Inactive [INACTIVE/ADMIN/CHAT] MelooonCensor v1.2.6 - Keep your server safe from bad words [1.2.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jacob Marshall, Mar 26, 2012.

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    Jacob Marshall

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  3. looking for a plugin like this for my server keep the good work upp:)
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    Hey! I see this plugin only came out today! Looks promising. I'll try it right now :)
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    Jacob Marshall

    Updated to 1.2.5 and also re-wrote the code from scratch to add new cool features. It should also run a little faster now, as i've cut down the code by allot. Its also a different jar file name, so you will need to delete the old file before adding the new one.

    This is because I would like to add more side-plugins to this plugin to make it a suite of awesome essential server features in one package.

    (Sorry for the delay, ive been busy in real life and also I was waiting for the plugin to be approved before I started anymore heavy work onto it)

    Hope you like the changes :)

    Added permission support and fixed a very large bug. if you did download version 1.2.0, please update immediately as anybody on your server can access the /mcensor * commands on version 1.2.0.

    (Sorry for the double post)

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    Is it me or are there thousands of this type of plugin?
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    Looks like a good plugin. I can finally choose words to censor.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Thanks, advise from the people who use it is very much respected. If you do have ANY questions or ideas for this plugin, just tell me. I would love to help make this plugin suite your server, more than anything :D
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    hello! i am using CB 1.2.5 last version, and i downloaded this plugin, so my issue is: when a player says a unwanted word, in the console i get this msg, can you help me a litle bit with this?

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    Jacob Marshall

    Im looking into fixing this right now, this error requires you to show me your configuration. Please would you post me your config.yml file.
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    I have this one

    if you need something else please let me know, thanks!
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    Jacob Marshall

    Haha, thanks for letting me know... ill post the update on the BukkitDev page in a few moments! To fix the issue, you could also use the command /mcensor reset, I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

    [Edit] New version up, fixes mainly the bug you submitted.
    [Edit-2] Apparently you will need to wait for the BukkitDev version of 1.2.3 to be approved, so ill just post a link in the official thread to.

    New in v1.2.5 (not minecraft 1.2.5) is that you can now optionally log every original chat message with your censored words in them. This means that for MCBans or other plugins like it, you can provide the chatlog required.

    Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss [CHAT] <{username}> {message}
    File: ./server.mcensor.log

    These 2 variables will probably be configurable soon.

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    Thanks a lot for the quick solution!!

    2012-04-29 13:45:43 [INFO] [Melooon] Enabling Melooon v1.2.2

    this is the only msg that console says! you are the best

    can i support you with some ads or donate?
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    Jacob Marshall

    No problem mate, I hate console messages too... A good 'one line' enable message does the job fine :)

    You can advertise this mod, or do whatever you wish... I do not ask for anymore than what you are doing already.

    Any suggestions, please leave a comment.

    Apparently this plugin does work for CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.2. However, ill only officially make it compatible with 1.2.5-R1.2 once it becomes a recommended build.

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    Hey just wondering why there are several parts of the plugin giving the player "melooonface" exploding arrows and no item loss or xp loss on death
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    Jacob Marshall

    My plugin 'Melooon' is a multi plugin, plugin. Just for now I am using my name to help debug different types of ideas that will be available in MelooonRPG and MelooonLvl. (Soon to be announced, however because you had the nerve to decompile my code against my will, I have told you).

    I decided to make MelooonCensor the first of my Melooon plugin line because I have a nick for people who use foul language on servers. However I also have more ideas of cool Minecraft modifications and I am starting them all at once.

    This will allow you to be able to download 'Melooon.jar' and enable and disable the features you wish to have implemented on your server.

    Giving the fact that I did not list this plugin as 'Open Source', I listed it as 'All Rights Reserved', I am shocked to see that you though you had the right to go looking into my own code. Now, I have made this plugin myself and made this plugin for the pleasure of other Bukkit server holders to USE. In no way shape or form did I grant you the right to decompile my Class files into Java files for the use of deliberate source code lookup.

    I hope you will understand that I am actually fairly angry because of this, however I can never stop people from maliciously decompiling free to use Java code.

    Knowing that you know at-least a small amount of knowledge when it comes to Java, I am now worried that because of my code now being available to you... you could in fact re-distribute it as you please.

    This is not the case and I formally ask you to refrain yourself from doing so. My code has special information and methods I would not want anybody else to use for themselves (at least not without permission).

    Legally I also warn you, that decompiling code against the authors permission or set rights/licence is strictly prohibited and frowned upon. Please not now or in the future do such a thing without making sure with the licence agreements that come with downloading a plugin such as mine.
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    Finally, thank you! :)
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    Jacob Marshall

    No problem, thanks for downloading :)
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    Should do a bit fixing when I have "ass" listed as censored word and some one says "pass" it censors it and turn into "p***." But cool plugin helps alot.
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    Thanks a lot! Works perfectly! So much better than the other plugins out there; this one is easier to use.
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    Jacob Marshall

    Thanks both of you :)

    The problem with censoring ass is that ass means donkey too... So censoring words that you also want not sensored is a problem.... I'll get started on some sort of fix ASAP.
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    I use mChatSuite... its a bit nicer...
    But this is a lite version...
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    Jacob Marshall

    Hey, it does the job doesn't it hehe :p
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    Hey nice job but i didnt know how to post any thing on here so i was wondering if you could add a add on to the plugins so when some one say the f word its say somethin else like cows so here a example (Hey f**** u) The plugins say this to the other people (Hey cows you)
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    You can add this anything to plugin respond to large and small signs?
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    Jacob Marshall

    If you mean the star symbol... it can be customized yes, to any character you want. Ill be adding word support soon, so if the censor 'character' in the config is a word, it will just replace the bad word with that instead of replacing each character with the symbol.
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    Suppose that the word'' fuck'' is censored
    But if you write the FUCK is a plugin that will let

    You can add a plugin to respond large or small sign ?
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    Jacob Marshall

    I know what you mean by the first part, but i'm not sure what you mean by the sign part?
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    If you block the word "boat" boat is blocked.

    If you then say "BOAT" BOAT is not blocked due to being in caps.
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    Jacob Marshall

    I am fully aware of this, however due to a flaw in the way I wrote this plugin... the way I censor words efficiently needs to be re-written. Currently I do not support this feature, and I am taking the time out of my busy life to make sure that this feature will be added as soon as I can. I am benchmarking a system at the moment, however it does not seem to do the plugin any favors, it needs to be a fast method.

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