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    EasyNews - Simple Server-wide News​
    Version: v1.0​
    Easy server-wide news can be at your fingertips.​
    Default news will be generated. You may edit it in "easynews.properties"​
    To remove a line just set the value as "!" (like news1=!)​

    • Easy to install (just add to plugins folder)
    • Easy to use (simple syntax and replacement of message context)
    • Efficient and reliable

    Change log:

    Version 2.0
    • Add up to 5 lines.
    • Enable a message on login which can be selected from the news lines
    Version 1.0
    • Created plugin base.
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    Sorry. This plugin (and my others) have been updated to the guidelines.
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  4. I downloaded it and it works but how do you change the news?
    P.S. I'm not very computer smart so make the instructions simple maybe even a tutorial.[sheep]
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    You can simply edit the file easynews.properties

    If you don't want a line then make the value '!' (no quotes)
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  6. Thanks so much.:rolleyes:
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    it never came with any folder with the properties file or anything?
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    The properties are generated if they do not already exist ;)
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    The prop File didn't get generated in the plugins folder for me try checking your main Minecraft directory thats where mine was found
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    Good plugin but can you add a feature that allows you to make the text colored?
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    The description doesn't explain much about this plugin :/ Is there a command like /news that displays the news? Because that's all I'm looking for.
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    funky man

    ye /news displays the lines but how do you "Enable a message on login which can be selected from the news lines" ?

    nvm just realised i got 1.0 :oops:

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    is 2.0 out? I'm wanting it to message when you login thanks
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    considered inactive

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