[INACTIVE][ADMIN/FUN] v1.0 DeathStick - Wield a Deadly Scythe [600][Permissions support]

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    Become the Grim Reaper!

    Download latest release: v1.0

    DeathStick is a simple, easily configured plugin that turns your humble stick into a insta-kill weapon, destroying mobs and players with a single hit. Just give yourself the permission 'deathstick.enable' and your sticks take on a whole new meaning altogether.

    • Easily configurable permissions (scroll down to see what they are)
    • Allows instant kills with sticks - just hit a mob or player to kill instantly (PVP must be enabled to kill players).
    • No complicated flatfiles, just add the permission and go.
    • Ranged killing of mobs and players - point stick at block and swing - all mobs within a 3 block radius will die, players will be set on fire.

    • For base plugin functionality, give the 'deathstick.enable' permission to users/groups.
    • For ranged DeathStick, add 'deathstick.ranged' to the trustworthy.
    Known Issues:

    • There is a slight delay between death dealing - this is due to Bukkit hooks not being specific enough, resulting in increased lookup times for entities.

    v1.0 - initial release.

    DeathStick is just a quick plugin I made for a friend :), and follows my new plugin direction: easily configurable and simple to use. This is an initial release, so just report any bugs and they will be fixed promptly. I hope you enjoy it!
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    The permissions doesnt work anyone can use it D:
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    Try redownloading, probably fixed. Also, added a new mode - deathstick RANGED. Now, just click on a block and it will kill all mobs within a 3 block radius. Permission required - deathstick.ranged
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    It works now thanks [​IMG]
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    can you make it work for OP's only?
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    can you make this to not instakill, but put fire on a player when he is hit? maybe trow him like he was kicked by tnt.
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    I like this idea and would like to see more, maybe even make a Customizable Weapon Core System.
    Basically coming up with as many diff types of weapon dmg, actions that can happen, and type of item that weapon can be. Then allowing ppl to set up permission for each weapon type they create so they can make custom Class/prof.
    instant death, set on fire, 5 dmg, knockback (creeper explosion)
    Range (how far away it can effect x squares away)
    Radius (single target-one square, AoE- 3 all around target square, straight line to target square)

    Name= Battle Axe
    Item type = Iron axe
    Weapon Category = Axes (a sub class for all axe weapons for use with permission for class/prof based servers)
    Dmg type =3dmg
    Range = 1 square (melee range)
    Radius = 1 AoE (so can hit anyone around the target square kinda like a swinging slashing axe, making it actually affect up to 8 squares since you cant hurt yourself :))

    I dont exactly know how permissions work but something like
    Willobe can use WeaponCore.*(allweapons), WeaponCore.Axes (all axe weapons, i dont even know if you could give permissions for a sub group inside a group or if you would have to list each weapon permission), WeaponCore.Axes.BattleAxe

    But none the less make it all customizable, Maybe even add an Combat chat Plug in to go with this Core Weapons Mod, so you could Read something like
    "Willobe hit Fullwall for 3 dmg with Battle Axe"
    so ppl could see all the different weapon types someone is killing them with.

    Side bonus if you could would be awesome to find a way to assign a name to a specific weapon, like you make a weapon called Slayer that is a Dia sword, this sword has 5 dmg and hits in 1 square AoE move, but then say you want another Dia sword but called Gouger that is a Dia sword, that has 5 dmg but hits in a Row attack hitting 1 square range up to 2 squares away in a straight line.
    And then if say 2 ppl get in a fight and one dies the other could have both weapons both look like dia sword in the inv but if you Equip it (or something that maybe is better like a gui or something if you hover over it) it will tell you in chat (or whatever you can pull off) What the name and stats are of said item ... Maybe in the Combat Chat option. so ppl could turn on off etc.

    If you could pull any of this off i would be so happy
    but if not at least it something to brainstorm about :)

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    Sounds like an awesome idea! I will start work on this after my monster catching plugin.
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    In the immortal words of one of those Stormtroopers in Jedi Academy, 'I could really go for a deathstick right now.'
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    Can you add a command to toggle this? I'm scared of slaughtering a town while I'm looking up griefs with BigBrother xD
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    Can you just use /plugin (dis|en)able for now? I'm planning on making this a full-blown weapons plugin later (when bukkit gets persistence).
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    Sorry, but I'm not installing a plugin so that I can use a SINGLE plugin. I'll pass on this until you update it, but I love the idea ^_^
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    ? /plugin disable is part of craftbukkit.
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    I tried it to no avail :/ Perhaps it's a feature of the newer builds? I've tried that in both the console and in-game as an admin/OP. Running craftbukkit build 432jnks. I presumed you meant a plugin as I've seen one or more to do exactly what you're saying.
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    It's in there somewhere - I have seen it added... perhaps its just in scrapbukkit.
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    That may be it; I don't particularly see a point to scrapbukkit (mainly because I can't find a post/article about what the hell it does), so the server doesn't use it.
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    It's a plugin for default commands - eg. /give, /tp, /warp etc. basically the hey0 default commands.
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    Would it kill them to tell us this SOMEWHERE? xD And doesn't the server jar already do /give, /tp, and /tphere? K, I'm I'm done being off-topic xD Sorry for hijacking your thread.
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    Does this work with CB 465+ ?
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    The recommended build is CB# 440 for which the bukkit devs have already said is what the plugin devs should use to keep everything normal for everyone. So just use the recommended build and you ll be ok and not have to ask questions on whether or not it works for this or that build.
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    how do i get it in the game i added the deathstick.enable in permissions admin permissions - 'deathstick.enable'
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    Lovely idea!
    Must it say "OHKO'D CraftMob" each kill? Shouldn't say anything IMO.

    Also, this lovely plugin seems to collide with the Wand plugin so one of us will have to figure out how to avoid these types of problems; for now, I will lol.
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    I can remove the messages if you want.
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    That would be great! Please and thanks :)
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    Request: Alternate modes on separate permissions

    /jailstick (jailname): Executes /jail targetname Jailname
    /muggingstick: Steals X iconomy cash on hit. usable 1/hour?

    I wish to have town guards hunt down criminals.
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    I'm quite busy with my other plugins at the moment :(. Perhaps someone would like to take this plugin up or something?
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    considered inactive

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