt like doing, you simply need to type /am again and it will return your items, your health, and return you to where you were last standing.

    • 0.4.3
      • Updated to CB #818
    • 0.4.1
      • Updated to CB #677
      • Fixed Permissions support
    • 0.4
      • Updated to CB #617
      • Implemented the ability to switch on/off health/location/items resetting
      • Changed enable / disable to /am on|off (temporary, I hope.)
    • 0.3
      • Entities now avoid any player using Admin Mode.
      • Added configuration file. plugins/AdminMode/settings.properties
      • Added Permissions support. Use "adminmode.use" to allow a player or group to use /am (or /adminmode)
      • Added hook PLAYER_JOIN, if a player had disconnected and reconnected, their location, health, and inventory will be reset to what it was.
      • Added hook ENTITY_TARGET to allow the first change (entity will not target player)
    • 0.2
      • Implemented functional god mode, preventing the death of an operator teleporting to a player.
      • Removed extra call to players' inventory when restoring it.
      • Removed an unused import in amEntity.java
    • 0.1
      • Initial release.
    ... this idea originated from http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/7648/
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    Yes all premission for the other plugins works.
    If a User Group have the "adminmode.use" premission it works fine.
    Only with '*' i don't hava access to the command.
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    Sure, I changed it to a .txt to upload it. Also, the first time I ran it I had just un-commented the items line and used it but I had spaces between the items so it gave me some error (I forget what exactly). Then it automatically moved the line for me someone so I just went with that and fixed the spacing issue and after that is when it happened.

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    That is not my plugin, that is dv90's. You should check the "AutoStop" plugin.
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    Ahh duh I'm sorry the auto stop and admin looked the same XD I know what the problem is then sorry about that
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    This plugin is exactly the kind of thing I needed.
    Some suggestions.
    Allow different adminmode packages(sets of items) to be defined where each package can have god or not. I understand this is basically the /kit functionality, but these 'kits' are temporary. Setup permissions so we can have, adminmode.use.* (for all), or adminmode.use.<packagename> Also if possible, somehow allow each package to define the armor that will be equipped.

    Once we can define these seperate packages and give permissions to different levels of moderators. If possible it would be cool if each one could also run other commands, such as /vanish

    For example: I setup a pack called "spy" that gives just a compass for teleporting. It enables god, and runs /vanish as the user who typed /am. This could be used really quickly for spying on potential hackers.

    I give the permission adminmode.use.spy to whoever I want to be able to use this pack.
    They type /am spy to use it.

    And I'm going to go to sleep now before I start asking mod developers to make a self aware plugin that administers the server for me.
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    It's not a problem, I try to help out with his plugin from time to time anyways. :p
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    lol well my mistake for reading too fast
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    Works fine found and fixed error on my part

    Thanks for a great plugin
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    Can somebody help me, I have set adminmode.use as a permissions for both the group i am in and for myself indiviually (not at the same time of course) and the server says that i do not have permission to use the command /am or /adminmode - i have also tried using adminmode.* as a permission, still to no avail, i am not an op as this overrides some plugins i have and gives me commands i do not want, for the same reason i have not given myself the '*' permission. Any help would be appreciated.
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    ain't working on 612.
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    Can you please update this to work with Minecraft Server 1.4?
    Preferably CraftBukkit Build #617
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    We miss this mod. I'll keep checking back every day : )
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    sounds really useful, since on my survival server, we have a warmup and cooldown on /home :D
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    I hope this is updated for 617 soon. Thanks again for a great plugin.
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    Just the same as MacVaultDweller, thanks for this plugin and I hope it will soon be ready for cb617. It's the last one I need to fully upgrade my server.
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    I will be updating this today, I'm getting my web server back online first, though.

    AdminMode 0.4 has been released.

    This build introduces the global flags for resetting the players' location, health, and items.
    This can be configured by the following:
    resetLoc = true
    resetHealth = true
    resetItems = true
    This goes in your plugins/AdminMode/settings.properties file.

    This release can be downloaded here: http://hailxenu.net/download/AdminMode.jar

    Future Plans:
    • Make configurable flags for each group in Permissions.
    Known Issues:
    • Plugin messes up for the player if /am on is done twice.
    • Typing just /am is no longer doable (for any odd reason), looking into this.

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    Thank you! This is a great plugin!
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    Can somebody please help me to get this plugin working. Every time I try to use /adminmode or /am or /am on|off I get a message that I do not have the permission to use the command. I have got the adminmode.use permission.
    Here is my Permissions yml file:
            system: default
            copies: null
            default: true
                prefix: '&7[GUEST] '
                suffix: '&7'
                build: false
            inheritance: null
            permissions: null
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            inheritance: null
            - general.basic
            - general.spawn
            - general.teleport
            - general.playerlist
            - myhome.home.basic.*
            - iSort.basic.all
            - iSort.basic.chest.*
            - iSort.adv.stack
            - sendgift.send
            - dropchest
            - iConomy.payment
            - iConomy.rank
            - iConomy.list
            - MobBounty.mb
            default: false
                prefix: '&2[MOD] '
                suffix: '&2'
                build: true
            - Member
            - general.teleport.*
            - general.who
            - craftbukkituptodate.broadcast
            default: false
                prefix: '&9[ADMIN] '
                suffix: '&9'
                build: true
            - Moderator
            - autosave.save
            - adminmode.use
            - nocheat.notify
            group: Admin
                prefix: '&c[GOD] '
                suffix: '&c'
                dropchestmaxradius: 100
            - permissions.group.*
            - iConomy.admin.grant
            - iConomy.admin.stats
            - iConomy.admin.account.*
            - iConomy.rank
            - general.give
            - general.time.set
            - general.spawn.*
            - general.admin
            - permissions.reload
            - bb.admin.*
            - autosave.world.*
            - mobiile.positioning.*
            - mobiile.admin.*
            - myhome.*
            - DisposalChest.*
            - dropchest.destroy
            - dropchest.create
            - dropchest.radius.set
            - dropchest.which
            group: Admin
                prefix: '&9[NINJA] '
                suffix: '&9'
            permissions: null
            group: Moderator
            info: null
            permissions: null
            group: Member
            group: Member
    The Plugins I have are:
    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know.
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    @gnftoxic : Thanks for the update, this plugin rocks ! :D

    @FrogInABox : Try to put your permissions nodes between '
    - adminmode.use becomes - 'adminmode.use'
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    What travis said will work but to simplify out everything for you why not use: - '*' to give yourself access to all commands
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    This gave me a java.exe error in Windows and crashes my server. I had to remove this plugin ;-/
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    Do you happen to have any logs of what the error was?
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    Well, I had this crash three times in a row with the error. I just put the plugin back in to duplicate the error, and now it appears to want to work. However, the permission does not seem to be working. I have tried - 'adminmode.use' and - 'adminmode.*' but I keep receiving the error in-game, 'You do not have permission to run this command!' whenever I try to use /adminmode or /am.


    I'm PM'ing you the link now.

    *edit haha, somehow I ended up gettin' bump'd back to the end of page one... you never even asked for that link. These forums mess with my head. ;p

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    This is lovely.
  26. toxic, youre plugin gives me back the freedom to enjoy playing on our own server again! Usually my own "player items" got mixed up with "admin items" that I spawn for building stuff and it really spoiled my gameplay. Finally I can properly differ my "playermode" from my "adminmode" so items dont get mixed up any longer! Thanks alot!
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    Unfortunately, this makes no difference, I just tried it and am still not allowed to use the command. Any other ideas ?
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    If I use admin mode, will it change premisions, so user can use samo commands as admin?
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    I will look at permissions and see what's going on. Odd that they're not working, as they've always worked properly for me.

    No, it does not change the permissions of the user executing the 'admin mode' function.

    I have found the problem with Permissions, tested against 2.7, and updated the mod to version 0.4.1. This is NOT a required update, unless you are using permissions, as it is the only change.


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    Good plugin, helped me some times.

    However, I noticed that the admin mode don't retrieve my items once I disconnect. That is to say if I disconnect with admin mode activated, I'll lost my old inventory.

    Maybe a future feature ? ^^
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    I've put a few different things in place to prevent it, it doesn't always seem to work though.

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