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    Yeditor (Yedit) v1.2 [ALL] (β)
    Yeditor allows you to edit the the permissions file in game. Similar to that of hMods modify commands. At the moment it is fairly limited but i will extend as time persists :).

    Works on 2.5.1 Permissions! (Default world name).
    Note: It changes the format of your config. This is nothing to worry about the permissions will still work. :)

    Note requires Permissions.
    Also add "yeditor.editor" as a permission node for editors.
    * /yt(/yedit) add <player> <group> - Adds player to a group.
    * /yt del <player> - Removes the player altogether from the permissions.
    * /yt modify <player> <group> - Changes a players group.
    * <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">/yt addC <group|player> <command.node> - Adds a command node to a group or player. Not updated.</font>
    * Then once done type /permissions to reload permissions.

    Download <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * v1 : Released
    * v1.1 : Update for 400+. Should work on all permission formats.
    * v1.2: Update for permissions 2.4.
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    Awesome! Cannot wait to try this!
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    Just 1 question, when one adds the command(/yt addC <group|player> <command> - Adds a command to a group or player) do you use the node or the/[command]
    i,e if im using myhome, would i type /yt addC admin myhome.* or /yt addC admin home set?
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    Installing this for just the reload command. :D
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    Reuploaded so that I can use wget: http://ahb.me/1Oum
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 12:31 AM ---
    I can't seem to get addC to work
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    You add the node.
    for instance. superheat.sh for my superheat plugin.

    Will have a look.
    EDIT: Just had a look. Remeber you are adding the node and not the command.
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    Nice Sam good work!! May not be at it's full potential but it is great!
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    Thanks. :)

    Working on:
    • Adding prefixes/suffixs modification.
    • Removing commands from groups.
    • Adding groups.
    • Deleting groups.
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    So let's say I give that command to my mod, will he be able to move himself into the admin group?
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    Technically yes and no.
    He could change his group but he won't be allowed to Reload Permissions. (Unless given to).
    I will add a blacklist or something to stop this.
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    doesn't work for me. every command has no response and yes I put it into permissions, thanks anyway.
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 6:13 PM ---
    I use 314 craftbukkit btw
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    Permision node for /pr?
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    There isn't one i don't think.
    Admins only. Check permissions post.
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    This plugin works Perfectly!This is great for my Mods and Admins to use when new players join the server to be promoted!Takes a lot of time off my hands now!

    Thanks Samkio!
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    this is flat out amazing. other editors like this screw up the file! thank you!
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    The reload command is not from this plugin... its from Niji's Permissions Plugin.
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    Hey super great, it works. MUCH thanks!

    And I have a request ;-)
    Support for multiple configs, because I use ServerPort for my nether.
    So it would be nice, to have a config for this plugin, where I can define the full path of the 2nd permission config,
    so this plugin adds the user to the two servers.

    Is this possible?
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    On b320, I don't get any response from any commands. It says the plugin is 'locked and loaded' but it does not respond nonetheless. I didn't add the permission, but I am in the Admins group with an encompassing '*' permission.
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 7:14 AM ---
    What Craftbukkit build are you using Jobsti?
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    On my Testserver #325
    On my mainservers #322
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    mine keeps saying, error cannot del player, cannot add command etc! anoying, and /pr refreshes no changes i make
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    This plugin killed all my server plugins.. =/
    Now my server is useless..
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    Yes this is totally. Possible and great thinking! :)

    @GEN3RIC Are you getting any error messages? (In game or console).

    @Hellothere1990 Yes it depends on how your permission file is written will fix this. :)

    @KrisEike Like i said its Alpha uses at your own risk. :)
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    What about making this plugin easyer for my MODs?
    /yt promote (nick)
    /yt demote (nick)

    Like the old "dalaRANK" for hey0.
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    great plugin, thanks.
    few bugs/ideas (you may already know):
    - bug: modifying a player multiple times produces linebreaks (it deletes the player and adds it again with a linebreake infront?)
    - feature: permission separation to "yeditor.admin" and "yeditor.moderator", where moderator only allowed to add/modify players to !specified! target groups. i dont want my mods elect new mods or even admins on my server :)
    - feature: check if player already exists in permissions, so /yt add player group would act like /yt modify player groups group if yes (it duplicates the player if you try to add an existing player)
    - feature: check if group exists, when add/modify player to a group, since it simply ignores that the group was misspelled or just not there, adds a player with an nonexisting group.
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    can add commands perfectly now, need to be a empty like between the start of each group!

    but /pr never refreshes the permissions and still have to restart for them to take place

    can anyone link a useful plugin or a fix for this please? driving me crazy
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 3:39 PM ---
    its ok, got it working!
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    Yes i will add a cleanup function to delete the line breaks.
    Yeah i will try to add some sort of thing to stop mods modifying their group to admin.
    Ah will fix this issue. :)
    I have written the code for this gonna finish it off and upload.

    Nice :p
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    Dont takes any command on Bukkit build 325. :/ Anyway we need this and if you could improve it, that would be great. ;)

    It would just be great if you can add a node to the permissions for add or modify Players just of inherented Groups in general.

    f.e. Big has Small and Tiny as inherented Groups, so if Big has the node to modify and add Members he can set new players or existing players in Small or Tiny Group to the Small or Tiny Group. (Not his own Group of Course)

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    Yep I also have an issue like some people mentioned that you have not answered yet. When I try to add cmds to groups it says you cannot add that cmd? Any help or maybe just give an example so I can check if my text is right.
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    Whenever I use it it changes all of my special color code symbols to question marks. Any way around this?
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 1:09 PM ---
    Oh and by the way, in your signature it says: Baisc instead of Basic
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    I can edit users even if I don't have any permissions at all, so I won't be using this until that's fixed.
    You should change 'groups' to 'group' when modifying a users group. You can only belong to one group at a time :p

    Awesome plugin, but you must fix permissions!

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