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    My request is that someone can possibly make a plugin where you can program in game. Like with Java or C# or C++ . Preferably one of these three or even all of them if possible. I think Java would be possible because that is what Minecraft uses. Anyways, you can do it however.

    Extra optional additions:
    write code in book and run it on signs?
    syntax highlight if possible?
    save load files?

    PS: I am 13 so if this is really hard or impossible please be nice about that :)
  2. Not even close to possible... Why would you even want this..... We have IED's for a reason.
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    This makes me think of CompuCraft...

    This really isn't possible unless you wanted it to be written with LUA, and even then you have very little space to actually write code.
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    Very possible...Very unnecessary...
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    Oh god, I'm so going to do this.

    Don't expect any support.
  6. You can go attempt it.
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    You could do this, but what practical use it would serve is beyond me, especially considering the length limit for MC chat & signs.

    You could however probably setup something where you type a command and it gives you a link where you can input code, then you click save at that link and a command to grab the result and use it.

    Again, highly impractical and it practically pours a vat of lava all over coding standards.
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    If you can't make this yourself (you're requesting it), how would you be able to code ingame?

    Also, very impractical and extremely hard to make. I don't see why you wouldn't use an IDE.

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