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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Feb 17, 2011.

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    As part of our effort to keep Essentials compatible with a wide range of plugins, and as a result of continued pressure from the Bukkit development community, we have opted to split Essentials into multiple sub-plugins. Most utilize the Essentials core, and require that it be present.

    EssentialsBan provides the following commands as of writing:
    • /ban
    • /unban
    • /kick
    • /banip
    • /unbanip
    • /mute
    • /togglejail (/tjail)

    For detailed documentation, including installation instructions, download links, and command description, please see our wiki. Special thanks goes to our support team headed by Aelux for this fantastic resource.

    For immediate installation, download the JAR directly.
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    How exactly does Jail work?
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    /jail will restrict the person to prevent interactions with the world. If a warp named "jail" exists, (s)he will be teleported there.
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    oh, thanks... :)
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    when I try to use /tjail I receive a "that command is improperly loaded." I'm running up-to-date Bukkit and v202 of Essentials.
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    Permissions support?
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    Permissions support. :)
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    So does the Jail part support timed jails? Or do we have to manually jail and unjail the player each time?
    I like the work you're doing, but the documentation is really quite poor. It seems stupid to spend so much time making a great plugin and not bullet point how to use it (note: It's not on the wiki either).
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    Jail is a new feature, so no, it is not yet documented. This is a very simplistic jail system: you will have to manually unjail players.
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    Sorry Zenexer - I didn't mean it to sound like that. I think it's a great plugin and it's working well. I just found it a little difficult to keep track of what's happening with Essentials and how to use all of it's features, since the wiki, Bukkit and Earth2me are all up to date to a varying extent.
    As I say, I think it's a great plugin; having it separate works really well.
  12. what is the recommended version for this? i use CB 328 and i cant seem to get this to work, i used the old essentials plugin where more stuff was in just 1 jar file, and it worked fine. Then i decided on a update, and it did not work out, so i downgraded again, and now i can not get this version to work :/ (i deleted the old file..)
    what should i do? i just wana get the /kick command for my mods again...
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    Slippy Toad

    Current latest version of EssentialsBan and Bukkit build are incompatable, I guess.

    I go on my server, I have permission for everything, admin, OP, everything. I attempt "/togglejail" and "/tjail", it tells me "That command is improperly loaded."

    I have made a warp named "jail".

    Any thoughts? Fixes?
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    Well there's obviously a huge issue with this. This is my guess, I bet this plugin is dependent on Essentials Warp, which is a terrible idea.

    That means if you choose to use MyWarp, than Essentials ban totally screws you out of having a jail because you can't set the warp for it.

    Normally I'd just download the other Jail.jar, but they conflict and last time I tried it, it killed half my plugins on startup (it takes down all of the essentials plugins, and killed LWC, plus others)
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    Also having this same issue
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    Could you add banning with time parameter?
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    im running the Newest version of bukkit,and none of the mod commands work
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    please, think about adding /banplayerip command or something similar to allow moderators banning ip of connected players. It's very 'essential' for offline mode servers!
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    There is /banip. You have to write /banip <Playername/IP-Adress>. In your situation you can use /banip <Playername>. To give mods the ability to do this, just give them the right essentials.banip in your permissions config. That was found on the developer's Wiki. I hope I could help.
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    Please update this :(
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    /banip playername is adding 'playername' to banned-ips.txt not actually banning his ip

    Edit: now I see, it should work, but it's not! meaby because my server runs on offline mode
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    most fail plugin ever people can reconnect after a ban. Really helps alot. Atleast test it before posting it gosh.
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    wow thanks for making people dependent on a plugin that doesnt work.

    i cant do the most essential thing- ban players.

    after using /ban the player can log right back in and there arent any other plugins for this because u guys have a stupid monopoly!
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    travis i feel you. You got 5 griefers in front of you and you look like some retard that kicks instead of ban.
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    in front of all the people on my server griefer was laughting in my face
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    You man want to consider some other ban plugin and remove the essentialsban.jar from your plugins directory.. it doesn't look they are moving too quickly to fix this for its been well over a week.... Somewhere I heard that Essentials is going to be rolling out a "paid for" version... so i'd expect less support for non-paying customers... if that rumor is indeed true. (If that's a false statement I apologize, saw it discusses in a rather lengthy chat session)
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    in offline mode plugin is still banning player nickname instead of ip but banns work
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    I've also noticed when I ban someone they seem to be able to log right back in even though their name is on the list of banned players.
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    @PanCakes & sauevaem-
    exactly. right now we are having extreme problems with griefers and once I ban them, they just log back in and laugh. they're ruining my server.

    that would be crazy. I absolutely hate Essentials right now. I would do everything in my power to keep people from purchasing Essentials if they went paid.

    this is so frustrating.

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